"trancetic Villainess"

You had a long day fighting crime, now you come back to your super hero hide out to find Me waiting for you. I’m going to help you relax, help you let go of being in such control all the time, no lives to save tonight… just you and I. 

I weave a trancetic story during this long lush super creative, super sexual trance. If you enjoy a sultry, relaxing Villainess trancetizing you to stop all that silly crime fighting and focus on her, than this is your trancetic trance! It’s time to hang up your cape, and well frankly the rest of your clothes. I have a deal for you My big strong hero… one that will make you mine, and love it!

During this deep trancetic trance session, I use classic trance techniques like progressive relaxation, a count down, finger snaps, NLP, trancetic suggestions and triggers, an orgasm command, JOI, delta brainwaves, subliminals, and all expertly weaved into a fun sexy super hero/villainess scenario. 

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie
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