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If you’re in search of sexual pleasure and brand-new emotions, traditional porn is a poor match. The Internet is brimming with videos, magazines, and photos with hot naked ladies, but you are no longer excited about them. Nowadays, there is a much more alluring trend gaining momentum for a reason. It is called erotic trance, and you can’t miss out on it! is your in-depth guide to the world of ultimate delight. We can help you immerse yourself in the paradise of one-of-a-kind feelings that you’ve never had before. We are dead set on providing you with the best erotic trance to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. Not only will men be emotionally and physically satisfied, but also women will love our website as an infinite source of arousal.

To test our products for the first time, you are welcome to play free erotic trance MP3s and see how they work for you. Once you find the file and the mistress that are hot enough for you, go ahead and buy whatever sparks your sexual interest! Depending on your wishes, you can choose:

How will you get sexual excitement by listening to an erotic trance trance?

Although the idea of getting a hands-free orgasm is not new, there are still many who are in the dark about that. So, let us clarify sexual trance and how exactly you can avail yourself of it.

It is common knowledge that orgasm is not all about touching, kissing, and petting. You are on the top of sexual excitement when your brain is turned on and stimulated enough. And this is where erotic trance audios will be of great use!

They work by triggering specific receptors in your brain so that your subconscious mind becomes dominant. Thus, you are put into a mild trance. Your mind gets the commands or, as they’re called, suggestions intended to make you come quickly. 


trancetherapy is not magic or quackery. It is a science-baked method used in medicine, psychology, and many other applications. Check that out yourself!

How can erotic trance MP3s work wonders for your libido?

Low libido seems to be a widespread problem for both men and women. But sex is an essential part of every healthy relationship. If a therapy delivers no effect, you should give erotic audio stories a shot.

Once you are in a trance, sexual scenes are brought to your brain. All those sensations are powerful enough to generate excitement. And when you aren’t under trance, you will still remember the emotions you’ve experienced in a trance. Consequently, this practice will contribute a lot to your intimate life.

There are thousands of trance audios on our website. So, if you are tied up in knots choosing the right one for yourself, contact us to get assistance. We will be happy to consult you about your best fit, as well as prices, payment methods, and our trancedommes. is a one step shopping mall for erotic trance mp3 and erotic audio storys produced by various artists (Providers)


Love the Vegas Show 2 Dressing Room

After the Las Vegas show ends, it's time for you and I to relax in My dressing room and SINK deeper
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My sissy whore

I own you, you are my special slutty sissy whore. You are going to have the night of your life. I am going to dress you in my boudoir, to create you into the perfect sexy slutty sissy whore that you long to be.

To show everyone that you are mine and that I own you, I am going to give you a special present. A black collar and matching lead, decorated with beautiful shining diamonds.
Once you are ready we are going to go to the most amazing club of your life, MY club.
I find you the perfect large black cock to suck and leave your red fuck me lipstick on and the perfect large white cock to fuck your sissy pussy. Your face ends up covered in cum and and your sissy pussy is filled with cum. So cum with me for some mind blowing fun.
45:56 min, sissy hypno, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Bimbo Fuck Toy

Letting go of all that stressful thinking and decisions is going to make your mind feel so much MORE fuckable with this session
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Nectar of LOVE

Turning back the hands of time you find yourself in the American West during the Klondike Gold Rush in a part of the wilderness known to have dangers both natural and supernatural. You stay out too late and happen on My cottage, where I give you some of My mushroom tea and special sweet nectar from the fruit that only grows near my cottage
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Pussy Man 2

You want to be able to see very clearly each woman's pussy in your mind when you are near women, even when you see pictures of women on TV, or in a movie.

You want your powers especially strong when you are near women in person, to be able to develop something like X ray vision.

I want this power to grow and grow in you, more powerful everyday you are near women, and turn into infinite powers beyond your wildest imagination. Your cosmic psychic abilities will enable your mind to easily see, and sense through women's clothing, so you can see their pussy so very clearly in your X-ray mind, and sense when her panties are making her feel super sexy, flirty or even horny.  

I am going to turn the volume way up to maximize this pussy man super power.
I am going to transform you into a one of a kind 'pussy man super human'. 
Everyday your super human pussy man power will deepen and strengthen. 
So, listen to me and go out into the wild often, so more and more women can experience what it is like to be near you. 
Become a superhuman pussy man.

43:15 Minutes including, pussy man, conquer women, x-ray vision, brainwaves and soft music.

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Hard Cock Shopping

I want you to obey every command I give to you, to feel pleasure from obeying my commands. Sister Dolores and me will give you so much pleasure.

I'm going to help you recognize that all the pleasure and happiness, the joy in your life, comes from being hard and horny. Watching girls and women while shopping is wonderful, it's very sexy, and great fun too. Just looking at them makes you feel aroused.

From now on, whenever you are shopping a process is going to start, a process that will start immediately. And once this process is started, you will get hard. You are conditioned, that while shopping at any store, your mind becomes very focused to notice all of the women, all of their different shapes, sizes, ages.
Imagine such an erection happen in a sudden burst, within a very few seconds. Your subconscious mind is going to make this happen. You begin to lose focus on shopping, and your focus is now intense to see, and gather as many pictures in your mind of all these women, while getting hornier and hornier, until the moment comes that you have to hold back the urge for a hand free orgasm while Dolores mantras begin to echo in your mind.

36:07 Minutes including, hard cock, sister dolores, joi, brainwaves and soft music.

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HFO Hands Free Orgasm

I take your mind deep with hypnosis and give you a Handsfree orgasm for male or female listeners.
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