Obedient Mindless Drone FULL HD

Obedient Mindless Drone FULL HD

 Obedient Mindless Drone FULL HD

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova

full HD version-Your Dark Goddess Mesmerizes you into being her obedient mindless drone, every time you see her cleavage, tits, legs, soft pale skin, long dark hair or look into her eyes your mind becomes empty and you only want to obey her. Every time you see her you become extremely turned on and need to stroke for her. When you cum while watching her you have the best orgasm ever and become her slave forever. Includes a long induction for the deepest trance possible and has a multilayer soundtrack including whispers, echoes, brainwaves, subliminals, and music all designed to make you feel the most amount of pleasure possible.(This is a REAL trance video, wear headphones for full effect) 32 minutes - full HD MP4

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