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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
Have you ever felt the desire to feel other than human? Do you ever wish you could just think, act and feel like a barbie doll? Does the thought of being transformed into a shell of your former self excite you? Are you wishing to have your flesh shape shift into cool hard plastic? It might feel good to be empty and hollow and it may bring out the most in your submissive desires to no longer even feel human...because, as we all know, dolls are unthinking, unfeeling and unmoving...unless posed by it's Owner...I can be that Owner if you are compelled to experience will have a growing need to wear a red babydoll and matching thong and if male, a sexy red wig as well...if My red controlling words are already in your head, then I think red should be on your head as well...and in trance I suggest that each time you wear the red babydoll, thong and wig, you instantly become My babydoll for 30 that time, I will pull your string and make the little dolly inside speak...let Me deepen My control within you like wish for Me to...become My sexy lil' babydoll.

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