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Amazonian Goddess - Adoration.

Amazonian Goddess - Adoration.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Amazonian Queen – Adoration.

I am your Amazonian Queen.... huntress, warrior Queen & Goddess of Love.

I am hunting for more slaves... hunting you by day and night. I am coming to claim you...  Enslave you. My new-found slave... I see you kneeling and begging to be allowed to adore My breasts...

your Amazonian Queen loves Her breasts being adored. Latch on and suckle...and as you latch on.... drinking in My Goddess essence. Suckling... and becoming so submissive.... Suckling and falling in love with your Goddess.

No Induction. 

Use the FREE Surrender Loop mp3.


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Breast hypnosis, Love hypnosis, hypnotic slavery, Erotic Whispers (ASMR), L & R tracks, Goddess worship, slave training, loop recording, deepening hypnosis trigger, orgasm command, mindless obedience, subconscious conditioning, mental reprogramming, amnesia, mental looping, no awakener,  hypnotic programming from your Goddess.

Length : 32 mins

Available for Personalisation.

Erotic Whispers ASMR $200.00

Add an exclusive Erotic Whisper (ASMR) track to a recording you purchase.... capturing your unwary mind with Her Erotic Whispers.....

See Details page. 

The first in My new “Amazonian Queen” series.

Captured, Helpless and Adoring.

Copyright : Lady Surrender

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  • Author: mike
    With Her hypnotic powers Mistress Surrender takes you on a journey where you will feel, and visualize the Amazonian Goddess's perfect breasts! Latching on and suckling. you will become instantly addicted. need i say more...?
  • Author: submissive m
    It really is a beautiful trance that gave me a sense of helplessness and vulnerability I really have never experienced before this file. The way I recalled latching on gave me this feeling of not only arousal but safety... peace... love... and eroticism mixed into one moment... I felt as helpless as an infant but fully adult from how aroused Your voice was and suckling it was ... just the depth of Your trance was incredible and the sense of tranquility and arousal that comes from surrendering while suckling and latching was so intense and a feeing I have never experienced ... it truly felt like a spell... I felt tingles in places I never felt tingles before and I think because the session felt so ... intimate I think is the word... I loved it, absolutely loved the file.