Bimbotized by Ivy

This file will change you into a mindless airheaded bimbo girlie girl. It will change you into a cockhungry gangbang slut with a growing hunger for powerful men. You will need cocks, big throbbing dicks with balls full of delicious cum to satisfy your sexual needs.

I will brainwash you, your mind will be blank like a virgin piece of paper, and then I will reprogramm you.

Whenever you become horny, you will change into a mindless bimbo, focused on sex, sex with hung and horny men.

This will be your new you, a sex-crazed, fashion obsessed, gum chewing, airheaded girly-girl


File length: 37 min

including brainwaives, background music and whispers

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Poison Ivy
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