Oblivion by Leslie

Drop into the void of beautiful, blank, black, oblivion for Mistress Leslie. I know and you know that when you remember to forget everything during a trance you love it, adore it, and will learn during this trance to adore Me, Mistress Leslie the way I know you truly want to. There is no reason to think at all during this long amazing trancetic journey because I do that for you. This file features a confusion/conversational induction, love addiction, triggers, post trancetic suggestions, ASMR, NLP, whispers, sub/slave training, and many other traditional trance techniques but doesn’t lack real mind control/brainwashing elements also. Try as you may you won’t remember anything about this trance, but your sub conscience mind will remember the firm everyday triggers I implant. Length: 34 minutes Format: mp3 download Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose, Music: light with highly effective delta brain waves Overdubbing vocals: yes, soft whispers! it will melt your mind, but not distract from the main vocal track

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie
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