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"Addicted to satin and silk"

"Addicted to satin and silk"

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Addicted to Satin & Silk - Loop Recording.

you awake to find that.... you are enveloped and surrounded by satin..... slippery, shiny satin....

Then you become aware of a mysterious woman is in your room.  The mysterious hypnodomme begins to programme you and take control of your fetish for satin & silk.... and all shiny clothing.

She brainwashes , hypnotises you into wearing.... a particular item of male clothing.... satin boxers.


This recording contrinues the process of inscribing My fetishes onto the minds of subjects.... My fetish for satin & silk, My fetish for brainwashing.... also here, I am describing My fetish for brainwashing a slave's mind through forced looping of a hypnosis recording...., and My fetish for orgasm control.....

She loves the feel of satin and silk...shiny slippery clothing  next to Her skin...and you will too...as She inscribes Her fetish for satin & silk...onto your mind.

What will She brainwash, hypnotise you into craving to wear..... while you cum for Her?

Then She brainwashes you and attaches your satiny silky clothing fetish to your need to cum.... .from now on, whenever you wear satin boxers, brainwashed to instantly get hard & crave cumming........ and W/we both know what that means, don't we?..... that's right...explosive orgasms.... cumming hard  for Me.

This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the foundation file :


It is Essential you listen to the Foundation file "Deepening Hypnosis" first as this  file has NO INDUCTION.


Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :  http://www.sissysurrender.com

Copyright  Lady Surrender 2015.


Combined Voice/Erotic Whisper ASMR mp3 recording, Hypnotic Triggers, Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you stroking that cock, addicted to shiny clothing...adicted to satin and silk, conditioning you by attaching your fetish for shiny clothing to your need to cum....and W/we both know what that means, don't we! ...explosive orgasms.......conditioned and programmed to crave satin, silk shiny clothing next to your skin... hypnosis that has you brianwashed to wear  a particular item of male clothing.... made from satin/silk/shiny material.

Erotic ASMR Whispers that slide right past your conscious mind ...and condition, programme....  you to become addicted to satin and silk and all shiny clothing, .... that programme your mind & bodyand  link your shiny clothing fetish... to your orgasms as you cum again ...and again...and addictively again.... to the sound of My voice and My silken whispers.

Layered sound tracks using L & R tracks, some echo effects. NO INDUCTION, No awakening instructions.

24 mins.



Erotic Whispers ASMR $100.00




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Lady Surrender has been capturing unwary minds with Her Erotic Whispers (ASMR) on recordings for the last 9 months…from the time Her first Morning Mantras were recorded and released to Entice and Entrance submissives.

An exclusive track where I whisper…. seductively whisper your name and entice you with My silken whispers.

Instructions for ordering a personalised whisper track are at the link above.


Copyright:  http://www.hypnosurrender.com


Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com

Copyright  Lady Surrender 2015.

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  • Author: Bill
    oh Mistress
    this file totally captured me mind and body and soul. i have always had an addiction for satin. i have stroked my cock with it so many times. i have never allowed the urge to give in to it hypnotically to happen since i have old fears of sissification.
    i cannot resist this file. i will surrender my mind to you. i cannot fight this file.
    your voice is so perfect. you have no idea what it did to me.
    even your sighs. oh my i am captured.

    you finally have captured my mind hook line and sinker with this new file. it takes every memory of stroking and feeling satin that i possess and took them into your control. i could not resist your voice and the thought of stroking my cock for you. surrendering to you. letting you take my mind into satin addiction. what happens next? i haven't a clue. i really must get some satin boxers. you have finally caught me and my mind.