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Chastity Underwear Enslavement

Chastity Underwear Enslavement

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Morgan

you've known for so long that this is exactly where your cock would end up....

Locked up in chastity by a powerful Mistress and only allowed to be released when and if she grants you permission. That's what your fate is going to be by the time Im done with you.

You love jerking off and having sex when ever possible. You love the feeling of excitement as it builds. The tingling and throbbing in your cock as the pressure builds. All the chemicals that are released in your brain and fed to the rest of your body as the anticipation of the release builds and build.

Then it's over.

All the excitement is gone.

It wasn't worth it was it? The feeling of being horny and turned on is sooooo much better than the short and fleeting moment of release, and then your left completely unfulfilled. You crave the feeling of being horny way more than the end result.

And that's how things are going to stay for you. Forever turned on, yet unable to touch yourself or bring yourself to cum.

Your new chastity underwear is going to be the perfect fit!
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