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New Arrivals

Paying for Pleasure MP3 - Sensual + Erotic Entrapment
Added: 02-18-2019
Try the sample. Genuinely, you can't even help yourself. Nothing turns you on more than surrendering your hard-earned cash to a sexy, skilled, mindblowingly hot goddess. You don't even watch porno anymore because it doesn't get you as hard as when you hit send. Truthfully, I think there's nothing wrong with this .. but, I do see that you are extremely weak, especially when horny. Taking advantage of you is easy, so why don't I just guide you and use you. You have a lot of potential, I can tell ... all you have to do is stroke and listen. It's easy, isn't it? Delve deeper into your fantasies with me. It's not dangerous .. or frightening. It's pleasure. In the only form you can get it. This file includes sensual domination, light humiliation, neuro-linguistic programming, brainwash qualities, some droning sound effects to enhance depth of pleasure, femdom, masturbation encouragement, findom + financial domination, and slave training for complete ownership. Good luck! (10 minutes)
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Fractal Fraction
Added: 02-17-2019
Fractionizing lets your mind go VERY deep. This is played as a loop, that means that if you want to wake from this trance, set an alarm for a time when you want to wake up, but make sure it’s passed a half hour. Since hypnosis is a learning state, a person can go deeper into trance with practice and through experience. Fractioning someone is to hypnotize them repeatedly in a short period of time, or simply have them rise to the surface by opening their eyes and then closing them again, plunging back into deeper hypnosis.
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HypnoAss 2
Added: 02-15-2019

You hear the sound of My footsteps, once again, echoing within your mind, reverberating within the corridors of your existence. You are unsure if the sound is in your mind, as you have heard countless times before, as if played in a loop over and over again, brainwashing what is left of your hope to be chosen as her play toy.. or if the sound of the clicking heels upon the stone, cold pavement are truly real, and she is headed towards your very cage right now.

 In this fantasy, I taunt, tease, and humiliate you, and force you to play with your dirty little cock, turning you into My mindless stroking zombie whore. I hypnotize you using eye closure technique, but first, I force you to stare deeply into My hypnotic emerald green eyes, not allowing you to blink, until I tell you, you can blink. I then drop you deeper with mini count downs with finger snap deepeners. Now I have you right where I want you, mind open and pliable and ready to be played with. I then prepare you to worship My divine ass, by teaching you the proper way to suck, lick, and taste. I then put your skills to test by Queening you, as you continue to stroke your mind away. I reward your obedience by encouraging you to cum on My finger snap command. Are you ready to be played with, My obedient boy? Slip on your headphones, make yourself comfortable, and we will begin, right now.

LENGTH: 57 minutes

CONTAINS: Eye closure induction with finger snap count down deepener, Erotic content, Femdom, Mind control, Brain washing, Ass Worship, JOI, Finger snap cum command, Humiliation, Laughing, Multi-track voice with whispers, Background music, Drum beats. Does NOT contain feminization.

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Yummy Cummies 5 pack
Added: 02-15-2019
Contains 5 Audio clips to get you on your way to eating your own yummy cummies

Coffee Cum CEI for Beginners
Wanking & CEI
Dressing Room JOI & CEI
Yummy Cummies Joi & Cei
Eat your own cum like a street corner girl today

Runtime 40 mins
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Empty and Obedient Brainwash VIDEO
Added: 02-14-2019
A fun, sexy brainfuck inducing you to be totally obedient for me... totally submissive. Enjoy having your mind stuffed with insidious trigger-phrases, enforcing them over and over, bringing you into a state of total bliss... yum.
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Follow My Hand JOI Hypno VIDEO
Added: 02-14-2019
Let's try something fun. What if I could possess your hand as you watched this video? It would technically be your hand stroking... but it would feel like someone else doing it. Let me mesmerize you, relax you, get you in the mood first... and we can begin. Follow my hand and see how long you can edge! Contains soft binaurals and subtle echo effects to insidiously drag you DEEP under and empty out that brain!
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Petplay Brainfuck VIDEO
Added: 02-14-2019
A very fun brainwash session covering a special topic... pet play! You can be my sweet little pet today... my handsome, playful kitten. Fall DEEP into my spiral as I turn you into my pet, removing all your worries and cares as I transform you into a sweet, submissive kitty cat! Mee-yow! Hope you're ready to be a good boy for me!
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Bound Into Oblivion VIDEO
Added: 02-14-2019
A perfect brainwash video for right before bed, full to the brim with sexy and mesmerizing visuals! Feel me tying you up and immobilizing you as I guide you into a deep, relaxing brainwash.
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Sleep Spiral 2: Obedience VIDEO
Added: 02-14-2019
Since you looooove going to bed with me every night... having me be the last thought in your head each day, and the first though as you awaken... here's something special to add to your routine. Fall out cold and wake up feeling a bit more OBEDIENT each day. You LOVE being a good boy for me, brainwash slave.
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Sleep Spiral 3 VIDEO
Added: 02-14-2019
The next in my utterly mind-devouring Sleep Spiral series! Fall DEEP with my sweet voice, mesmerizing words, insane curves, and a brainwashing spiral! Not to mention... some euphoria-inducing binaural tones that will really drag you under and into my power. You'll be all mine in no time!
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Hands free Anal Rider RIDE AND SQUIRT
Added: 02-14-2019

Just hop on your dildo and play my audio file

Use Headphones for best results

Sexual Sounds and Moaning

Runtime 40:26
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Down, Down, Down MP3 - Sensual Guided Brainwash
Added: 02-14-2019
It really is so easy, isn't it? To simply traipse into oblivion, into pleasure, into nothingness. Especially when I'm right there in your ear. I want you to relax, and I want you to let go of everything. I want you to go deeper than you ever have before ... it'll be different. It'll be new .. but I will be right there beside you, guiding you down ... down ... down. Includes sensual female domination, neuro-linguistic programming, some tradition hypnosis methods, binaural beats, and some gentle mindfuck! A perfect choice for a good, mindless slave. Try the tester.
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Added: 02-22-2016
Der beliebte Klassiker neu aufgelegt!
Komm mit mir an einen wunderschönen Ort. Hoch oben auf einer Klippe, an einem romatishen Druidenstein, werde ich dich in meinen Bann schlagen und dich als Lecksklaven benutzen.
Bewegungslos bist du meiner Lust ausgeliefert.
Meine Pussy ist alles, auf was du dich in der nächsten Zeit konzentrieren musst. Ich sitze auf deinem Gesicht, sodass du mich genau riechen und schmecken kannst. Du leckst und saugst solange, bis es mir kommt und ich meine Lust in deinen Mund und auf dein Gesicht ergieße. Doch ich habe noch nicht genug. Eine zweite Runde beginnt und während du mit deiner Zunge mein Innerstes erkundest und meinen G-Punkt massierst, werden meine Hände dafür sorgen, dass auch du nicht zu kurz kommst und für deine Zungenfertigkeit mit einem hypnotischen Orgasmus belohnt wirst.
Ganz nebenbei werde ich noch einen kleinen posthypnotischen Befehl in deinem Unterbewusstsein installieren. Wann immer du ab heute ein bestimmtes Wort hört oder liest, wirst du mich für eine Stunde schmecken, als wäre ich gerade in deinem Mund gekommen. In dieser Zeit genießt du ultimative Geilheit.

46 Minuten
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Worship Big Juicy Dicks Audio
Added: 02-12-2019
Are you thinking about the big juicy D again?
If you love the texture of the SKIN
If you like how it glides over your TONGUE?
If you love little Spurts of PRE CUM in your mouth?

YOU will enjoy my clip >>> JOI & CEI INCLUDED

Runtime 15:49
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Kim has a penis and Beta Cumslut jason takes it
Added: 02-12-2019
This is in the POV of Kim
Meaning Kim aka The Shemale/Tranny listens

This clip is great for single people and couples
This clip is great for straight or gay people

Cock Worship
Anal Sex
Much Much more

Runtime 12:16

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