CLICK and Obey

CLICK and Obey

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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You loved Breathe Me In .. and now, comes CLICK

In this mind-trapping trance, I seduce you with a short, but powerful induction, with added deepener, where I suggest that you float, deeply into subspace, while tethered, to Me. While your mind is gone, I introduce you to some of my favorite activities, such as light bondage and light feminization, for control purposes. Don’t worry, I have no intention of turning you into a girly girl, you silly submissive!

I give you a trancetically suggestive word at the beginning of your journey, which you promptly forget, as you are much too distracted by what I am doing to you, to be bothered with remembering silly words, and such. While I have you floating, in subspace, and bound tightly, I then embark upon my devious plan of .. taking.your.mind, one click at a time, by scratching your brain with my exquisite fingernails nails, and turning the screws of your submission, until I have you right where I want you.

I then expertly lead you using My powerful tools of trancetic control, such as finger snaps, whispered deepeners, humiliation, count downs, trancetic triggers, cum command, and post trancetic suggestions. All the while, you will notice how everything, just seems to .. click .. into place, for My benefit, and your submissive delight.

CONTAINS: Multi-layered tracks, finger snaps, induction, deepener, awakening, trancetic trigger, post trancetic triggers, mind control, bondage, restraints, light feminization, humiliation, cum command, JOI, background music, background sounds

LENGTH: 41 Minutes

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Beautiful trance, floating in subspace. You have taken my mind and kept it, Esmeralda. Do anything You want with it. A deviously wicked file and extremely trancetic.