"Addicted to Anal Play"

"Addicted to Anal Play"

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Assume the position, slut!

From now on- your cock will be programmed in the most specific, hypnotic responsive ways…to be My cock craving slut who craves….. to be fucked in your desperately aching arse. By the time I have finished with you- you will only be able to get hard when you think about being fucked by hard throbbing cocks…you will only be able to cum – if you think about hard throbbing cocks fucking …penetrating..dominating your arse. you're not a real man- real men don't crave sexy hard cocks fucking their arse.


This recording does not use the word "sissy". INTENSIVE PROGRAMMING for all cock craving sluts.


Recording includes subliminals designed to slide past your conscious mind and directly access the subconscious mind and turn you into a cock craving slut…who can only get hard if……..thinking about hard throbbing cocks fucking your sexy arse…..can only cum if thinking about being fucked in your desperately aching arse.

Hypnotic suggestions to turn you into My cock craving slut, Hypnotic Trigger Phrases, Post Hypnotic suggestions to tie your craving for anal play to your ability to cum and to have an erection. Theta brain wave music. Echo sound effects. Erotic ASMR whisper intro and ending.

47:20 mins.

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Customer Reviews

sleepygees/hypnotoy - from inraptured.net

Lady Surrender,

Fuck. Anal play is hot. Rock hard and fighting an urge. Confused by how my city is a cock again. How it can be so hard. Acheing. Needing to write to you but knowing I need to assume the position.

Fuck. Assuming position. Panties down. Feels good. Fuck. Feels right. Arse being opened and my cock somehow getting harder. Pain and fire and heat and yes.

Fuck. Literally fuck. I think I broke out of that post-trance early, but fucking hell. That isn't just on knees and reciting, that is something else.

I need to think about this. Without thinking about it, if you get my drift. Not sure I liked it but felt great that your words had that power. Not sure mixing sessions is a good idea. Might he adding to conflicting thoughts right now.

Yours (apologising for the profanities) gs

sleepygees/hypnotoy - from inraptured.net
m - from inraptured.net

Lady Surrender, Before i can even get started...just typing the subject made me all itchy...needing... Second...i had listened to the whispering tease before the final release and guessed that You would make me a quivering sissy mess...if i remember right. i way under estimated what could and did happen! i know i have listened to many of Your recordings and i am getting more programmed to respond to Your voice and words. but with this recording as with 'Panty Slave'; You have taken ownership of me Lady Surrender. i went far far beyond quivering... This recording left me so desperately hard, throbbing and horny that it took a good 1/2 hour to come down ( except i really haven't totally come down). my mind and body feel what is happening. my mind has only Your words and thoughts remaining in it. (or at least very close!) my words do not do justice to describing how i feel and how i felt while listening to this recording. This was and is a very deep intense exciting and arousing journey beyond belief. You have listened to me, to my dreams, to my fantasies...and You have applied Your knowledge to take control in ways i never imagined. i feel like i am babbling at this point. The feelings keep rushing through me and my mind is having problems comprehending. My mind is reacting or should i say obeying its programming. :-) This recording is very special indeed! WOW! Thank You Lady Surrender for creating and thank You for taking control of me. (i never thought i would truly experience this...) love - m

m - from inraptured.net