Amnesia MindTrap

Amnesia MindTrap

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

My words fall down on you, like rain, soaking deeply into your subconscious mind, as I am scratching on your brain with My finger nails, turning the screws of your submission, tighter to My will, leaving you, under My powerful, hypnotic, erotic control.

I first lull you into a sleepy, dreamy hypnotic state, and then I drop you even deeper with a finger snap and a trigger. I bombard you from all sides, brainwashing you to be my mindless slut puppet. I will have you so hot and horny you will positively be writhing under my powerful control, with just the snap of My finger … but, will you even remember what I have done to you? You may feel the compulsive need to listen again, and again, in the hope of discovering where these euphoric feelings originated. That’s it, dive into My pool of forgetfulness, and I will wring you out, again and again. Listen, forget, repeat. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Length: 30 Minutes

CONTAINS: Brain Washing, Mind Control, Light Humiliation, Amnesia, HFO, Induction, Deepener, Awakener, Hypnotic Triggers, Finger Snaps, Multi-Layered Voice and Whispers, Background Music. NO Feminization.

TESTIMONIAL: One of the most powerful recordings you will listen to this year! I don’t know how you conceived the structure, but it is brilliant!

The sounds were like a concentration camp brainwashing at first. By the end of it I was hardly aware of the sounds. I was just aware of the power of Your voice.

Pure dominance. The Power of Your voice. I didn’t even expect it to be sexy, just hypnotic, but I was crazy horny by the end of it. I am sure this is the most addictive file I have ever heard.

I feel like I have been run over by a tank and liked it so much I want to get run over every day. I am really your bimbo brain slut puppet right now, I would rather just respond to Your commands than think.

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Customer Reviews

Odysseus Sixed

Thank You Enchantress for this amazing, habit forming brainwash. I feel like You flipped the red queen on me and I am a zombie ready to perform any degrading evil act at the snap of Your fingers.

Odysseus Sixed