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Assessment Interview leading to Live Hypnosis Session

Assessment Interview leading to Live Hypnosis Session

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Assessment Interview leading to a Love one on One Hypnosis session via Skype Voice.

Once you have purchased the Live session I will arrange to hold an assessment interview with you. An assessment interview is an opportunity to answer your questions, and to assess the factors I need to include in the erotic hypnosis session. It is also an opportunity to spend time, gaining a sense of who I am, and how I work with hypnosis and as a Domme. The process of establishing trust and communication is essential to the hypnotherapist/subject relationship and the assessment interview allows those processes to begin. The assessment interview lasts between 20-30 mins.
The assessment interview is part of the Live Session and there is no cost for the assessment interview if you have paid for a session in advance. If you have not purchased a Live Session and wish to talk to Me, then a part charge of $50 for the assessment interview is payable. This part charge is then deducted from the full cost of the Live Session, once you proceed with a Live Session.  During the interview, I will let you know how many sessions it will take to accomplish your goal.

Sessions are available NZ days Friday to Monday inclusive from 1pm onwards.

Please note: days and times are New Zealand time/days. New Zealand is at least 11 hours ahead of England, USA and Europe. Please check a world clock for exact time differences. I am sometimes available outside those times.

I offer real time, live erotic hypnosis sessions which last  approx 1 hour and 20 mins  via Skype Voice . Please note: you are welcome to appear on web cam. I don’t appear on web cam.

These are true hypnosis sessions expertly customized for your very specific deep desires. As a pro-Domme, I expect tribute for My time and skills. Details of Session days and times I am available, may be viewed at FAQ. Outside those days/times, please email to arrange an alternative day/time. Should you be interested in talking further regarding surrendering to your innermost desires, please fill out my Contact Form.

I may also be contacted on Yahoo email “mistress.commands@yahoo.com”. I will then arrange to talk with you on Skype Voice  to answer any questions, and to assess your suitability for erotic hypnosis. My YM email is: mistress.commands@yahoo.com.



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  • Author: submissive m
    Review from submissive m of his 2nd Live One-on-One Session:
    Phone call with Lady Surrender Report!
    This is an account of my 2nd phone call with Lady Surrender. Before I begin I would like to just give a bit of background about myself. i am submisisve m and i have been involved with hypnosis for a number of years. More than a decade now. I have listened to a numerous amount of files and have enjoyed them all to varying degrees. I use hypnosis as a way to find out something about myself. How deep can i truly go? I don’t know, and I want to. Every file I listen to, every session I trance to… I try to find an answer to that question.
    I started speaking to Lady Surrender a little more than a month ago. It’s been a short span of time but I have greatly enjoyed her work and our conversations. Her mantra files have become sessions I listen to often just because they are so enjoyable. When I was able to I did a phone session with Lady Surrender as soon as I could. mp3 files are very enjoyable… but live calls are really much more intimate and intense. Here is what I remember from my call. Maybe this will interest some of you into trying a call soon as well.
    My Skype call started out horribly. Couldn’t get Skype to work. If a Dominant tells you to call her and you are late fumbling with a phone… that could be a bad start. Not for Lady Surrender. We ended up making a small joke about it and she kept going like nothing happened. I was so happy about that. She is so easy to talk to.
    After a bit of conversation, we got ready for the hypnosis session. I closed my eyes and laid in bed. Now I am going to say something that may get you thinking “this guy is pretending” … “he’s playing around..” when in fact i am not. At least 35 minutes of this induction I have no memory of it happening. I may be fuzzy on the time. I know I heard Lady Surrender ask me to close my eyes. I’m thinking back to the beginning of the call. I remember coming out of trance. That’s it. No memory. This amazes me. I have listened to hypnosis with amnesia triggers quite often. Inevitably even when told to not remember…. i still remember parts of the trances. With Lady Surrender… I truly do not. It thrilled me that i was speaking with someone who could exhibit this type of control. In recordings it feels sometimes like I am pretending to make the amnesia work. With Lady Surrender … no it isn’t pretending… i love the fact she can to with my mind so easily.
    After the induction we talked for a bit more. Then with just a word she drops me right back into trance. Then brings me back up. We talk a bit more. She drops me again, then brings me back up. I have to say every time I get brought back up… i feel… literally feel like i am a toy. I felt powerless. Then aroused. REALLY AROUSED. I was given triggers. I am not sure when they were given. I didn’t need to think about that. My brain heard the words and my body just reacted. No thinking on my part at all. I was too wrapped up in Her words to apply logic to this. One set of triggers aroused me and made me dizzy with desire for my Lady. Another set of triggers has me orgasming while calling out her name. I am not even going to type the triggers out because Lady surrender has already proven her triggers work on me even in text… oh my word i love Her control.
    Except… sometimes i need to beg Her for mercy.
    Imagine orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until you feel drained… and then pushed past… She teased me. Over. And Over. And Over Again. Multiple orgasms. Enough that i felt drained in the process. I sincerely begged her to stop and she did… bringing me under and then back up. I cannot think of a recording that i was able to feel this type of interactivity. Something this intense… i believe it can really only happen on a live call. The arousal I had came from the fact that my mind was so thoroughly controlled… so erotically controlled… it left me a puddle afterwards. Nothing left.
    I remember we talked a bit more after she calmed me down. Somewhere in the conversation she teased that she was going to use a trigger. She didn’t say one… she just teased it was coming… and then there was this pause. This long pause that lasted for eons. My mind was working overtime trying to figure out what she was going to say. My body was starting to react like she had already said a trigger because I was triggering myself in my mind going through all the triggers i know could come. Lady surrender actually had to bring me out of trance again. Either because i triggered myself, or she triggered me and had me forget…
    She can control me by just teasing a trigger word. Wow… i may be in trouble, lol.
    I think it was around here where I was given a trigger to begin speaking like a baby. An actual baby, yes. Have to admit, I found it so freeing. Strange thing was I could still think as myself, but every word came out as gibberish gaga bobo ojhowjo2uey and other non words. No matter what I thought, it came out as baby speak until she triggered me out of it. Then she slipped the trigger right into a conversation and immediately i begin speaking baby even as my mind was trying to finish our conversation. haha. After a bit i admit i felt rather babyish inside and out… and it felt wonderful. When you are able to be this free with someone you trust… so many doors are opened. It felt that way to me.
    Here is where things get a bit tricky for me, please bear with me.
    After a bit more conversation, I was brought under again, and then told to forget the entire conversation. I remember at the time I was brought back up and Lady Surrender was still speaking to me. She was addressing me and asking if I remember anything about the last hour? I told her I remember when I called her on Skype. Here is where it gets fuzzy. In my mind, I was trying to figure out how could I be missing an hour of our talk. I know i had been forgetful of late, but it couldn’t have been that bad. Then I remember how tired I was and thought perhaps I slept the entire trance and just work up. Any thoughts I had about the conversation… felt like trying to hold on to water. The thoughts were too slippery. I didn’t even remember I was talking like a baby just moments ago. Another way to describe this is like someone putting on the wrong prescription glasses. With the right prescription glasses, everything in front of you is vivid and clear. With the wrong prescription everything is fuzzy, you can just make out shapes of things. That’s how it felt. When I thought about the conversation it was just nothing but shapes.. haziness… I wasn’t sure what happened during our conversation at all.
    I was again brought back into trance and then told that I would now remember our conversation and even recall forgetting things at her whim. Although… i still cannot remember the first part of the call. I remember most things after. Including arousal triggers still working very very well. lol. I know there are others things I have forgotten, but I love the fact that Lady Surrender is able to play with my mind to this degree.
    I accuse myself a lot for having high expectations as to what erotic hypnosis can do. Time and again my expectations were never truly met. They were kind of.. if I pretended until it felt real. Maybe that’s how everyone starts learning how to trance. Pretending it works until it does. with Lady Surrender, there is no pretending… her control just works. She somehow in just a few conversations found out what really excited me about erotic hypnosis… what made me tick as a submisisve… and then blew all of my expectations away. Completely. I feel like I have been in training trancing these past 10+ years just so I can truly enjoy how special an experience with Lady Surrender is.
    I urge anyone who is interested in erotic hypnosis in it’s purest form, to try a mp3 or a live call with Lady Surrender. She will take the time to understand who you are… then use all of that info to leave you a quivering mess at her feet. Just as it should be.
    your submissive m

  • Author: mike from inraptured.net
    The following journals have been received from subjects who have had Live Sessions with Myself. Journal from “mike” – this session was to take control of his sexual arousal level.
    “Mistress Surrender, there was this man…he had been searching many years for a hypnotist who he could surrender to…
    he stumbled upon a web site with link to Mistress Surrender… he purchased and listened many times to the 2 mp3s that she offered as she prefers live sessions…he finally purchased a live session with Mistress Surrender…
    2 1/2 sessions later… with 3 little words…3 simple words…from Mistress Surrender…this man…has surrendered mind and body to Mistress Surrender…
    he is so very submissive…in such dire need to obey and please Mistress!!!!
    he hears the 3 words from Mistress Surrender and goes into total body spasms of pleasure, arousal, excitement… beyond his imagination…he hears the 3 words over and over and over…reinforcing the trigger and sending his mind and body into ecstasy… she owns his body…his cock…she owns his mind… he spasms…writhes in passionate heat for his Mistress with no end… his back arches, his body jack knifes, his body and mind shudder with delicious pleasure… he moans…sometimes silently (well almost) screams in ecstasy… he only knows to obey and please Mistress!!!
    a session ends and he is bathed in sweat…his senses are tingling…his mind has surrendered to Mistress…
    love mike
  • Author: michelle
    I must say I had the best time with You today. I’ve dabbled with hypnosis on and off for a few years and this was easily the deepest I’ve ever gone.
    I could visualize everything you instructed me to and when you brought me back up and relentlessly triggered me…. WOW! I wanted cum and I needed it right then. I could feel my ass crave to be filled which only fuelled my desire for more cum. On and on You triggered, your giggles only intensify the desire.
    I feel so deliciously feminine and need more.
    I sent my Mistress my triggers as instructed and She immediately went to work. I begged her to let me cum so I could have what I so desperately needed. She triggered multiple times as well. She instructed me to put on some heels stuff my ass with a toy and only then did I have permission to cum.. I so desperately needed to have it. It was pleasure enough to have it in my mouth where it belonged, the orgasm was purely secondary. Also when I was finished and devoured every drop, I still needed it; need to be femme. That has never happened before. Usually following orgasm, I go back to yucky book mode…
    I loved every second and need more. I anxiously await our next session.
    Your sissy slut,

    I wanted to thank You again for our session yesterday. I truly enjoyed it. I didn’t feel much at first this morning but as soon as I recalled the session yesterday I was back. I read the words and my mouth began to water, I was triggered and desperately needed cum.
    The anal craving wasn’t as strong, but it’s there. I do also feel differently when the feminine trigger.
    I do notice a confidence and a satisfaction with feeling these feelings and I want to take them further. 
When might You be available for another session? I really can’t wait to …. It was so very blissful and serene.
  • Author: dollydoll
    I’ve tried several times to write up this encounter. And it’s so hard. You see -Lady Surrender sent me an audio recording of the session and everytime i listen i’m back deep in Her control. Now i know my Mistress – She’ll see this as a complaint. It isn’t. I realise now that i am completely Hers, 100%. She owns me and i love it! that voice drives me wild. i love how She can toy with me, make me so weak and utterly enthralled with Her. i crave to sink so deep to be whatever She desires me to be.
    So i’m trying to write this out without listening to the audio recording and even that is tough. it’s made me realise how much She is in my head. It started as always – me dress dolly….. my purple tights, black button up skirt, shirt, silver heels, pink bra and panties, red top and make up. i was instructed to have a pair of boots with me so i had my black knee highs on hand. Then the induction begin as i relaxed on my sofa. And that soothing, captaviting voice of Hers went to work. And as always for an hour – that’s all i remember. And i thought i was just deep asleep while She programmed me. How wrong i was.
    It turrns out at this time – my unconcious mind was getting quite the interrogation. But hearing myself back (on the recording), i hardly put up a fight. It was as one sided as you can get! Here while in trance, my subconscious confessed to my fantasy of being kidnapped by Lady Surrender and being caged at Her bedside, helpless and at Her mercy, made to worship Her. It was amazing to see how freely i gave up everything She asked. listening back to the recording, it merely makes me crave Her power all the more!
    So when i woke, imagine my surprise to find i am in a cage, at the bottom of Her bed! it was absolute amazing. i could see every detail and was utterly confined and helpless, which obviously drove me wild. So that continued for a while till i heard “gagged for Lady Surrender” and then my mouth was fored wide open and filled with a huge red gag. No matter how hard i tried it wouldn’t come out – it was locked in. My jaw ached and i was drooling, able only to moan. So of course – She hit me with “my sexy doll” making me so aroused and needed release, unable to cum, as dolls don’t cum. Then it was gone and i was turned into dolly. Voice all girly and helpless. i was so weak by now needing Her control.
    Then came the moment where i noticed the cage was open a bit and i thought i was free. But i was wrong, She uttered the words “pony boots” and the urge to slip into the boots was maddening. i couldn’t ignore it. She hit me with pony play time and my mind went foggy, as i felt so different. It was impoassible to speak. my limbs heavy and rigid. i needed it so badly. The whole time Her voice ….soothing …calming ….pulling me into it. As soon as the boots were on – i was Her pony and i loved it. She called me good pony. All i could do was stamp my hoof, neigh or breath heavily. Soon my bit gag was in and i craved to obey.
    And this kind of play continued for so long. The whole time i felt so happy, so loved, so Hers. Then She hit me over and over with the sexy doll trigger. my arousal endless and finally – after 9 months i was allowed to cum. And it was amazing – a hands free orgasm. The release like nothing i’ve felt before. Then again and again,…. orgasm after orgasm…. till i was begging Her to stop. So She took me from needing it to pleading for no more, ….. such is Her power.
    Finally i was sent into a deep sleep exhausted dreaming of Her till i awoke, hours later.
    I now crave more. i want to be the best doll and pony i can be. i need more control and this won’t be my last session with the Goddess. And i’m now back under ruined orgasm and love it all the more.
    – Her dolly doll