Collectively Kymie

Collectively Kymie

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

I penned a story that seemed to hit a nerve with many trance-erotica readers and aficionados alike called pet's Teacher...this story can be found in the EMCA (Erotic Mind Control Archive) and by following the Stories of Surrender link at the top of this many still continue to come to Me...saying how affected and in fact, deeply enchanted they had become reading My story, wanting to know if it was true...begging to know more about Kymie, My thrall...many of them...seemed to completely be able to identify with Kymie so much that it bordered on, now it is time to tell...the rest of the she still a teacher or have I turned her into a Mistress who ensnares others? and if so, is she even consciously aware of it or does she forget a lot? What she knows is absolute submission...and a few other things you might be awfully curious to know...and be sure to read the story again...and familiarize yourself with it when I tell the rest of My tale...a true tale from The Collective.

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