Amethyst Mind Fuck

Amethyst Mind Fuck

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst


You've come to My office for additional Relaxation Therapy.  You soon learn, that I've been programming & playing with your mind in an unexpected way this entire time. 

Fucking your mind deeply with My programming.... in... and out.  I will be working with a couple of new triggers on you, and testing them out.  In the process, you will be teased, denied, played with, and taunted.  My wicked sense of fun is both tortuous, and exhilarating all at the same time while I fuck your mind.... and fuck WITH your mind.

Features:  Fantasy Role Play;  Triggers;  Tease / Denial;  Masturbation; 

Gender specific for men.  


40 Min MP3 

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews


This file is aptly named because that is what Mistress Amethyst does in this file. She seriously fucks with your mind. An alternate title could be “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”. This file covers: a wicked therapist, brainwashing, slave training, bondage, edging, joi, tease, denial, post trancetic suggestions and general mind-fuckery. If any of those things interest you then read on.

It starts by going to a therapist for some relaxation training. And she does a great job with that. She spends a lot of time on the induction and the deepening. She gets you into a very receptive, deep and suggestive state. And then the fun starts. It turns out she has been training you for some time to obey her triggers. Her real purpose is to turn you into her submissive slave. She then proceeds with the slave training and implanting triggers. The most interesting trigger is to bind your wrists with purple bindings. She uses this trigger intermittently while she does some serious joi, tease and denial. The kind of teasing that leaves you whimpering and begging. Mistress Amethyst is a world class tease.

Does she let you cum? Not going to say. I will let that be a surprise. I will say this. I love tease and denial sessions where part of you is begging to cum and part of you is begging to keep going. This file did not disappoint.

Like I said before there is a lot going on in this file. I think it is a testament to Mistress Amethyst’s script writing ability that all the elements flow together seamlessly. It has a very natural flow to it. This is one of her best scripts.

I really liked this file. It left me whimpering like a puppy and ready for a return visit for some more “therapy”. Thank you Mistress Amethyst.