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ABDL Bundle 1.

ABDL Bundle 1.

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

The popular Adult Baby & Diaper Lover Series

With extensive experience in Age Play & Regression hypnosis, Lady Surrender has this special bundle for all Her little boys and girls out there. Get your diaper ready for these popular ABDL hypnosis sessions! Begin your effective incontinence training, become addicted to diapers and experience a hot diaper play & over the knee spanking fantasy.  




This ABDL hypnosis bundle contains the following sessions - 10% off regular price.

  • ABDL: Wet Diaper Training   (Reg. Price $30)
    Effective incontinence training with Lady Surrender – Get your diaper ready!

  • ABDL: Addicted to Diapers   (Reg. Price $22)
    This hypnotic adult baby session will leave you with an intense diaper addiction!

  • ABDL: The Girlfriend Experience   (Reg. Price $25)
    Your girlfriend discovers your hidden diapers… Your punishment? A delicious spanking session, diaper play and more!

No Induction – For these hypnosis scripts to overcome your previous “potty training” & early socialisation to NOT wear diapers – please use My induction for deep hypnotic embedding: "Deepening Hypnosis" mp3.


Copyright : Lady Surrender.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: -wm
    Review for ABDL wet diaper.
    Lady Surrender,

    i saw this file last night in an email from sensualmistress.com

    i had to try it. i've tried other 'wetting' files. When they work, which is rare, it gives me a stronger sense of being controlled as i am literally losing control and peeing on command...so to speak.

    Of course YOUR recording is incredible as all YOUR files are. i was deep deep in trance and wetting my diapers 1/2 way through the recording. i was even more amazed that i actually wet in diaper multiple times. in the end my body was still trying to wet even though there wasn't any more urine to expel.

    i will listen to this recording again and again. the freedom, the real physical loss of control, obeying Mistress...nothing could be better.

    Thank YOU Mistress Surrender!
    - wm.
  • Author: mister marmalade
    Review for ABDL wet diaper
    I tried the files last night (the Deepening Hypnosis and Diaper Wetting files) and holy cats, are those effective. They're really well-made files - the recording quality and audio effects are top notch. Not only that, but the suggestions are powerful. I totally lost myself in the induction. And by the time I realized I was listening to the Diaper Wetting file, I was already soaked.

    Mistress Surrender, I have to give you lots of credit. Your files have quickly become some of my favorites (and I have listened to MANY). I hope you make more that cater to AB/DL fetishists!
    Mister Marmalade