Black Widow Seduction

Black Widow Seduction

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

There will NOT be a sample available for this recording, because I want you completely surprised with the seduction techniques. After all, this is a recording of seduction and trickery, making you fall deep into My grip, until there is no turning back. I use a different way to induce you. My subliminals put you down in trance, subliminals behind the story line, whispers in your ears that eventually turn into words of seduction, words of sex, moaning, laughing, taunting, and much more. Ever since we've worked together you've done your best to stay away from Me. Because you know what beautiful women like Me do to you, how weak I am able to make someone like you. But then one day you have to confront Me, because I show up at your house when you're all alone. Before you know it you're falling right into My trap, right where I want you. You find yourself memorized by certain parts of My body, being easily seduced by them, easily seduced by Me. I warn you that My kiss is different than others, that I have a power others don't hold, that My lipstick is magical. That once a man kisses Me, they are completely owned by Me and there is no turning back, that once My kiss falls upon their lips My magic runs through their veins - taking them over, turning them on, making them feel different, feel weak, feel obedient. You do your best to resist, until temptation is just too much to handle. My seduction is just too much for you and your stiffy, you can't resist. You must kiss Me....once you kiss Me....... .....well you'll just have to wait and see what happens. Needless to say, before you know it you're Mine, everything is Mine, and you must obey Me. You will need to obey Me, you will want to obey Me, especially if you want to cum. Trust Me you'll want to cum by the end of this and there is only one way for a release after you kiss My powerful lips...and that is through obedience. Good luck in resisting Me and My're going to need it. MP3 - 42:47min $69.99 Sample n/a

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