Chastity & Denial Bundle Vol. 1

Chastity & Denial Bundle Vol. 1

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Hand over the key to your orgasms, sissy slave. That’s right,
submissive sluts like you don’t get to diddle and squirt unless given 
permission from a dominant woman. Prepare to be teased, locked
up, and utterly denied. Give up control, sissy.

This bundle contains FIVE mp3s designed to completely
control your sissy orgasms. 37 Minutes combined


1 - Virtual Chastity

Diddling is a privilege, sissy. A privilege I’m about to take away 
forever. I’m going to place a virtual chastity device on your clitty, one
that keeps those nasty erections at bay. This device will only come
off once a week, for one hour. What you do with that time is up to
you, sweetheart 

2 - Feminized and Denied

Think you deserve to cum, sissy slut? Diddle and edge for me as I
feminize your helpless little mind. Once your clitty is trembling and 
drooling, I might just let you squirt. Or will I harshly deny you
orgasm? Listen and find out

3 - Chastity Slave

Get your chastity device ready, sweetie. Slide it over your minuscule 
clitty and press the lock until it *snaps* shut. You’re all mine now,
sissy. Mine to control and brainwash. Mine to force into submission
and cocksucking slavery. Your clitty has no practical use, so simply
lock it up and pledge your servitude to Me.

4 - Absolute Chastity 

This file is for committed chastity slaves only. Fall deeply into your
addiction to denial as you become a fully-chaste sissy for life.
Wearing your cage will instill a deep sense of peace within you. Your
clitty will no longer feel any pleasure. It just feels so right to be locked
up and forever denied.

5 - Diddle to Ruin

Get ready to be teased, pleased, and utterly subdued under my
powerful voice. My words will take root deep within your little mind as I
command you to diddle your pathetic little clitty for me. You will be
squirting in this file, but it’ll be a deliciously-ruined orgasm. Perfect
for a weak sissy like you.

37 minutes combined

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