Amethyst Kisses - Cracking your Resistance


Each kiss tears down your resistance


If you LOVE Amethyst Kisses,



Imagine yourself blindfolded, hands bound, and legs tied to the chair.  Mmm  Now add Mistress Amethyst covering you with kisses.  Each kiss melting away any resistance you might have been keeping a secret.

Then add in a little game - Mistress Amethyst is going to kiss that cock to see if you can resist and ask Her to stop.  LOL  Ahhh, being set up for failure in this way is soooo much fun.  In fact, handing over the control to your Mistress is quite orgasmic.

Now stop imagining this fantasy and go download it NOW to EXPERIENCE it. 

Yes boys, I'm coming for you!

Features:  blowjob fantasy!  Layered voice tracks, light BDSM;  37 Minutes

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Amethyst
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