Amethyst Whispers "Touch Yourself"

An entire session filled with whispers. I will whisper you into a gentle relaxation, followed trancetic programming to build your arousal and touch yourself.

It's not guided masturbation... it's far more subtle and gentle. Just lay back, and let the arousal slowly build until you find that you're wanting to Touch Yourself!

Features: Relaxation; trancetic programming; Gender Neutral

32 Min MP3

Testimonials for Whispers - Touch Yourself
 "Amethyst has one of the sexiest and erotic voices I have ever heard! Her Whispers create the picture of you laying in the bed with her beside you whispering seductively into your ear. She slowly takes you into a wonderfully erotic trance which leads to touching and playing sexual. It is impossible to resist the process and I found myself willing to do almost anything she suggested by the end which includes listening again. Be prepared to fall in love with this seductive lady!"   - spellbound     
"Imagine the most beautifully seductive voice there is, whispering in your ear. Guiding you to deep relaxing surrender. There is no choice but to succumb to the magical voice that is Mistress Amethyst. Amethyst slowly coaxes you into exploring your own body and sensations. She allows you to touch yourself and pleasure yourself but not to fast and not too hard. She builds the desire and her sexy voice just oozes sensuality, leaving you with no choice but to follow her commands and the end is inevitable. I love being seduced by the soft Amethyst whispers.  Pros: Such a sexy sensuous voice! Resistance is impossible. Both men and women will easily succumb to the lusciousness that is Mistress Amethyst."- mark
"Amethyst’s lovely, seductive voice blows your mind in Her Whispers - Touch Yourself trancetic masterpiece! No man or woman can resist Her voice’s siren call in this highly erotic work of trancetic art. No one should deny themselves the pleasure of Amethyst’s trancetic skill & sexy seduction! Let Amethyst relax your mind with Her trancetic Whispers & let Her coax you to excite your body while She stokes your erotic desires with Her sexy voice in this gender neutral masterpiece!Pros: Amethyst's lovely, sexy voice is so trancetic! Amethyst exhales eroticism with every breath! Each word She speaks strokes your mind in the most pleasurable way!"  - andy
A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst
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