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Addicted to Make-up

Addicted to Make-up
erotic hypnosis

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Secretly admiring those pouty red lips in the latest make-up advert on tv...in the magazine?

In this next feminisation mp3, I take control of your secret admiration for feminine pouty lips...wearing red lipstick and I programme your mind to become addicted to wearing make-up. Mascara...eye-liner...foundation...lipstick. Then- I tie your attraction and addiction to make-up to...increased arousal...sexy...sexy... arousal when wearing make-up, seeing make-up, thinking about make-up. Delicious! Compelled, addicted, craving...just the way I want you to be...the perfect femme... the perfect girl...

Drawing on My experience as a therapist working with tg, tv, cd and all who identify as femme...I continue with the INTENSE programming and feminisation of all who long for those feminine experiences.


Long Induction, Linking sexual arousal to craving to wear makeup, NLP programming, Recording includes hypnotic suggestions, hypnotic trigger phrases, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, subliminals, theta brain wave music. No explicit directions to orgasm. Suitable for submissives who are in chastity. The phrase "femme girl" and "My good girl" is used in the recording. The word "sissy" is not used.

39.50 mins.

Copyright : Lady Surrender.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com

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  • Author: cm
    Lady Surrender,
    Your recordings are having their way with me. I find myself triggered again and again by the sight of women's bras, lipsticks, eye liner, foundation, and other makeup items.

    I am also surprised to find myself reacting more and more favorably to the term sissy. I start each evening with your Mantra of Blankness and then transition into Feminine Breasts, Feminine Orgasm Level 1, or Addiction to Makeup. It is really affecting me, releasing many hidden desires. Your voice is always in complete control of me. I know you are changing me, brainwashing me, releasing the girl within.
    Yours completely cm"
  • Author: joanne b
    As You know, your girl has been listening to "Addicted to Makeup" to feed her now undeniable addiction to Your voice. Yesterday, Your girl went into the pharmacy (apothecary?) to purchase some Christmas lights, but somehow, as soon as she walked into the store, she was drawn over to the makeup aisle, where she was suddenly possessed with the need to find a better eyeliner, as she has not been satisfied with the one she most recently used. Your girl walked around the makeup aisle for over half an hour, looking at the different liners and mascaras before she realized that she had come in for lights, and was now hopelessly late to get home. She made her purchases and left quickly, wondering how she could have been so distracted. Hmmmmmm?

    You are so wonderful!