Amethyst Intoxication

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I will hold you very close from behind, and have you smell my softly scented perfume, which you will find that it's making you very drowsy. Maybe I've added something special to my perfume to create the drowsy sensation (wink). You will come in and out of sleep, waking up to find yourself either naked, tied up, or in a different spot in the room.

We will also be experimenting with a special kind of cigarette, called "Cock Tantalizers". They will expand your erection to a much larger size, and magnify the sensations of arousal. I will blow this sweetly scented smoke directly onto your cock, and in your face. Your cock will also start to pulse and throb, similar to a vibrator, so of course, I will be tempted to try that out for my pleasure. I will also try out a special liquid that will put you to sleep - just enough to put you to sleep. But trust me, this will be very erotic, and you will receive a lot of pleasure from the experience.

Then we will try out one of my fetishes: Watching a man masturbate in front of me.I will guide you through masturbation, while whispering sexy words in your ear and holding you close from behind. I will also be whispering you a trigger word, which I will use to make you orgasm upon my command. Mmmm, it's such a delicious recording! Enjoy!!

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Fetishes: Smoking;  Masturbation


A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst
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