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New Arrivals

Gay Hypnosis 4 : Delete Hetero/Install gay sex
Added: 10-15-2016

Turning you.

Extended mind-fuck that ends with you... being unable to fuck your girlfriend without thinking about gay fucking... unable to get hard without thinking about gay fucking... replacing your sexual attraction & response to women with sexual attraction & response to gay men... arousal rewiring... programming you to love & crave mens bodies...

Deletion of your socialisation to be heterosexual. Thought re-education & behaviour modification.

Relentless brainwashing that has you planning to find cock to satisfy that obsessive addictive craving for cock.

Yes, it's true. I turn straight Doms to gay bottom sluts. Now- My straight subjects are being turned by My delicious mind-fuck and also find themselves wanting, needing, longing to serve cock. See Details Page.  

NO INDUCTION. Loop recording.
This recording involves INTENSIVE brainwashing.
Use the Free induction file  :

I strongly recommend you listen to Gay Hypnosis 1 – 3 before purchasing this hypnoic brainwashing file.

This is only the beginning ... of a new series... and of your inevitable downwards slide into My compelling hypnosis.


No Escape. Resistance is futile.

Copyright : Lady Surrender 2016

Copyright :

Copyright :

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Added: 01-18-2017

**NEW AND ON SALE!  $7.50 **  This is a very hypnotic file that is suitable for males and females. The goal of this session is relaxation, deep hypnosis, and enslavement to my voice. It contains two countdowns, a few post hypnotic suggestions/triggers along with finger snaps, and multi-layered voice and count up at the end. This is a perfect introductory file at a great price!

LENGTH: 41 minutes

CONTAINS: FemDom, Count downs, Post Hypnotic Suggestions/Trigger, Finger Snaps, Multi-Layered Hypnotic Voice, Background Music.

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Four Elements of Sex
Added: 01-17-2017
This free erotic hypnosis will teach you, how I see the stunning beauty, called mother Earth. I see sexual energy and erotic everywhere and in all elements. I lead you to a place where you come in contact with a masturbatinf fire witch, earthly gnomes celebrating a wild orgy, airy fairies that caress you and your dick and with me, daughter of the waves, queen of your unconcious mind. I will let you taste my own sexual energy, as I suck you and fuck you until we both come in an explosive hypnotic orgasm.
This hypnosis contains no femdom, no hidden or obvious trigger - it's just made for your enjoyment and arousal.
42 Minuten
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Compulsive Obsession--Breasts in your Head
Added: 01-10-2017

My breasts, your addiction, your submission and My perfect CONTROL, all coming together to trap you.

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Pissy Slut
Added: 01-16-2017
Natursektspiele... Die Liebe zum ganz besonderen Saft, goldener Nektar, erotisierende Wärme... Pisse kann so schön sein!
Diese erotische Hypnose entspannt dich zunächst in einer warmen wundervollen Badewanne. Später dann entdeckst du Schritt für Schritt, deine Liebe zu Natursektspielen. Und das Spiel kannst du wörtlich nehmen. Du wirst damit spielen, dich daran erregen, dich damit erfreuen und so geil werden, dass du diese Komponente icht mehr aus deinem Sexleben wegdenken möchtest. Natursekt ist die Krönung deines Liebeslebens. Teil der Hypnose ist ein Golden Shower Porno, den du betrachtest und nachstellst. Das führt dazu, dass dein Begehren angepisst zu werden noch stärker wird und sich tief in deinem Unterbewusstsein verankert.
Nachdem ich dich aus der Trance entlassen habe, wirst du dem tiefen Bedürfnis dich anzupinkeln und dich zum Orgasmus zu bringen nachgeben und dies in vollen Zügen genießen.
Diese erotische Hypnose ist für alle Geschlechter geeignet.

37 Minuten
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Pleasing Me
Added: 01-16-2017

With this session you will cum...Sexual, Sensual, so arousing with PLEASURE...with a trigger IMPLANTED into your subconscious mind.

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Purr Kitten Purr
Added: 01-16-2017
Imagine your life as My kitten... this file is for boys or girls... that want to feel like a pet... controlled... powerless to resist the feel of Me petting them as they become a pleasure pet... a purring soft mindless kitten
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Unsuspecting Curse (Remastered)
Added: 11-01-2016

Powerful REMASTERED version of "Unsuspecting Curse" ...

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Hypnotized and Mindless
Added: 11-02-2015

you will be mindless for are My hypnotic slave.

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Devious Therapist
Added: 10-23-2015

Extreme erotic hypno therapy...

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Jerk Puppet
Added: 01-13-2017
An erotic hypnosis for men, women and couples, that love to love themselves.
This recording lets you become a mindless jerkpuppet. You think you could let your fingers off of yourself, when I say "masturbate for me!"? Well, thats just a fallacy.
I'll lead you into the mysterious realm of Onania and will install a magic word inside od you. Whenever you'll hear or read this word, you can't help, but play with yourself.
Of course this word is not an allday word, but you can give it to someone you want to confide your lust.
Embark on this adventure, without thinking too much. Let this erotic hypnosis have an impact on you without fighting back.
Insist on the pleasure to listen to this recording with deep relaxation, because then it will have the best impact on you.
Onania is hard to understand and it is hardly possible to remember your visit, but it will leave deep traces inside of you und transform you into a horny Jerkpuppet.
58 minutes
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Enchanted- Resistance is Futile HD
Added: 01-13-2017
It's that time of year again, the holiday season, time for office parties etc. You go to a party expecting to be bored but then you see her. She is so captivating you can't stop staring at her, she is just mesmerizing. You feel strangely pulled to her, you need to get closer. She gets up and goes to room in the back anyway from everyone and you feel compelled to follow. Even though you haven't spoken a single word to her she stares back at you, motioning for you to come into the room so you do and shut the door behind you. Even though her mouth isn't moving you can hear her voice in your mind. You try to resist her. The more you try to resist Me the easier it is for Me to slide so DEEP inside your mind. Before you know it you will be so hard and filled with pleasure you will be stroking uncontrollably unable to stop yourself from cumming and insuring My permanent place in your mind! You will be stroking and cumming over and over again. Once you cum for Me while listening to this your mine forever.
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HFO Black Lace
Added: 01-07-2017

I love... love controlling your cock and your orgasms. And you love My exquisite control !


As a reward for being such a sweet slave, I take you to the Movie Theatre.... for a little exhibitionist orgasm training....

But before we leave, I  dress you in My (crotchless) black lace body stocking.... underneath your ordinary clothes.... 

your subconscious mind craves My control ... as I take you deep into hypnotic trance... drop you deeper into trance and increase your sexual arousal...

Tease & seduce your cock with kisses.... 

Then when you are feeling so aroused by My kisses & My hands cupping...stroking....I give you the trigger for HFO.

and your body obeys.

your cock is so obedient....

Every touch, every stroke...every ache of your cock is controlled by your Goddess.

 No Induction. Please download the FREE INDUCTION "Surrender" loop recording

Based on Real Life training of My sweet slaves.

This HFO recording is based on one of My fetishes- which is dressing a slave in My clothing. When I dress you in My black lace body stocking.... I love the feel of My clothes on you.... and I find it such a turn-on.

And- just a little of My fetish for...exhibitionism....

I know you long to be Mine.

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright :

Copyright :

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Gender-Bending Mirror Mesmerism - video
Added: 01-12-2017
Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a woman... or what it would feel like to BE a woman? What it would feel like to be made love to as a woman? That's what you'll be discovering today... watch my shining pendant as I mesmerize you and bend your brain until you can see yourself in a magical mirror of the mind... your woman self, that is... and become, shall we say, very intimate with her.
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Spellbound - video
Added: 01-12-2017
An exquisitely pleasurable brain-bending file designed to bring you so DEEP into such a wonderful slumber using that special witchcraft only I can bring. Fall deep under my spell and find yourself completely addicted to this wonderful feeling, falling under easier and easier every time...
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Girly Bimbo
Added: 01-12-2017

Girly Bimbo
Release the inner you

Release the female that you have always been deep inside.
Feel free to be the dumb girly girl that you are, and release the inner you.
Become beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside, as your happiness will shine trough you.

47:13 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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Obedient Sissy
Added: 01-12-2017

Sissy Hypno Training Series

I want to guide you into a state of deep sissification, and this is where we will begin.

In this training process, we will begin by brainwashing your mind. I'm penetrating you with the increasing desire to be think, act, and respond like a sissy.

You are learning to become uninhibited as a sissy and you are filled with an insatiable ache to show me just how feminized you can become. Feel my control taking hold and you slide deep into trance, while my voice penetrates you from the left, right, and center.

Surrender to the girl inside of you - this is who you are!


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • "Deep Sleep" (SNAP) at the end of the induction
  • Count Up at the end: Yes
  • Humiliation: No
  • 30 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2017

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Mind Fuck Mantra - Eruption Trigger Training
Added: 01-12-2017

Hands Free Orgasm Training Mantras & Brainwashing

Each hypnosis subject is receptive in a different. way. I've designed an effective hypnosis method that allows you to participate while being programmed.

This file guides you into a light state of hypnosis, because when repeating mantras, there's no need to be deep in trance, yet, the effects are outstanding! When you reach the mantra section, I want you to focus all of your attention on repeating the mantras.

While your conscious mind is distracted, I will be speaking directly to your subconscious mind and loading you with powerful suggestions to orgasm upon the trigger command.

This is a level 1 training file, which gives you an additional option for trigger training. I feel confident that you will LOVE it!


  • Audience: Male
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Cum Command: No
  • Count Up At End: Yes
  • 30.33 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst. Copyright 2017.

Hands Free Orgasm Training Instructions:

Level 1 – Listen to the Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis as many times as you would like.

Level 2 – After you have listened to the Level 1 training audio (preferably more than once), you can begin the Level 2 training. Each Level 2 recording will include a JOI with the Eruption trigger given in order to bring on your orgasm. Work on your timing – get really good at having your orgasm when I give the trigger. Then when you’ve mastered timing your orgasm with the trigger, begin to use lighter and lighter touch, until you are able to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm.

Level 3 – Once a Hands Free Orgasm has been accomplished, you are now ready to move on to Level 3, or you may continue to listen to other Level 2

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Added: 01-10-2017
Sissy Bi ist eine erotische Hypnoseserie der Extraklasse. Jede Folge wird dich mehr und mehr in meine süße, sexy Sissy Bi verwandeln. Mit sehr sanfter und liebevoller Dominanz bringe ich dir bei, wie du dich anzuziehen und zu verhalten hast und wie du deine Leidenschaft immer besser und besser in dein Leben integrieren kannst. Die Folgen sind voneinander unabhängig und können in freier Reihenfolge gehört werden.
In Folge 1 der Sissy Bi Serie machen wir einen prickelnden Ausflug in meinen Lieblings Sissy Shop. Dort wirst du unter meiner Anweisung verschiedene Höschen anprobieren. Ich bin so stolz auf mein Schwanzmädchen, dass ich dich den anderen im Laden vorführe. Du genießt die Anerkennung und den Neid der Anwesenden und die Tatsache, dass du ab jetzt jeden Tag sexy Frauenhöschen tragen wirst, sinkt immer und immer tiefer in dein hübsches Köpfchen.
Slips und Panties machen dich glücklich und du fühlst dich wohl und erregt. Es ist ein wundervolles erotisierendes Gefühl, diese Höchen zu tragen. Es fühlt sich so gut an, dass du nie wieder Männerunterwäsche tragen möchtest.
Ich habe sehr viel Herzblut in diese Serie gelegt und finde, dass man das auch hört. Eine ganz besondere Reise nimmt hier ihren Anfang. Sei dabei, bleibe dabei und gehe deinen Weg als Sissy Bi.
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CRYSTAL BLUE - Complete Brainwashing
Added: 01-10-2017
This file includes: A very powerful induction, a progressive relaxation, a countdown to cum, double tracks and a binaural beat. Finger snapping trigger.


Crystal Blue - Brainwashed by your Mistress

Owned, programmed, and brainwashed to be Madame’s pleasure toy.

This file will take you so deep, you will be relaxed beyond belief. I’m sure of it because as I played it back, it took Me to a deeply relaxed state. When My own files affect Me, I know they are good!

Relaxed, brainwashed, deeper than ever.
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