Addicted to Stella (for sissies)

Addicted to Stella (for sissies)

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

This file is for sissies


This file was originally custom-requested by one of my slaves.
All mentions of their personal name have been removed. 


You belong to Me, sissy slave. In mind.. body.. and soul.
You can’t help but diddle your little clitty while listening to My sexy voice. 
And you love harsh denial of your precious orgasms.
obsessed with Me, slave. Addicted to Mistress Stella.

This file contains 13 minutes of absolute addiction to your Mistress

You are entirely consumed by My seductive voice. Nothing else will satisfy your sexual desires. 
I am a true Goddess and you are a lowly slave. You’re simply not worthy.

It doesn’t matter what I talk about. The moment My voice enters your ears… you are fully enslaved. 
The vibrations of My Goddess voice causes your entire body to submit and obey.

You will not masturbate unless I command it. You will not edge unless I allow it.
I have total dominance over your orgasms. Complete control over your sexual arousal.

You will NOT be squirting in this file, sissy slut. You will be denied even the slightest orgasm. 
More denial means more arousal. More arousal means more obedience. More obedience means more addiction.

By the end of this file, you will become a mindless and helpless servant for Me. 
hopelessly addicted slave for Mistress Stella.

  • Addiction to my voice
  • Obsessive feelings towards me
  • Intense arousal
  • Tease and denial
  • Orgasm denial
  • Masturbation-instruction
  • Light small penis humiliation
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Worshipful feelings towards me

13 Minutes

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