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New Arrivals

Added: 12-10-2017
This is a JOI for both boys or girls to enjoy... you will learn the pleasure of GOING Blank as you listen and touch yourself
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Crossdressed Slave
Added: 12-09-2017
Crossdressed slave
This file will is dedicated to all men who love to Crossdress, to wear women`s clothes.
Before you start listening, I want you to make yourself  look beautiful and perfect.
Make yourself comfortable in your favorite clothes.
Be ready to be used and abused in your cage.
Be ready to feel my latex gloves.
Duration 42:47, including brainwaves and background music.
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Seduction Trap
Added: 12-09-2017

I'll find your weakness, lure you in, you make it almost too easy!  you are so vulnerable when you are with Me, so open and pliable.  you follow Me, chase Me, do what I tell you, and begin to want what I want...

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Accenting the Latex Doll Thoughts
Added: 12-07-2017
You know inside you is a Latex Doll... your mind just has to accept it... I am here to help her come out
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Magic Bras
Added: 12-07-2017
Magic Bras
For this file I recommend that you put on your favorite bra, to recieve the maximum enjoyment and effect.
I will provide you with the capability of having the real sensation of having your very own 
womens breasts, whenever you choose to have them.
Your bras are your trigger.
Everytime that you put one of your favorite bras on, no matter how big or small, you will fill 
that bra with your ideal womens breasts.
You will feel them and have all of the real sensations from them, as they perfectly fill your bra.
28:50 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Secret Santa
Added: 12-07-2017

Are you getting in the Christmas spirit already? Do you think a holiday themed trace might get you in the spirit a bit more? Listen in to this 16 min long Christmas audio with jingle bells as a trigger to make you horny.

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Lovely Lycra Latex Robot Girl
Added: 12-07-2017
The soft CLICKS will fill your mind as you become a lovely lycra latex robot girl
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Added: 12-04-2017

Let Me guide you into the fascinating world of findom. My seductive voice takes advantage of your weakness to My benefit. Watch Me and listen to My voice jerk your money away. Open your wallet transfer all your cash into My account.

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Bimbotized - The feeling of Amnesia
Added: 11-30-2017
The feeling of Amnesia
I will take over your mind so you will develop a kind of amnesia, to where your subconcious mind 
will take over and control you to listen to the commands that I give you.
You will find yourself helpless and develop a forever growing need to bring out the bimbo 
trapped within you.
She is waiting to break free and I know she will very soon.
Be prepared to set her free. 
39:07 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Boat Trip
Added: 11-23-2017
Boat trip
Let me take you on a boat trip to the beautiful country of thailand.
Find yourself on a georgeous boat with a sexy skipper who will entertain you with a special 
blowjob, that only this kind of girl can give you.
Come with us and enjoy the fantasy of a lifetime.
Let her beauty and excellent touch make you explode with pure satisfaction.
You are going to have an amazing experience that you have always desired, secretly or not.
38:02 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers, sound effects and background music. 
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Hypnosis Loop 14 - Sissy Princess
Added: 12-01-2017

There's a naughty princess inside you, begging to be set free.
Shed your masculinity and step into a world full of giggles, sparkles,
well-hung studs ready to be pleased. Surrender fully, sissy slave. 
Once you become a sissy princess, there’s no going back.

29 Minutes

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Added: 12-13-2017
My red lips tease you. I am irresistible. Opening them and squeezing them drives you crazy. Your cock is hungry for my red lips. I seduce you. You would like them but you can not. You can only obey my sparkling fiery red lips and branches for your goddess. Follow my command to stroke your cock for my lips. How white your sperm is in comparison to my red lips.

BUY NOW to experience: cock tease, jerk, lipstick fetish, lips fetish, black and white, mouth fetish, goddess worship.
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Added: 12-12-2017
My feet completely turn you into a docile man. I take you deep and deeper with my feet in a deep state of trance. At one point i take off my pantyhose and wear a great foot jewelry that immediately aroused you more and more. The sound of my foot jewelry and the movements of my feet hipnotize you. Worship at my Goddess feet. You crave to inhale the hipnotic scent of them.That's right...bow down, become blessed. Let the soft silken intoxication take over. My instep is your altar, have you been a good boy? If you have, you can lay your cock on it to praise me. You know what I think? That it will spring up immediately and chant.
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Added: 12-09-2017
It is useless to say. My eyes make you crazy. I hipnotize you and as soon as you look deep in my eyes your cock becomes hard. I want you to explode with pleasure looking in my eyes.
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Added: 12-06-2017

Obedience and discipline are the rules. I know perfectly what your needs are, i am the only only one who knows what your needs are, My pleasure is your need. You feel the desire to obey, is not it? What must a perfect slave do? What is his true nature? A true slave must have obedience and discipline. Being totally under my control. Being empty. Thoughtless. Without will. Obedience, obedience. Discipline. You just need to hear my hipnotic voice that you suddenly melt, become an empty and useless being. It contains: spiral effects.

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Brain Chip Upgrade-Guinea Pig 1
Added: 12-06-2017

Implant Upgrade to your Brain Chip - Guinea Pig Experiment 1 ...

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Added: 12-05-2017

I'm at my best friend's house and I'm waiting for her to come back from the supermarket because we want to make a cake. At home there is her husband, whom I hate, because he does not want his wife to go out with me, have a friendship with me, because he thinks I am a witch, I am! He hates me but never stops looking through my shirt my bra, I know he's a bra fetishist and so I decide to give him a good lesson. I hipnotize him with my magical powers, he feels more and more tired and he falls into a trance and I make him disappear, turning him first into a bra, then he reappear and then i turn him into a dog. Now you know what it means to go against a witch?

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Added: 12-03-2017

The more you look at me, the more you fall into a deep, very deep trance. You can not look away from my red lips. You are possessed by my red lips. My red lips suck you in a vortex of submission and pleasure. You will be devoted to me forever because you can not escape the hipnotic power of my red lips. My voice enters your brain, my hands caressing my lips possess you completely until you become my devoted slave.

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Added: 12-01-2017

How much do you like to lose control for me? I know how much you like it. I hipnotize you with the nylon stocking that covers my face and hipnotize with an intense brainwash. A powerful brainwashing with normal phrases alternating with meaningless phrases, combined with binaural beats and vocal effects to completely brainwash your brain and burnnig your brain with a powerful electric shock. You will feel shaken in your whole body and will make you excite more and more.

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Rainbow Garden
Added: 11-30-2017

Do you need to take the time to smell the roses? Are you rushed and hurried and just need to relax and let go? Then lay back and enjoy this visualization of a walk through a garden, a garden filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers that will leave you in a wonderful state of relaxation.

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