One of the most popular hypnosis by Anu Morrigan finally arrived in an English Version. Blown Away is an erotic hypnosis, that links your adoration for my breasts with a very special blowjob. I invite you into a cozy room with a massage bed on which I fixate you with ropes. So you can't run away, boy. While I arouse you more and more by presenting you my tits and nipples, I call my beautyfulassistant, who has a very special talent. I command you to focus on my tits and to stare at them, while my assistant turns you only by breathing on your cock. I know what kind of man you are and I know what you want. Maybe I also allow you to suck on my nippels. My assistant breathes and blows you into the horniest arousal and together we will bring you a hypnotic orgasm that you won't forget. When you already have been a fan of my tits, you will become even more addicted to them. But also for new fans of my big, Please recognize: I am not a native speaker. I have got a German accent, as you can hear in the preview. Let me turn you on even more with this. 60 Minutes

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Anu Morrigan-english
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