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This hypnosis files, will change you body. The suggestions will change the hormone production, and they will do their work.


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Barn COW
time for all good cows to return to the barn
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Bimbo Bimbo Boing Boing Boing
I'm all giggly and bimbo like as Bamby the Bimbo Maker... and you are going to be my subject as I addict you to make-up and pussy... transforming you with bimbo pink hypnosis into a giggly girly girl like Me
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Bimbo Boutique

Full-body bimbofication awaits you inside my boutique.
Surrender as you become bubbly, giggly, and horny for thick, twitching cocks.
Body transformed. Mind altered. Once you step inside, you won’t leave the same.

46 Minutes

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Bimbo Bundle Vol. 1
Attention all horny cumsluts and sissy bimbos: This bundle is for you.
You can’t help but crave to be blonde, busty, and totally cum-stuffed,
so simply give in. Listen to my seductive voice as I reshape and sluttify 
your helpless mind. Time for bimbofication! *giggle*

37 Minutes Combined

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Bimbo Cheer Squad
The Bimbo Cheer Squad has chosen you to join... and you DON'T have a choice... I am totally a bimbo... and soon you will be too
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Bimbo Cocoon

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly.. I place you in a pink cocoon to be transformed

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Bimbo Fem / Cumotized 2

This is the second part to the just realized BIMBO FEM recording and can also be used as the second part of Cock Cumotized.  So MAKE SURE you listen to those two recordings prior to this!

IMPORTANT: there is NO INDUCTION in this recording, nothing to put you down in trance.  So if you want to go into trance, you must buy the induction recording first (found here) or listen to another recording prior that has something in it to put you down into hypnosis.  Otherwise this will just be a fantasy story telling audio, not a hypnosis one.

First I quickly remind you how you're now feminized and now a bimbo slut.  Before you know it I'm having you count backwards from 5, picturing your perfect cock sucking, cum guzzling, bimbo fantasy land.  When you reach 1 you are there.  You find yourself in the land of Yummy Cummy.

Looking around all you see are men and hard cocks.  Even stores dedicated to cocks and cum.  Then you notice that the men there are staring you down and you quickly realize it's because you're dressed as your bimbo self and that you're the only thing there that resembles a real female, for all they know you are a female. 

You get nervous and find a place to go quickly, finding yourself locked up in a store.  It's not any ordinary store, but a special store, a store of......

.....Long story short...the shop owner and his friends find you in there and have their way with you.  Needless to say your bright red lipstick will be smeared all over your face and all over cocks by the end of this and you will be reminded just how much you love cum, because just the taste of it makes you cum all over the place.

MP3 - 44 minutes

Sample includes 2 parts, as usual when you hear a pause it means it is moving on to the next part of the sample.


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Bimbo PINK
Pink… pink… why would you think… why not sink deeper… into the PINK... it’s not like you don’t want this to happen… you do want this to happen… you know that the PINK can feel so good… safe… warm… secure… letting your mind fill with a pink fog as you let go more and more… letting it become your every thought… your every pleasure… like a drug… an addictive yet deliciously exquisite pink drug… relax for now and let me be your nurse… let me put the drug inside you… let me intertwine your desires with your needs… your thoughts with you wants
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Bimbo Transformation

Bimbo Transformation

You are going to be transformed into the inner bimbo that you are yearning to be.
Become the sexy, dumb blonde that craves for cock.

She will take over your body and mind, and you will love this transformation as this is the real you.

43:49 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music.

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Bimbotized by Ivy

This file will change you into a mindless airheaded bimbo girlie girl. It will change you into a cockhungry gangbang slut with a growing hunger for powerful men. You will need cocks, big throbbing dicks with balls full of delicious cum to satisfy your sexual needs.

I will brainwash you, your mind will be blank like a virgin piece of paper, and then I will reprogramm you.

Whenever you become horny, you will change into a mindless bimbo, focused on sex, sex with hung and horny men.

This will be your new you, a sex-crazed, fashion obsessed, gum chewing, airheaded girly-girl


File length: 37 min

including brainwaives, background music and whispers

          • femdom hypnosis
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Bisexual Sissy
Bisexual Sissy
Submit to me and become addicted.
The more you listen to this file and masturbate, the more of your masculinity will fade away.
The more feminine you will become.
Be prepared to sexually please anyone as you will be cursed to become a bisexual sissy.
This is a permanent change !!!
40:35 minutes, brainwaves, soft whispers and background music. 
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Body hair removal
BODY HAIR REMOVAL for males and females. This file will make your body hair vanish, the hair folicles will die and the hair will not come back. All body hair except your head will dissapear and you will have a smooth hairless and sensitive skin. This is not an overnight success, but finally you will loose all the unwanted hair. This include the pubic region, no shaving anymore, hairless legs, arms back and chest. And this file comes with an arousal trigger. You will need to masturbate after listening, so take care that you are undisturbed for an hour.
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