Addicted to Trance.

Addicted to Trance.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Addicted…. Addicted…..Addicted to trance…..binding you close to Me as I entrance….take control of your mind, your body, your arousal. Surrender…My words become your words….. My words become your thoughts as you drift…float…drop… As I count down and take you deeper into trance…. your arousal grows stronger with every number I count down…. until your arousal becomes I take control of your orgasm.....trance…pleasure….. give in….give up……

Read journals that subjects have written of their journey deep into hypnosis, deep into My control:


Countdown 20 to 1. Fractionation - Eye open/eye close, Hypnotic suggestions, Hypnotic Trigger Phrases, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Subliminals. Whispered/Erotic ASMR introduction to the recording. Theta Brain wave music. Gender Neutral: suitable for male and female. Length: 46 mins. 

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Customer Reviews

Sissy Monique

This was one of the first files I purchased some time ago but it is so delicious that i often find myself drawn back to it for the pure pleasure of a wonderful descent in the elevator that leads to my arousal and orgasmic pleasure.

Lady Surrender's soft, silky, sultry voice is so erotically arousing and her whispers and multi tracking voices enable me to sink deeper and deeper into deliciously addictive trance allowing me to surrender more and more each time I listen.

Sissy Monique
boden girl

My Lady,

I wanted to share with you the response I had to the Addicted to Trance file I have listened to this morning. It's another consuming file that I found very easy to trance to and once again really enjoyed the depth of trance that I experienced.

The deepening phase of the file was incredible, physically I experienced strong arousal and complete relaxation at the same time. The difficulty I had in opening my eyes as we got to the lower floors was incredible but I had to and I believe it made the trance experience that much deeper.

I have to totally honest in that I am not 100% sure about what conditioning took place, I guess that is a symptom of the deep state I was in. But the surge I felt time and again showed me the easy way my body responds to you.

I will of course be listening to this file a few times as well as the Deepening Hypnosis file as well to move forward with my journey.

Thank you
boden girl

boden girl