Bimbo Bundle Vol. 1

Bimbo Bundle Vol. 1

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

Attention all horny cumsluts and sissy bimbos: This bundle is for
you. You can’t help but crave to be blonde, busty, and totally cum-
stuffed, so simply give in. Listen to my seductive voice as I reshape 
and sluttify your helpless mind. Time for bimbofication! *giggle*

This bundle contains FIVE mp3s full to bursting
with bimbo brainwashing. 37 Minutes combined


1 - Bubbly Bimbo

A pretty little bimbo like you should only worry about three things:
Clothes, make up, and men. From now on, your main focus in life
is becoming like, the girliest bimbo you can be! Jiggly and bubbly
and oh so sweet, you’ll like, totally be the sluttiest bimbo on your
street. ❤


2 - Horny Bimbo

Trying to get the thought of cock out of your mind? Then don’t listen
to this file. My voice will turn your flirty bimbo arousal up to the max..
then raise it even higher. Prepare to become a walking fuckdoll,
entranced and completely in love with masculine studs. Feeling
horny yet?

3 - Bimbo Barbie ASMR 1

My voice floats from left to right, as I entrance you in a bimbo spell.
Meant to be listened to on loop for hours, this file will brainwash you 
relentlessly into a dick-sucking lip-plumping bimbo whore. 


4 - Cum Hungry Bimbo

Good bimbos love sex. Good bimbos love men. Good bimbos love 
thick, creamy cum
. Yes sweetheart, I’m going to instill a deep
cum-craving into your bubbly pink bimbo mind. There will be no
 from your cum addiction, and the only way to relieve the
arousal is to milk a man’s balls completely dry.

5 - Bimbo Brainless

Say goodbye to your IQ, bimbo. The more you listen to this file, the
more ditzy, slutty, and dumb you’ll become. Around strong men, the
effects will multiply to an intense degree, dumbing you down until
you’re nothing but a set of holes to penetrate. Eyes closed. Brain off.
Mouth open. Suck cock. Swallow cum. Suck cock. Swallow cum. 

Good bimbo.


37 Minutes Combined

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