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"Addicted to Anal Play 3: Hands Free Orgasm"

"Addicted to Anal Play 3: Hands Free Orgasm"
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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Explosive Hands Free Orgasm from Anal Play..... 

Whether it's a mans hard cock...or a sex toy..... pumping in and out of your sexy arse...filling your sexy arse......... I have now programmed your mind and body to have HFO from Anal Play.

Programming your prostate to be stimulated...leading to your cock being oh so...turned on...so hard.... so explosively responsive to My every hypnotic suggestion.


Over loading your subconscious mind with My.... silken, sexy Kiwi accent....  whispering My trigger phrases....toying with you.....turning you into My pleasure slut who craves..... the overwhelming intensity of HFO from Anal Play.....


I know how much you loved Addicted to Anal Play 2: Shemale Cock.... how close you came to.... HFO as I seductively took control of your mind and body..... Enticingly whispered My programming as I Entranced your body to feel her shemale cock...rubbing aginst your back as her cock filled your desparately aching arse.

Review of Addicted to Anal Play 2: Shemale Cock


Lady Surrender…You have done it again. You keep finding ways to release my fantasies from their caves. You make it so enjoyable to live the fantasies through hypnosis … that feel so real … so intense … so dominating. And You are a master at using my weaknesses to tie me deeper to You…which i love.

This session was different from the first anal play for more than the obvious reasons…i felt like the Shemale was more dominating, more active in taking control and keeping me on my knees in the position. So decadent…the cravings…the feelings of arousal brought on by the visions and emotions generated by You in my mind! my slutty cock cravings seem to be growing and growing as does my arousal. and i am so enjoying the feelings, the pleasure, Your control, Your voice…i want more! i crave more! oh Lady Surrender You have unleashed a mega slut inside of me to use for Your pleasure! so much FUN!

Thank You!!!!



INTENSIVE PROGRAMMING for all cock craving sluts.

Recording includes My silken, sexy whispers (a.k.a.Erotic ASMR)..... that access your subconscious mind ....  designed to slide past your conscious mind and directly access the subconscious mind and turn you into a cock craving slut…who craves HFO orgasm from Anal play...who craves the programming of My sexy, seductive Kiwi accent that instills the prostate stimulation...that leads to.... HFO from Anal Play.


Plus journals written by submissives posted on My web site:



Hypnotic suggestions to turn you into My pleasure slut who comes HFO from Anal Play , Hypnotic Trigger Phrases, Post Hypnotic suggestions. Echo sound effects. Erotic ASMR whisper that toys with your subconscious mind ..... warps and brainwashes your mind to crave....

Left and Right sound tracks.

42 mins of mind-warping brainwashing that turns you into My pleausre slut who craves..... HFO from Anal Play.


Copyright : Lady Surrender

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com


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