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Welcome to your femdom erotic hypnosis mp3 store

Sambas eyes

Relax, meditate and let go. Welcome to Sensual Mistress, the one step shopping mall for erotic hypnosis mp3. We hope you enjoy browsing all the sites, files and hypnodommes. Whatever fetish you are looking for, we bet you will find it here. Feel free to register on this site and contact your favorite hypnodomme, or the staff of this store. We are always open for new ideas or requests for special erotic recordings. 



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New Arrivals

MIND TRAP- Femdom Seduction
Added: 10-21-2017
You will become frozen as your body melts and sinks deep into My control.

I will give you a drug that allows you to feel nothing but submission and erotic pleasure.

Listen to My words as your mind opens and empties for Me, your Mistress.

Look at My breasts through the crystal as you fall for your Goddess.

snap, snap, snap, snap, snap….drop, I own you.

Includes: a progressive relaxation, countdown, induction, sound texutres, bright colorful images, video visuals,
fantasy effects, lipstick, nails, boobs and rings, elegant and demanding, crystal swing,
hipn0tik anesthesia, trigger, subliminal background programming, spiral.
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Addiction Therapy
Added: 10-21-2017

She is a SPECIALIST in the field of addiction...

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Does it hurt
Added: 10-21-2017
Does it hurt ?
You have a more acute sensitivity to sexual stimulation than most men, combined with an 
abnormally high sex drive.    
I think the only way we are going to successfully treat your condition
is by training your penis.   
The approach I’m suggesting takes us into a new discipline in the sexual therapy field.  
A new way to treat conditions like yours, so we will be dealing with some highly experimental 
treatment procedures.  
I’ve been able to acquire some staff members here at the clinic, who will assist me with that.
You will be sadistically teased by me and my equally stunning, and sadistic fellow nurses.
We will find all the sensitive body parts, to tease and torture you.
to bring you to the edge, holding you there.
Listen and enjoy my sadistic side. 
Be ready to be helplessly bound and immobilized, and to receive our special treatment.
Duration 51:28 min. Soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.
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Surrender to Temptation
Added: 10-20-2017
I know what you want. I know what you secretly yearn and ache for. That unfulfilled, hungry need and desire deep inside you. I understand how it gnaws at you and demands satisfaction. How you try and fight it and ignore its distraction - but it’s no good. We both know that no matter how hard you may try to fight it or deny it, you yearn to surrender to surrender to deep trance and feel those warm feelings of pleasure envelop you as you slip deeper under my spell...surrendering to the power of my words and the control of my voice.
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Chastity & Denial Bundle Vol. 1
Added: 10-19-2017

Hand over the key to your orgasms, sissy slave.
That’s right, submissive sluts like you don’t get to diddle and squirt
unless given 
permission from a dominant woman. Prepare to be
teased, locked up, and 
utterly denied. Give up control, sissy.

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Sissy ready for Sex - Sissy ready for Cocks
Added: 10-19-2017
Sissy ready for Sex
Sissy ready for Cocks
Welcome to my collection, sissy ready for sex.
Your final touches will begin, it´s now make-up time which will complete your sexy sissy look, 
to enable you to be a sissy ready for sex and ready for cocks.
You will be ready to strut your stuff, to get all of the needy men wanting you,
and you will be there to satisfy them in any sexual way that you both desire.
You are so horny and so hot.
You are ready to give great pleasure and recieve great pleasure.
A Sissy ready for sex.
A Sissy ready for Cocks
46:58 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Amnesia MindTrap
Added: 10-19-2017

My words fall down on you, like rain, soaking deeply into your subconscious mind, as I am scratching on your brain with My finger nails, turning the screws of your submission, tighter to My will, leaving you, under My powerful, hypnotic, erotic control.

I first lull you into a sleepy, dreamy hypnotic state, and then I drop you even deeper with a finger snap and a trigger. I bombard you from all sides, brainwashing you to be my mindless slut puppet. I will have you so hot and horny you will positively be writhing under my powerful control, with just the snap of My finger … but, will you even remember what I have done to you? You may feel the compulsive need to listen again, and again, in the hope of discovering where these euphoric feelings originated. That’s it, dive into My pool of forgetfulness, and I will wring you out, again and again. Listen, forget, repeat. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Length: 30 Minutes

CONTAINS: Brain Washing, Mind Control, Light Humiliation, Amnesia, HFO, Induction, Deepener, Awakener, Hypnotic Triggers, Finger Snaps, Multi-Layered Voice and Whispers, Background Music. NO Feminization.

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Added: 10-19-2017
Do you enjoy a good post hypnotic suggestion? They could lead to some embarrassing situations depending on just what it is! Imagine beginning to remove your clothes in public when you didn't really want to, it could happen if you're not careful.
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31 Minutes of Mindfuck
Added: 02-12-2017
I know how much you love to be mindfucked by Miztress. Well, it's your lucky day, slaves. I've combined all of My mindfuck clips into a full 31 minute mindfuck bound to leave you dizzy. You'll be so helpless for Me, you'll be begging for Miztress to do anything to you.
Check out more mindfuck videos in My store!
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HYP-JOI: Forever Mine by The Only Theodora
Added: 10-18-2017

Instead of stroking like a madman, you will follow my hyp-notic lead to a mind blowing, explosive hyp-induced orgasm... Binding you forever to me...

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Added: 10-14-2017

My next GUINEA PIG session.  Be a good GUINEA PIG for Me and listen...

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ENCHANTED Mindless Jerkoff Slave HD
Added: 10-13-2017
Your Dark Goddess is back. That’s right here I am, putting my thoughts directly into your mind now. Did you miss Me? I know you did. That is why I’m back, I can feel your need, your need for Me to be so DEEP inside your mind. The time has come for you to surrender once again, to become My Mindless Jerkoff Slave. My words will work there way so DEEP inside you, DEEPER than ever before. Back into those dark places where you keep your deepest darkest fantasies. Penetrating to places so DEEP that even when you’re done listening to Me I’ll still be so DEEP inside you. You will surrender completely to become My Mindless Jerkoff Slave. Thats right, you will surrender.

I will completely put you under My spell and reprogram you to be My Mindless Jerkoff Slave. No need to worry or resist you will enjoy every second for I shall fill you up with the most amazing pleasure imaginable. I will guide you to the most amazing orgasm you have ever had. I wake you to a trigger that has you stroking and cumming uncontrollably. After you cum you will instantly be back out super DEEP and there's no count up at the end so make sure you're somewhere comfortable while you watch because you will cum yourself and be out awhile to fully enjoy My bliss. Once you cum for Me you will be mine forever!
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Mind Lab - Curse Of Endless Edging
Added: 10-13-2017

Ooo, This Mind Lab Experience Is Devious!

Who would have ever thought that a chance encounter on the street near my office, would change you forever? Certainly not you!

We find each other, quite by chance, and I work my power on you before we even make it to my office. You probably didn't even realize that I had you deep in trance and under my spell - it probably just felt like a normal conversation to you.

Soon, however, I have you strapped into a brainwashing cap and hooked up to a machine which will change the way that you masturbate. In fact, you'll be cursed with the automatic inclination to remove your hand when you get close to orgasm.

Yes, that's right! You will be trapped in chastity. The subject of a devious curse, which prevents you from achieving orgasm. Oh... and here's the bad news. The antidote hasn't been created yet, so you're truly stuck in chastity.

To test the effectiveness of the brainwashing, I call for my young, busty medical assistant, Gracie, to taunt you. She uses her ass and large round breasts as you stroke yourself. Mmm, do you think you might cum? Download this file to find out!


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Sissy ready for Sex - impeccably smooth
Added: 10-12-2017
Sissy ready for Sex
Impeccably Smooth
Welcome to my collection, sissy ready for sex.
You will be cursed to have the need to shave, or wax away all of your manly hair.
To be a true, sexy sissy you must have sexy, smooth skin.
Every time you remove your body hair it will trigger your mind to grow less.
This will help you to become the sissy ready for sex you crave to be.
32:38 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Compliance Training
Added: 10-12-2017
Do you enjoy being a good boy and being compliant for Mistress? Do you perhaps need some guidance to do this even better? Then perhaps this "Compliance Training" audio might better be able to guide you.
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Obedience Trigger - FULL VIDEO
Added: 10-10-2017
Only two little words to make your mind go blank. I could use one... or both... and you'll be helpless and happy, drooling and mindless. All it takes is a moment of staring or listening and perhaps it'll be too late, you'll be drawn in, mesmerized- and I'll implant that trigger. Your new weakness. Two little words.

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Obedience Trigger - mp3 ONLY
Added: 10-10-2017
Only two little words to make your mind go blank. I could use one... or both... and you'll be helpless and happy, drooling and mindless. All it takes is a moment of staring or listening and perhaps it'll be too late, you'll be drawn in, mesmerized- and I'll implant that trigger. Your new weakness. Two little words.
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Hypnosis Loop 13 - Pussy Free Forever
Added: 10-01-2017

It's time to give up pussy forever, sissy.
You’re not worthy of having sex with a woman, and you never
will be. Just lie back, listen to my voice, and take the 
plunge into a pussy-free lifestyle. 

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Feet-nosis by The Only Theodora
Added: 09-28-2017

For all my foot bitches and mesmerize sluts... Your wish has been granted. Who needs a pendant when all I need to do is to dangle my patent red high heels to induce you into the most arousing trance... What will become of you?

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I know you love me - Love orgasm trigger by The Only Theodora
Added: 09-28-2017

I know how you feel. I knew it from the second I saw the way you looked at me. You're in love... This is understandable. What's not to love about my sublime Self? It will be so easy for me to reinf0rce your love addiction to me... A little bit of NLP combined with my charms will do...

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