Bimbo Fuck Toy *VIDEO VERSION*

Bimbo Fuck Toy *VIDEO VERSION*

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova
*VIDEO VERSION* So you want to become a bimbo fuck toy? An air headed carefree fuck toy slut? Well you've come to the right place. I will remove all those pesky little thoughts and leave you thinking of nothing but being that fuck toy bimbo slut with nothing else in your mind, after all ignorance is bliss. All you will think about after this is looking good, sex, being a slut and want to be everyones fuck toy. You can choose to stay this way or just while listening. This is a REAL trance clip.This clip includes-crystal and spiral hypnotic induction, eye fixation, DDD cleavage, multi layers of sound, ASMR whispers, subliminal messages, triggers, brainwave entrainment for sexual arousal, and light music all designed to put you in a DEEP trance and feel the most pleasure possible. Wear headphones for strongest effect. 20 minutes 1280x720 MP4

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