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Femdom Erotic Hypnosis 

If you’re in search of sexual pleasure and brand-new emotions, traditional porn is a poor match. The Internet is brimming with videos, magazines, and photos with hot naked ladies, but you are no longer excited about them. Nowadays, there is a much more alluring trend gaining momentum for a reason. It is called erotic hypnosis, and you can’t miss out on it! is your in-depth guide to the world of ultimate delight. We can help you immerse yourself in the paradise of one-of-a-kind feelings that you’ve never had before. We are dead set on providing you with the best erotic hypnosis to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. Not only will men be emotionally and physically satisfied, but also women will love our website as an infinite source of arousal.

To test our products for the first time, you are welcome to play free erotic hypnosis MP3s and see how they work for you. Once you find the file and the mistress that are hot enough for you, go ahead and buy whatever sparks your sexual interest! Depending on your wishes, you can choose:

How will you get sexual excitement by listening to an erotic hypnosis trance?

Although the idea of getting a hands-free orgasm is not new, there are still many who are in the dark about that. So, let us clarify sexual hypnosis and how exactly you can avail yourself of it.

It is common knowledge that orgasm is not all about touching, kissing, and petting. You are on the top of sexual excitement when your brain is turned on and stimulated enough. And this is where erotic hypnosis audios will be of great use!

They work by triggering specific receptors in your brain so that your subconscious mind becomes dominant. Thus, you are put into a mild trance. Your mind gets the commands or, as they’re called, suggestions intended to make you come quickly. 


Hypnotherapy is not magic or quackery. It is a science-baked method used in medicine, psychology, and many other applications. Check that out yourself!

How can erotic hypnosis MP3s work wonders for your libido?

Low libido seems to be a widespread problem for both men and women. But sex is an essential part of every healthy relationship. If a therapy delivers no effect, you should give erotic audio stories a shot.

Once you are in a trance, sexual scenes are brought to your brain. All those sensations are powerful enough to generate excitement. And when you aren’t under hypnosis, you will still remember the emotions you’ve experienced in a trance. Consequently, this practice will contribute a lot to your intimate life.

There are thousands of hypnosis audios on our website. So, if you are tied up in knots choosing the right one for yourself, contact us to get assistance. We will be happy to consult you about your best fit, as well as prices, payment methods, and our hypnodommes.



Todays culture being a manly man is less and less attractive. It's time to embrace the sissy side of your mind.
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Mindfucking you

Denial is not the denial of pleasure, it is denying the END of pleasure. Rentless teasing, giving your mind up to me, for me. Triggers, No denial, submission, mindfuck, brainwash, intense, effects and deep. (35:09)
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Sissygasm - Guided Anal Pleasure




All it takes is this one guided session to turn your asshole into a sensitive sissy pussy. If you've ever experimented with anal play, or are simply curious about deeper pleasures, this file is a perfect fit for you. Sink into my sultry voice and let me guide you to an incredibly intense sissygasm. 

I know you're a naughty little anal slut, sweetie. The fact that you're reading this description and perhaps intend to listen to this file means your sissy pussy craves stimulation. You'll need something long and hard for this file, preferably a dildo, but you may use your fingers if you don't have access to a phallic object.

After I relax your mind and body, the real fun can begin. You'll see your dildo as a real man's cock, and worship it accordingly. Kissing lovingly, licking, and suckling on the tip, you'll focus all your attention on pleasing this throbbing penis.

Stripper-squat over the lubed up cock and let gravity slowly lower you down. Down... down until you feel it penetrate your sweet sissy hole. There's no going back after this, honey. Simply let nature take its course as you bounce up and down on his rock hard shaft.

As your pussy gets fucked, I'll make deep hypnotic changes to your mind. Deeper and harder, ramping up in intensity until you feel hot erotic energy welling up from within. A sissygasm is approaching, and you have no power to stop it. Just let it happen, princess...

  • Having a dildo or other phallic object is necessary for this file (you can use your fingers if you prefer)
  • Guided anal stimulation
  • Attraction to men's cocks
  • Mental feminization
  • Suppression of masculinity
  • Limp clitty
  • Sissygasm command

32 minutes of deep anal stimulation



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Length: 41 minutes

Shhhh, hush and take My hand as I lead you to My silent chamber. Just walk over to the white leather sofa that I have prepared for you. Put on the headphones that are waiting and lie back. W/we will be here for a while and when you leave, you will understand the power of silence. My words will subliminize and CONDITION your mind. Now imagine your body responding to My sweet voice, sending shivers of orgasmic bliss through My slave's hypnotized mind. The bliss as soft as My warm lips touching your ears...sending vibrations into your mind now.

Deep EROTIC HYPNOSIS, Skillful Mind Manipulation and CONDITIONING, Post Hypnotic Triggers and EXPECT POWERFUL SUBLIMINAL messages.

Shhh, don't ask questions, just OBEY and LISTEN... Oh, I bet you love being Shhh'd by a POWERFUL SEXY Dominant Woman.

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Sleep Drop and Fall

Today’s session is about relaxing very deeply, focusing inward and of course, getting acquainted with a gentle trigger word that will help you go back to a deep hypnotic state very easily and effortlessly.

Length: 25 mins
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Sink, Drop, Sleep

My seductive, authoritative voice will make you  sink you like a rock.

Sink, Drop, Sleep, three simple words that influence the subconscious automatically.

So powerless against My influence….the more you stroke the more powerless you become.


In this erotic hypnosis audio I’m going to fractionate the fuck out you. If you didn’t know, pulling you up and down out of trance takes you deeper each time. It’s a devious method to shape you into My mindless pet but I know you crave that kind of control


All you want is My control, all you want to is to fall deeper, you want Me to make you a mindless drone who doesn’t think. You simply want to please Me and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do just that.


I get off on consensual manipulation and I know you do too. As usual if it gets to be too much you always have your safe word, Red. Of course you won’t need it, you’ll be enraptured as I use use cunning ways to mind fuck you.


you’re powerless to stop yourself from falling into My hypnotic hands and become a simple, suggestible, hypnoslave, always aroused and always aiming to please Me.


I bring erotic hypnosis and my persuasive dominance to a level you become powerless to stop.



Ms Lisa


File contains:

Trigger phrase for trance

Pleasing Ms Lisa

Female Domination

Safe word Red


Orgasm Denial


Post hypnotic suggestion to listen and obey

Backtrack of ways to please Me


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Search for Pleasure

I know that you are addicted to erotic hypnosis, and I know this file will JUST addict you MORE
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