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Relax, meditate and let go. Welcome to Sensual Mistress, the one step shopping mall for erotic hypnosis mp3. We hope you enjoy browsing all the sites, files and hypnodommes. Whatever fetish you are looking for, we bet you will find it here. Feel free to register on this site and contact your favorite hypnodomme, or the staff of this store. We are always open for new ideas or requests for special erotic recordings. 



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New Arrivals

Surrender :sissy orgasm training
Added: 09-25-2016

sissy slut training... training you to cum on My command.   

your place is on your knees, serving your owner. That means- you don't get to cum.... except when I train you to cum on My instructions. Make the most of it, sissy slut... tomorrow- it's back to no cumming.  

No Induction. Please download the FREE INDUCTION "Surrender" loop recording :

Features : Repetition training, hypnotic triggers, post hypnotic triggers, My seductive whispers (ASMR), layered tracks, L & R tracks, slight echo effects, hypnotic orgasm. Count-up to the "orgasm command" trigger.   Loop Recording.

15 mins.

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright :      

Copyright :  

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The chastity Files - chastised Cocksucker
Added: 09-24-2016

The chastity Files.
Chastised Cocksucker

The chastity files is the serie designed for owners of a real chastity belt.
This device, which makes you constantly needy of sexual attention while wearing it,
to feel the effect of being unable to raise the mast.

This file is designed for you.

Before you start listening, you should put on your chastity device.

Today, you will discover an overwhelming urge to suck cocks, being driven by the need of cum, 
wanting to suck cocks, getting filled up with cum.

Chastised and drenched in cum and not able to raise the mast.

Welcome, my chastised cocksucker.

Duration 48:34, including brainwaves and background music.


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"While You Sleep" Series part 2 Obedient Drone *AUDIO ONLY MP3*
Added: 09-23-2016
AUDIO ONLY MP3- "While You Sleep" Series part 2 Obedient Drone. You will be Reprogrammed while you sleep to be My obedient drone, obeying My every word. I will penetrate the deepest levels of your mind reprogramming you to serve Me. You want to OBEY Me, even the word OBEY gets you so excited. You want to do everything I say because you know if you OBEY me and surrender yourself to me that I can give you the most incredible pleasure you have ever known. So let me penetrate your mind so DEEP that I control your every thought. It takes no effort at all just listen while you sleep. I would suggest listening several nights in a row as you are going to sleep for the night. This audio contains light music and custom binaural beats/tones for lucid dreaming to heighten your experience. Includes subliminal messages, ASMR whispers and NLP all designed to reprogram you as I see fit. Listening with headphones gives the most effect but not required.
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Transform-Cum fuelled Bimbo Sissy
Added: 09-22-2016

Cum fuelled Bimbo Sissy.

I will set free the bimbo sissy cumslut that you desire to be.
Reinforce the desire to obey, to give great pleasure to your ideal man,
to receive your prize, of his juicy, warm cum.
You need this cum for your own pleasure, and you want to have as much as possible.

So, be free and have great pleasure.

44:03 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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Drained by a Succubus
Added: 09-22-2016
Have you ever read old stories, written long ago by cloistered-away monks- terrified of the prospect of breaking their vows of celibacy, whispering in both fear and delight of the legends of succubi? Have you ever wondered how it would feel, to be lying prone in your bed, awaiting the soft embrace of sleep, only to suddenly find your body bound and immobilized as your life force is sucked away, helplessly feeling your arousal levels grow and be manipulated as you are forcibly dragged into the dream realm by a demoness?
Now is your opportunity to find out.
Feel what it's like to truly orgasm to death with an explosive JOI track- and make sure that you're lying down somewhere comfortable, because you will literally cum yourself unconscious.
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Bound Medical Experiment
Added: 09-22-2016
You're strapped down to a chair, all alone in a room... with me. You're my new science experiment, and I'm going to tease you with my touch until you're ravenous for more touch. But there's nothing you can do except feel me more and more, all over your body, and there's not a thing you can do about it but just FEEL. Not even thoughts to get in the way. What are you willing to do to feel more, hmm?
Contains binaural tones to really help you dive DEEP into trance!
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Addicted to Hypnosis - video
Added: 09-10-2016
A hot custom I did! "A hypnosis video based on the idea that you replace all other habits with watching your videos. The inspiration comes from the fact that your videos have affected me more than any i've experienced before. To the point that I was so caught up with going under that I forgot to masturbate. The video would start with the usual induction and triggers and when under, you would ensure that the only 'relief' anyone needs is you and that empty feeling I love. Masturbation and other relaxation methods simply no longer as enjoyable or enjoyable at all compared to being empty, rendering me or anyone else even more dependent on you. "
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Out-of-Body Brainfuck (video)
Added: 08-23-2016
What a strange but incredibly soothing sensation - your mind floating up over your body, losing sensation in your body altogether as you're freed of your flesh, able to wander around, weightless, purely as a consciousness. You can watch the sexy things going on on your screen, me teasing you as a sexy little cheshire cat... or you can explore. You'll have plenty of fun either way, and will wake up feeling incredible!
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Bondage in Clay - video
Added: 08-12-2016
Your entire body, slowly becoming encased in clay... feeling it thicken and harden around you, immobilizing your entire body while every single muscle feels like it's MELTING... you couldn't move even if you wanted to. Experience total-body bondage, without me laying a single finger on you.
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FemDomme Hypnotic Collar good boy trance
Added: 09-21-2016
This is for boys only... I will be collaring you in this hypnosis session... the collar will become invisible to everyone but you and I... there is a ritual that I will lead you in, and you will be rock hard for Me... not able to orgasm... stroking yourself on that edge as I hypnotize you deeply
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Naked and Exposed--Inside My Dungeon
Added: 09-20-2016

It's time for that long dark walk, down the corridors of your mind into My Dungeon...

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Virtual Play Thing HD
Added: 09-16-2016
I’m in the mood to play….and you know I always get everything I want. Come here to Me and sit down in this comfortable chair. You look a little nervous, are you afraid of what I might do to you? You know that no mater what I do you will enjoy it… you know you will. So there’s no need to worry at all. Just take off all your clothes and sit back and relax. Let Me get My soft rope and tie you nice and tight. I know you’re getting so excited already, just feeling Me slide My soft ropes over your skin, pulling them so tight. The more rope I add the less you can move. Feeling your body becoming more and more immobilized. Now that you are nude and unable to move how do you feel? Excited? maybe you’re still a bit nervous and scared not knowing what I’m going to do to you? feeling that excitement building now as I sit on your lap and look into your eyes. Feel Me on your naked body. Hmm what shall I do to you? are you afraid? maybe you should be haha. I want to play with your mind a bit. Nothing gets me hotter than knowing I’m DEEP inside your mind. Mmmmm I know you want that too, nothing else feels better than having me so DEEP inside your mind. I want to fracture your mind just a bit right now
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Added: 09-16-2016
You can never ever have it, never taste it, never feel it's wetness and warmth, only stare & stroke while i touch and fondle it.
Then every time you get to the edge, you must beg to pay the pussy, open your wallet and pay the pussy, the beautiful pink pussy you will never have, stroke and pay over $ over.
Obey the pussy, every few minutes i open my pussy lips and oder you pay, so pause, stroke $ pay.
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Added: 09-16-2016
Hi slave after my best seller "Great pink pussy trance" i'm come back with a new one pussy control hipnosis. My whispering sensual voice and the movements of my hands on my pussy will help you to go deep and deeper and under hipnosis i will command you to worship only me your Goddess and to cum for me. It is so easy to fuck your mind with my powerful magic hands. Naked pussy. Skype session: ilaria1111111 Cam4 online fetish session:
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Added: 09-13-2016
Boogie Trance - Boobie Drone Elegant visuals, layers of tracks, two main narratives ( to get you good and confused), a bewitching subliminal, binaural arousal beat, Topless flashes, countdown, original atmospheric music,…
Spiral and crystal Induction, imagery, deepener, cum countdown and bobbie trigger. Blue hair, nails, corset.
Spicy true Hypnosis. Always wear headphones and lie down and relax. Take some slow deep breaths and enjoy. My voce will tease you and you will want to surrender and touch yourself for me. Your eyes will feel heavy and relaxed as you sink deep into a relaxing trance. My voice flowing all through your body as you become more and more relaxed. So at ease, going deeper and deeper. Listen as I count down…. stare into my eyes. You will have no worries at all and your thoughts will be ever so light. All you have to do is follow and obey….no resistance.
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