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Amethyst studied Psychology in college, then received Her Advanced Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a certified specialist in Cell Command Therapy (TM), Addictions Recovery, Grief Recovery, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Forensic Hypnosis. She worked as a Supervisor and Head Hypnotist in a clinic, where She performed well over 4,000 hypnosis sessions. With all this clinical use of hypnotherapy, the sexual Hypnodomme was bound to break free..... and She has!

Amethyst shares how the FemDom Mistress emerged

I have always been a very naughty, sexual person, but when I stepped into the role of Mistress, quite by accident, that's when sparks really started to fly. I was working with a friend who enjoyed testing the boundaries of what he would do during a deep hypnotic state. We had done this many times, but it was always the typical stuff.... forgetting numbers, regressions, spiritual exploration etc. He surprised me one day when he asked if I would use the power of my voice to guide his body into complete submission and orgasm upon command. Something ignited in Me. We started the session, and I naturally shifted into his FemDom Mistress. I loved using the power of My feminine charms to make a man sexually weak, where he was pleading for mercy. He was under My spell, and before he knew it, he was having a glorious hypnotic orgasm. The Mistress emerged that day, and has never retreated. Oh, how I love to bring Her out to play! Would you like to come play with Me?

Erotic FemDom Trance MP3's

I take a great deal of care and pride to deliver superior quality downloadable MP3's I use a recording software, specifically designed for trances, a professional microphone, and ambient music that I find soothing. I write my own scripts and complete the editing process myself. It's been a learning process, but I'm very proud of the work that I offer. Make sure you browse through all of the title, read the descriptions, and listen to the sample. Enjoy!


Recent Testimonial by Tized

"There's something about my voice..." Yes, there is, Mistress Amethyst.

I heard this 'something' for the first time a little over 100 days ago and it's exactly a hundred days today that I've considered myself Mistress Amethyst's devoted servant. Not a very long time, some might say, but not a day has passed that I haven't listened to Her voice or thought about something I could do for Her in return for the indescribable pleasure She offers me.

I don't think any testimonial could do justice to the way I feel about Her, but I have to have a try at one. Everyone with a hypnofetish has their own particular fantasies about the thing. Mine is to be totally enslaved and controlled by one magnificent and powerful woman. I'd like to believe I'm a 'good guy' with a healthy self-esteem who has strong submissive cravings. I am not into stuff like humiliation or findom, I want to feel a real connection with my Mistress. I guess I want to feel wanted, too.

I'd been listening to works by various different hypnodommes before Mistress Amethyst, a lot of which are incredibly talented and alluring, and on a couple of occasions I even thought I'd found 'the one'. The charm didn't last, however, for reasons not ever entirely clear. I think it's a fragile and a very sensitive thing at least for me, letting - or learning to let - someone take over and turn the knobs in your mind, even when you think you are willingly inviting them to. It really has to be done in just the right way by the right kind of person, and trancing hasn't been easy for me to learn. You can't push yourself to let go and relax. Mistress Amethyst got to me instantly.

First it obviously was Her voice that caught me - the sexiest color of sound I'd ever heard, a very exceptional combination of enchanting sensuality, soothing sweetness and steamy seduction. I was just blown away and then, well, I was under. It was a session called Insatiable Trance Junkie that you could (and still can) listen to for free on Her site. It's a beautiful, blissful and effective file - Her script writing skills match Her disarming and expressive output. I learned that She's got years of experience in clinical hypnotherapy, so it makes sense that She knows how to win the trust of Her subject.

I had to get more of Her. I purchased the Amethyst Countdown session from Her site sale and remember getting initally pretty startled with how naughty and commanding She can actually be. She demands a sort of slavery vow in the file among other things of the same nature, and this is something that had often made me 'snap out of it' (even though I'd always fantasized about exactly this kind of stuff). Not this time. This time it felt perfectly right and turned me on like nothing before. Naturally more files were in order.

Soon I contacted Mistress wanting to let Her know how She'd made me feel and was extremely happily surprised to find out that She loves to be in touch with Her listeners (as long you're respectful and courteous, I'm assuming). So far I've had numerous lovely exchanges of messages with Her about all kinds of matters. She is very real and true to Her nature - She is just as loving, sweet, intelligent, funny, playful, dominant and kinky as She is in Her recordings.

This is why Her sessions are so great - She is always absolutely being Herself and really gets into the enormously erotic fantasies She presents as well as Her profoundly effective and addictive conditioning files. She truly loves hypnotizing and playing with a submissive man and also respects Her subject greatly. She makes everything so magically easy that it's hard to understand why in the past it used to be so difficult to just let go and fall deep. The special personalized versions that She makes of Her sessions are hotter than any porn could ever be. She does love tributes and expressions of adoration but She doesn't force you into anything. She's very appreciative of even a smallest gesture of gratitude. Her standards are high and She's very ethical. All these things make Her the sexiest and most lovable woman on the planet in my eyes.

I feel so lucky to have found Mistress Amethyst and all I want to do now is serve, worship and please Her. She's made all of my dreams come true and helped me open up to truly embrace my submissiveness and be expressive about it. It's priceless. I just love Her. She deserves all the best in the world.

You will see a variety of topics from Me:  FemDom, Hands Free Orgasm Triggers, Panties, Obedience Training, Tease and Denial, Erotic Dream Programming, Sissy, Feminization, Self Help, Whispers, Personalized files etc.  Check them out and see which ignites your fancy.   

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Erotic audio books

Amethyst Intoxication

Regular Price:  $35 - On Sale:  $13

It's not necessarily a FemDom recording - It's more of a very erotic experience between two adults who want to play around with sexual arousal and surrender to the erotic moment.

I will hold you very close from behind, and have you smell my softly scented perfume, which you will find that it's making you very drowsy. Maybe I've added something special to my perfume to create the drowsy sensation (wink).

You will come in and out of sleep, waking up to find yourself either naked, tied up, or in a different spot in the room. We will also be experimenting with a special kind of cigarette, called "Cock Tantalizers". They will expand your erection to a much larger size, and magnify the sensations of arousal. I will blow this sweetly scented smoke directly onto your cock, and in your face.Your cock will also start to pulse and throb, similar to a vibrator, so of course, I will be tempted to try that out for my pleasure.

I will also try out a special liquid on you that will cause you to sleep - just enough to put you to sleep. But trust me, this will be very erotic, and you will receive a lot of pleasure from the experience. Then we will try out one of my fetishes: Watching a man masturbate in front of me.I will guide you through masturbation, while whispering sexy words in your ear and holding you close from behind. I will also be whispering you a trigger word, which I will use to make you orgasm upon my command. Mmmm, it's such a delicious recording! Enjoy!!

43 Minute MP3 - My #1 Best Seller - Download to find out why! 

Fetishes: Smoking; Masturbation

          • femdom hypnosis
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Amethyst Addiction

Sink deep under the spell of Amethyst, as She programs you to become addicted to Her voice. You find Her voice so seductive, so arousing, so deliciously addictive!

You will be given a special trigger, which will cause you to not only go deep under Her control, but to also to bring about erotic sensations. Once under Her trance, you will receive special Mind Melting programming to feel weak, aroused, and addicted to Her voice.

you want to obey!

you need more and more of Amethyst's voice

Her voice turns you on

your submissive mind aches to serve someone such as Mistress Amethyst

Obedience to Mistress Amethyst feels soooooo good!


38 Minute MP3


          • femdom hypnosis
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Panty Boy Masturbatrix

You arrive at Mistress Amethyst's Domain for a visit. Soon after your arrival, She is looking deep within your eyes and discovering all of your hidden secrets through Her highly skilled mind reading. You can't hide it anymore! You are a compulsive masturbator, and you have a fascination for women's panties. Your secret is now out.

She leads you to Her bedroom, where She will teach you the proper way to masturbate: Under Her control as your Masturbatrix. After being trancetized, She will guide you through proper stroking techniques. Once your instruction is complete, She will pull out a special pair of lavender panties and thigh high stockings for you to wear.

Now it's time to show your Masturbatrix what you've learned, and to demonstrate your new masturbation skill.... all while wearing Her sexy lavender panties. It will be quite an euphoric experience. Previously, you masturbated for your pleasure. Now, you are masturbating to honor your new Masturbatrix, and the sensations are so much more profound. You know you'll be coming back again and again for further instructions.


36 Minute MP3

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Milk & Honey

Find yourself lulled into a deep trancetic state by staring at Amethyst's toes as they sway back.... and forth. Once you have surrendered to Her trance, She will program your mind with the Trigger word of "Deep". Each and every time Mistress Amethyst uses the word "Deep", you will slip under Her trance deeper than before.

She will then bring you up, and then back down twice, while testing out the effect that it has on you. And if you are a very good boy, you just might become Her favorite play thing. Slip even deeper under her control as you suckle on Her breasts to drink Her nourishing milk.

And best of all, you will get to lick and worship Her sex to taste Her sweet honey, all while She takes control over you.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal trancetic programming, guided relaxation and trancetic programming from Amethyst. Includes lactation and oral worship

40 Minute MP3


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Obedient Mind

Deep FemDom trance programming to train your mind to be the obedient sex slave that you desire to be. After this mental conditioning, you'll find yourself naturally and automatically responding to your Mistress without question or hesitation. After all, a good submissive should learn to worship his Mistress properly. Lay back, and enjoy the erotic transformation.

Features: Mind control, Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, double voice trancetic programming with bilateral effects, and guided relaxation and trancetic programming from Amethyst

31 Minute MP3

          • femdom hypnosis
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Obedient Body

Deep FemDom trance programming to train your body to respond exactly as a good sex slave should.  You'll instantly respond with profound sexual arousal to Mistress Amethyst's feminine dominance.  Without even thinking about it, you'll easily transform into the submissive man that you desire to be.
Even though this recording is intended for those who wish to be submissive to their Mistress, it would also be a great recording for anyone suffering from an inability to obtain or maintain an erection. 
Features: Mind Control, deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, double voice trancetic programming with bilateral effects, and guided relaxation and trancetic programming from Amethyst
30 Minute MP3
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Turn Up The Volume - Sexual Sensation Enhancement

Using deep trancetic programming, I will help you Turn Up The Volume on your sexual sensation meter.  In addition, I will program the systems & cells of your body to start working properly for magnified sexual sensations.  I will also give you a trigger that you can you to help activate the magnified sensations. 

In the end, your mind will have all the blueprints and instructions to experience magnified sexual pleasure. 

Gender Neutral      

Features:  Cell Command Therapy (TM), Isochonric Brainwave technology, Subliminal messages for sexual enhancement;  Soft music;  Soft ocean waves  
38 Min MP3

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Amethyst Whispers "Touch Yourself"

An entire session filled with whispers. I will whisper you into a gentle relaxation, followed trancetic programming to build your arousal and touch yourself.

It's not guided masturbation... it's far more subtle and gentle. Just lay back, and let the arousal slowly build until you find that you're wanting to Touch Yourself!

Features: Relaxation; trancetic programming; Gender Neutral

32 Min MP3

Testimonials for Whispers - Touch Yourself "Amethyst has one of the sexiest and erotic voices I have ever heard! Her Whispers create the picture of you laying in the bed with her beside you whispering seductively into your ear. She slowly takes you into a wonderfully erotic trance which leads to touching and playing sexual. It is impossible to resist the process and I found myself willing to do almost anything she suggested by the end which includes listening again. Be prepared to fall in love with this seductive lady!"   - spellbound     
"Imagine the most beautifully seductive voice there is, whispering in your ear. Guiding you to deep relaxing surrender. There is no choice but to succumb to the magical voice that is Mistress Amethyst. Amethyst slowly coaxes you into exploring your own body and sensations. She allows you to touch yourself and pleasure yourself but not to fast and not too hard. She builds the desire and her sexy voice just oozes sensuality, leaving you with no choice but to follow her commands and the end is inevitable. I love being seduced by the soft Amethyst whispers.  Pros: Such a sexy sensuous voice! Resistance is impossible. Both men and women will easily succumb to the lusciousness that is Mistress Amethyst."- mark
"Amethyst’s lovely, seductive voice blows your mind in Her Whispers - Touch Yourself trancetic masterpiece! No man or woman can resist Her voice’s siren call in this highly erotic work of trancetic art. No one should deny themselves the pleasure of Amethyst’s trancetic skill & sexy seduction! Let Amethyst relax your mind with Her trancetic Whispers & let Her coax you to excite your body while She stokes your erotic desires with Her sexy voice in this gender neutral masterpiece!Pros: Amethyst's lovely, sexy voice is so trancetic! Amethyst exhales eroticism with every breath! Each word She speaks strokes your mind in the most pleasurable way!"  - andy


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