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Anu Morrigan-english
I am Anu Morrigan Hypnotrix, Soul, Heart and voice of Hypnogasmus.
My mind is as sharp as my empathy is deep. And this combination is absolutely unique. That is, why I am able to produce the most arousing and erotic hypnosis.
Distilled through my voice and a mic, these hypnosis find their way through your ears in your subconscious mind and will change your life forever.
I am THE voice, I am THE hypnotrix, I am anything you've ever needed and you've  ever desired.
Your fetish is in as good hands as your most secret desire.
Thanks to my ability to bring all thoughts and feeelings into the rights words, even if you leave a lot unsaid, my hypnosis will complete you and your lust. 
Erotic is my lifeblood and it is my greatest pleasure to lead you into my world. Wether  you prefer the softer tones, or the harder ones, wether  you like to be owned, or  you want to become a free soul, whatever you are, you want to be or will be - I am your lover, your mistress, your desire, your dream, your abyss, your paradise, your devil, your angel, your craving.
I've always been a part of yourself.
Join my world!

Four Elements of Sex FREE Listening (Audio Books)

About this item:

Four Elements of Sex: Listen for FREE

This free erotic hypnosis will teach you, how I see the stunning beauty, called mother Earth. I see sexual energy and erotic everywhere and in all elements. I lead you to a place where you come in contact with a masturbatinf fire witch, earthly gnomes celebrating a wild orgy, airy fairies that caress you and your dick and with me, daughter of the waves, queen of your unconcious mind. I will let you taste my own sexual energy, as I suck you and fuck you until we both come in an explosive hypnotic orgasm. 
This hypnosis contains no femdom, no hidden or obvious trigger  - it's just made for your enjoyment and arousal. 
42 Minuten




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Alien Control

Have you ever dreamed about being hypnotized and controlled by an alien presence? Well, this is not a dream anymore. My alien personality is too strong for you little earthling. My "Love Neurons" will overwrite your former personality and will form a whole new person. An obedient person, that loves to obey and obeys to beloved by me, his alien goddess. But I can do more than just take over the control over your mind. I show you how it feels to be totally addicted to an alien presence like me. And I demonstrate a glimpse of my real power, by switching your sexual pleasure from your genitals into another spot on your body. Just enjoy to fall into me without even a little chance to resist me and my sweet and sudctive voice. You will never get enough of this entrancing recording. Say goodbye to your old Ego and be prepared to meet a whole new personality from out of space. Thrilling and sexy as hell 39 minutes

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Blown Away

One of the most popular hypnosis by Anu Morrigan finally arrived in an English Version. Blown Away is an erotic hypnosis, that links your adoration for my breasts with a very special blowjob. I invite you into a cozy room with a massage bed on which I fixate you with ropes. So you can't run away, boy. While I arouse you more and more by presenting you my tits and nipples, I call my beautyfulassistant, who has a very special talent. I command you to focus on my tits and to stare at them, while my assistant turns you only by breathing on your cock. I know what kind of man you are and I know what you want. Maybe I also allow you to suck on my nippels. My assistant breathes and blows you into the horniest arousal and together we will bring you a hypnotic orgasm that you won't forget. When you already have been a fan of my tits, you will become even more addicted to them. But also for new fans of my big, Please recognize: I am not a native speaker. I have got a German accent, as you can hear in the preview. Let me turn you on even more with this. 60 Minutes

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Four Elements of Sex
This free erotic hypnosis will teach you, how I see the stunning beauty, called mother Earth. I see sexual energy and erotic everywhere and in all elements. I lead you to a place where you come in contact with a masturbatinf fire witch, earthly gnomes celebrating a wild orgy, airy fairies that caress you and your dick and with me, daughter of the waves, queen of your unconcious mind. I will let you taste my own sexual energy, as I suck you and fuck you until we both come in an explosive hypnotic orgasm.
This hypnosis contains no femdom, no hidden or obvious trigger - it's just made for your enjoyment and arousal.
42 Minuten
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Handsfree Orgasm

This erotic hypnosis turns you on little by little, until you reach the point you can't resist to burst in a gigantic explosion of lust. After a wunderful relaxation I show you my magic tonic. One drop onto your dick is enough to cause waves of arousal and hornines, that make you shiver of pleasure and turn you on twice as much as you were before. The woman of your dreams stands next to you and treats your cock with those drops, while she is telling you horny things and accompanies you on your way into the handfree orgasm This erotic hypnosis does not contain any femdom or BDSM and no posthypnotic triggers. It just invites you to relax to let loose and to enjoy. 51 minutes

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Jerk Puppet
An erotic hypnosis for men, women and couples, that love to love themselves.
This recording lets you become a mindless jerkpuppet. You think you could let your fingers off of yourself, when I say "masturbate for me!"? Well, thats just a fallacy.
I'll lead you into the mysterious realm of Onania and will install a magic word inside od you. Whenever you'll hear or read this word, you can't help, but play with yourself.
Of course this word is not an allday word, but you can give it to someone you want to confide your lust.
Embark on this adventure, without thinking too much. Let this erotic hypnosis have an impact on you without fighting back.
Insist on the pleasure to listen to this recording with deep relaxation, because then it will have the best impact on you.
Onania is hard to understand and it is hardly possible to remember your visit, but it will leave deep traces inside of you und transform you into a horny Jerkpuppet.
58 minutes
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Queen of the Latexvampires

Meet the Queen of the Latexvampires and get seduced by her.

Have you ever dreamt about getting kissed by a mysterious dark vampire queen? Mhhh yes, you may know this fantasy. Vampires always fascinated the people in very different countries and cultures. They are not only mysterious and powerful, but also beautiful and a part of uncountable myth and legends. They represent endless love but also the cold kiss of death.

Today I invite you to meet a very special kind of vampires. Vampires, that do not only drink your juice, but also inject something into you… something that brings you a great arousal and that turns you into one of their kind… a Latex Vampire.

You are about to meet the Queen of the Latexvampires and I know even now, that you won’t be able to resist her seductive charme.

48 Minutes
Background music, binaural and isochronic Tones, Heartbeat, Subliminals, additional Layers, Whispering, Soundeffects, posthypnotic Trigger

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Sexual Journey with Anu

This erotic hypnosis offers you an unique opportunity. You already want it for such a long time, don't you? You crave to feel me... I know your desire better than you do. I will seduce you, cause I decided, that you are allowed to convince me of your quality as a lover. I will take what you are able to give to me and you know as well as I do, that I am never content just with your body alone. Anu always wants everything. And – whatever Anu wants, Anu gets. You will experience, what it means to sleep with me, what it means, when I control your desire, what it means, when I say a simple word like „Now“. Yes, even such a simple word can drive you crazy with pleasure, because I say it and because I want it like this. And I get whatever I want. I show you my touchable side, I am so female like never before, a woman that knows how to provide greatest pleasure to you and to myself. This script was developed for me by the great american hypnotiseur Richard Anthony.

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Sexy Stepmother
The induction of this erotic hypnosis will transform you into your 18 years old ego. You are a boy at the age of 18 both physically and mentaly.
The hypnosis itself tells you the story of your 18 years old Ego and your stepmom. You remember the extraordinary arousal you felt, when you secretly watched your dad fucking her, while you were jerking off. You are not to blame for she is just too dammned sexy.
You are bursting from sexual energy and that is why you are drawn to her drawer with her sexy underwear.You abuse her panties to rub you dick and to get horny by her bras and stockings.
And in just this situation you get caught by her. A moment ago it was so horny to rub your dick at one of her panties and now she is standing right in front of you, staring at your hardon, threaten you to tell your dad about it...
Luckily, she is quite nymphomanic and so you can manage a deal with her. First of all you lick her pussy and then fuck her hard and from behind. From now on you will care about her sexual desires, whenever your dad is on a business trip. If you give your best, she will not talk about the panty thing with your dad and will teach you all there is to know about sex.
This erotic hypnosis is damn hot and does not hold back the details. It's going to make you so horny, that you just have to jerk off after I released you from the trance.
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Superman's Kryptonite
This sensual hypnosis helps you to remember how to be a true superhero.  With a profund brainwash your power will be recharged again and you won't be able to remeber how it felt, when you had forgotten to be a hero. Well, that isn't important at all, the only important thing is, that your memory is back now. From now on you only need to think a certain word to find back to your power. 
If there is a twist? Welllll..... maybe a very tiny one. You know, every Superman got his Kryptonite and yours - is me I've got a codeword, that makes you small and weak, humble and obediant. But only, if I say or write it to you. And why should I do so, as long as you don't give me a reason?
43 Minutes
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Sweet Dreams English Version - erotic Hypnosis for a good Sleep

Today is one of those nasty evenings when you toss and turn sleeplessly in bed and your thoughts spiral in your head? Or you would like to listen to me , simply because it is just comfortable, falling asleep with my voice in your ear ? Both and all of the other possibilities are perfectly ok for me and I am just happy that you want to spend a little time with me . I will lull you gently , and bring you into a deep sleep . Maybe you already relaxed with me one or more times . Usually my recordings are quite sexy and erotic and this time I do not want to completely relinquish the aspect, to give you a small sensual kick to take with you into your dreams. Let me be your sandman today. I want to give you erotic dreams tonight and am curious how these will look like and whether you can still remember them if you wake up tomorrow completely relaxed and totally refreshed. By the way this little trance is suitable for all gender for men, as well as for women or anything in between . 45 minutes background music, isocronic and binaural tones, addition layers, sound effects, sensual moaning,

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The Haremsladies Feet

You are visiting me in my secret harem, caress my feet, massage them, lick them, you let my feet feed you and you enjoy  the dance of my haremgirls together with me. And after dancing, they will give you a terrific orgasm with their feet.

Feet, toes, yes.. doesn’t  it sound wonderful for you. Come and see me in a wonderful harem and let yourself be spoiled by  me and my dancers. My feet, they caress you, touch you, make you crazy, you can taste them , smell them, see them dancing around you, you will be seduced and deeply aroused.

No part of a womans body  makes  you so horny, so immensely aroused, such as the wonderful toes and feet  . Nothing is more adorable  and deserves more attention.  This recording  is there to give you a time full of joy and full of sensuality. My feet and those of my  dancers circulate around you  and you are a  guest in the harem of  goddess Kali, a  guest in paradies. Let me make you very happy.  

I invite you   to totally relax. Nothing will harm you, you will awake as a free man from the trance,  but will be a little richer, cause you will have gained a wonderful experience.

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The Lovegarden

Brainfuck at it's Best! Fall in Love with my voice - an unusual hypnosis, that makes you addicted to me.

Today you are listening to me because of a very special reason . You are going to experience high emotional moments in this recording. the trance leads you to a place of pure love, of affection, and of good feelings . The journey to this place is an event in itself - a trip into universe, that fills up your chakras and fulfills you with great arousal.
We meet in my garden and you will indulge in these feelings , that I am going to give you , Furthermore I 'm going to give you an arousal there, that comes deep within your heart and you have not experienced before . This trance , you can almost call it tantric , lets you ride on waves of bliss and opens your heart widely to me . But beware , as beautyful as it is , it does more , it makes you addicted to me , my voice, my love and the arousal that only I can give you. are you ready for this little game with the fire? yes, now that should be rewarded. at the end of the trance I will leave you with a hypnotic orgasm .

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