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Welcome to your femdom erotic hypnosis mp3 store

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Relax, meditate and let go. Welcome to Sensual Mistress, the one step shopping mall for erotic hypnosis mp3. We hope you enjoy browsing all the sites, files and hypnodommes. Whatever fetish you are looking for, we bet you will find it here. Feel free to register on this site and contact your favorite hypnodomme, or the staff of this store. We are always open for new ideas or requests for special erotic recordings. 



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It's also advisable for a deep trance experience to wear stereo head phones.

New Arrivals

CLICK and Obey
Added: 07-25-2017

I give you a hypnotically suggestive word at the beginning of your journey, which you promptly forget, as you are much too distracted by what I am doing to you, to be bothered with remembering silly words, and such. While I have you floating, in subspace, and bound tightly, I then embark upon my devious plan of .. taking.your.mind, one click at a time, by scratching your brain with my exquisite fingernails nails, and turning the screws of your submission, until I have you right where I want you. I then expertly lead you using My powerful tools of hypnotic control, such as finger snaps, whispered deepeners, humiliation, count downs, hypnotic triggers, cum command, and post hypnotic suggestions. All the while, you will notice how everything, just seems to .. click .. into place, for My benefit, and your submissive delight.

CONTAINS: Multi-layered tracks, finger snaps, induction, deepener, awakening, hypnotic trigger, post hypnotic triggers, mind control, bondage, restraints, light feminization, humiliation, cum command, JOI, background music, background sounds

LENGTH: 41 Minutes

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Tit Zombie
Added: 01-28-2017

Welcome back slave, you can never get enough of your Miztress, and you never will, this hypnotic video is here for you to become even deeper and more addicted to Me. This video will have you addicted to Me and worshipping My beautiful breasts. The power that My breasts have over you grows exponentially as time goes on. You might think you are safe in the hypnotic state, but think again, I will assume control over you.

Become enraptured in your Miztress's voice and listen to all My commands as you find yourself powerless to think for yourself. Loosing all control over yourself is what you need and what you desire.

When you find yourself in a deep rapture you will send a tribute for each breast, then you will double that amount and send. A tribute for each boob that controls you like the puppet you are.

You are My Tit Zombie, and find your purpose in worshipping My breasts. This video includes a hypnotic countdown, each count representing a new level of weakness until finally you are completely obedient and submissive for my tits.

At the end of the video there is a big finale, and a special surprise. You will become a living tit zombie who becomes My " good boy " and cums on My command.

Now be my good boy, buy this video, grab your headphones and relax listening to my sweet whispers. You will be captivated by Supreme Miztress in this powerful rapture.

The video is 22 minutes long and will leave you spellbound.

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Sexacy part three: Submission video
Added: 05-16-2013

It’s time to let me take over control. In this third step you’ll abandon your old self, opening up your mind and soul completely to me. And I’ll accept your offer! I will implant my will into your mind until all you want is what I want you to want. Now get to it, slave! Buy this video and submit to me! You can’t resist, can you? *20 MINUTE MINDFUCK VIDEO* CUM TO ME AND GET ADDICTED!*

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DEEP Down Into... Hypnotic Mindgasm
Added: 07-23-2017

Mix & Match Series

Pair or stack with other titles in my Mix & Match Category.

Now that I have you deep down in a state of erotic trance, I'm going to stimulate your mental erogenous zones and lead you into a hypnotic mindgasm. Surrender to the mental tingles and erotic pleasure that are taking place within your mind. Feel the peak of that pleasure spill over as those internal erogenous zones climax.


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks / Left/Right ASMR Effect
  • No Induction - Please pair with one of the Mix & Match "DEEP Down Into...." Inductions.
  • Audience: Male
  • Humiliation: No
  • 20 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2017

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Obedient Husband - Wife Cums First
Added: 07-23-2017

Your Wife Deserves An Obedient Husband

This is a deep brainwashing file to transform you into an obedient husband.

Your wife's pleasure must come before yours. In fact, your mind will be trained to prohibit you from orgasm until your wife cums first. Using my knowledge about the left and right brain, I have carefully designed the programming to stimulate the emotional and cognitive areas of the mind.


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Includes: DEEP (snap) trigger; Mantra section near the end.
  • Tone: Soft and whispery
  • Delta brainwave technology imbedded within the music
  • Count Up at the end: Yes
  • Humiliation: No
  • 34 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst.  Copyright 2017 As with any hypnosis session, results vary


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Seduction Induction - video
Added: 07-23-2017
A fun, teasing induction designed to slowly draw you in by teasing you, more and more and more... tormenting you with sweet and seductive little touches until you can't help buy finally GIVE IN to my wiles and fall DEEP into a trance! Perfect before any of my other files... but especially the one coming out later this week! I'll give you a little hint: succubus.
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Stroke & Squirt
Added: 07-21-2017

Feeling horny, stroker boy? Raging hard and aching for release?
I’m going to relax and hypnotize you, then go wild on your
twitching cock. Stroking slow at first… then 
harder… faster.
If you’re a good boy I might just let you 

28 Minutes

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Brainwashed Addiction
Added: 07-21-2017

your mind will be bombarded with My suggestions both consciously recognizable and many subconsciously which in time will enslave you to Me ...

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Conditioning - positively beautiful
Added: 07-20-2017
Positively beautiful.
Welcome to my conditioning files.
This is for all of you who would love to look, feel, or be a female.
I will condition your mind to crave, desire and enjoy being a positive female, full of 
confidence and happiness.
Let me condition your mind and make you feel good and confident being a woman in a mans body.
27:16 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Ruby Red Lips
Added: 07-19-2017
Does a lady wearing red lipstick get your engines going? The look of those shiny, sexy ruby red lips can make a man think of those lips doing many naughty things. Sometimes just the act of them applying it as you watch is arousing. Listen as those sexy lips tell you how to stroke your cock.
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Wellness Diener
Added: 07-18-2017
Erotische Femdom Hypnose kann auch zärtlich sein. Ich führe dich in einen wahren Wellness Tempel, in dem du die Wärme einer wundervoll stimmungsvollen Sauna erleben darfst. Doch natürlich wäre das hier nicht, wenn das nicht nur der Anfang wäre. 
Zu deinem Glück teilst du die Sauna mit mir, einer Frau, die genau weiß was sie will und die diesem Verlangen auch in charmanter Weise Ausdruck verleihen kann und wird. Natürlich habe ich dein Potential sofort erkannt. Du hast die Gelegenheit für den Rest des Tages mein Wellness-Diener zu sein. In dieser Funktion bist du nicht nur für mein körperliches Wohl, wie Massagen und gemeinsame Saunagänge zuständig, sondern wirst auch aufs Höchste erregt werden. 
Auch wenn diese erotische Hypnose mit Elementen des Soft Femdom spielt, enthält sie keinerlei posthypnotischen Suggestionen oder Trigger und du erwachst unglaublich gut erholt als freier Mann. 
Genieße diesen hypnotischen Kurzurlaub aufs Äußerste und werde mein sehr intimer Reisebegleiter. 

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Added: 07-16-2017
It’s time for Me to FRACTURE your mind, to fuck your mind so hard you don’t even know what’s going on. I’m going to take you up and down, make you DROP and wake over and over again, until your mind completely FRACTURES. After you wake and DROP for Me so many times you’re going to be sooo DEEP feeling so AMAZING because it feels so good to OBEY without even thinking. It feels so good to OBEY without trying at all. It happens so automatically that when I tell you to DROP your body obeys before your mind even realizes what has happened, and that feels good so so GOOD. You’ll DROP when I tell you to, and every DROP is a little bit deeper and every wake a little bit less high as you wake you still feel a little bit fuzzy and that's ok it feels good to just let yourself float and DROP, it feels so good to OBEY without thinking, to follow without judging. Your mind will be fucked and FRACTURED to a point where you won’t even know what’s happening, you will just automatically OBEY. I control every part of you, I control your mind and your body. I control your cock. When I say you are excited and turned on you instantly become turned on. When I say your cock is getting hard it does, I have complete control of your cock. When I say stroke your already doing it before your mind even realizes what’s going on. Once your mind is FRACTURED and fucked to the point you are deeper than ever before I make you stroke for Me, keeping yourself on the edge endlessly as I freeze you at the end so you are stuck on the edge, unable to move or finish stroking. Stuck staring at the last frame of the video, My big natural DDDs right in your face. The most amazing Torment!
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Living on the EDGE
Added: 07-15-2017

An important lesson of EDGING into submissive BLISS ...

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Black Cock Bundle Vol.1
Added: 07-09-2017

You need to be black-cock dominated, sissy.
Your mouth and pussy are ready… you simply have to give in to 
your desires. Accept your fate as a cock-sucking cum-swallowing
slut for big black cocks.

35 Minutes combined

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Amazonian Goddess - Adoration.
Added: 07-14-2017

Amazonian Queen – Adoration.

I am your Amazonian Queen.... huntress, warrior Queen & Goddess of Love.

I am hunting for more slaves... hunting you by day and night. I am coming to claim you...  Enslave you. My new-found slave... I see you kneeling and begging to be allowed to adore My breasts...

your Amazonian Queen loves Her breasts being adored. Latch on and suckle...and as you latch on.... drinking in My Goddess essence. Suckling... and becoming so submissive.... Suckling and falling in love with your Goddess.

Available for Personalisation.

Erotic Whispers ASMR $200.00

Add an exclusive Erotic Whisper (ASMR) track to a recording you purchase.... capturing your unwary mind with Her Erotic Whispers.....

See Details page. 

The first in My new “Amazonian Queen” series.

Captured, Helpless and Adoring.

Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright :  

Copyright :

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Conditioning - bimbotized Slave
Added: 07-13-2017
bimbotized Slave
Welcome to my conditioning files.
You love to be a bimbotized slave, to loose your own free will, to except, obey and enjoy your 
masters commands.
I will condition your mind to crave, desire and enjoy being a bimbotized slave.
A bimbotized slave with a simple mind, because a simple mind is a happy mind.
Feel the constant need to give and receive great pleasure. 
Let me condition you to be happy, stupid and always ready to be used.
Feel me conditioning your mind to become the bimbotized slave that you have always needed to be.
24:50 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.
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Control Loop
Added: 07-12-2017
One of my Naughty Boys asked for a more dominant hypnotic loop, and although it strays from my more Sensual side into Mistress Sharon territory, here it is...
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Added: 07-03-2017
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Added: 07-01-2017
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Added: 07-01-2017
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