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Craving : Helpless Prey- Second Night

Craving : Helpless Prey- Second Night

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Her Helpless Prey....

She returns.... to claim what She wants. She is ruthless in Her pursuit as She..... places Her spell on your mind & body.....awakens you with Her hands guiding, controlling Her helpless prey's cock.....

She will have your cock .....  twitching...dancing..... to Her tune.... doing what She wants. Her pleasure is what is important. Not your pleasure.

Then She continues inscribing Her fetishes on your mind...so that you can only cum to the sound of Her vocie.... so that you crave being Helpless before Her. Her stocking fetish... mmm... how She uses Her stocking fetish....

Did I mention Her other..fetishes.....  mmm..... more fetishes being inscribed on your mind as you listen to Her seductive Voice, as you fall deeper into Her silken whispers that echo in the playground of Her/your mind.

She will return....  to continue Her methodical conditioning of Her helpless prey's mind and body....

Her second night of capturing Her next captive..... capturing Her helpless prey with kisses... while She steals his mind, piece by fragmented piece.... determined to have him helpless, craving more of Her darkly addictive kisses....

Enchanting him... leaving him wanting more...as She plans to take more... to take anything... to take everything.....

Who is She....? Will She return..... what will She do... next... when She returns......

I strongly recommend you listen to :

"Craving: Helpless Prey- First Night" before you listen to "Helpless Prey- Second Night:




Enticement, Entrancement, Entrapment, Enslavement.

This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the foundation file :


It is Essential you listen to the Foundation file "Deepening Hypnosis" first as this  file has NO INDUCTION.

Combined Voice/Erotic Whisper ASMR mp3 recording, Hypnotic Triggers, Post Hypnotic Triggers that have you longing to feel helpless... to feel Her kisses... to have you, take you as Her prey....  to steal your mind piece by fragmented piece.

Erotic ASMR Whispers that slide right past your conscious mind ...and condition, programme....  you to be helpless.... to crave to be helpless before Her.

Layered sound tracks using L & R tracks, some echo effects. NO INDUCTION, No awakening instructions.

35mins 36


Erotic Whispers ASMR $100.00


Add an Erotic Whisper ASMR track.

Lady Surrender has been capturing unwary minds with Her Erotic Whispers (ASMR) on recordings for the last 9 months…from the time Her first Morning Mantras were recorded and released to Entice and Entrance submissives.

An exclusive track where I whisper…. seductively whisper your name and entice you with My silken whispers.


See My web site for journals written by subjects who have experienced My silken, seductive Hypnosis:



http:// http://www.sensualmistress.com/Edging-Loop.html


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Now it is your turn to fall…. for the velvety Whispers and  to become Entranced with Her Darkly Addictive Erotic Whispers.  This Hypno Domme from New Zealand will Entwine Her silken whispers through the pathways of your mind and body… bending you to Her will.

Not all recordings will be available with the Exclusive Erotic Whispers ASMR option. If

you want a recording that includes an Exclusive Erotic Whisper ASMR track that is not

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List of mp3s available for Erotic Whispers ASMR Exclusively yours…. :

Addicted to Trance

Addicted to cock

Addicted to My strap-on

Edging Loop

Orgasm Control : Ruined Orgasm

Orgasm Control : Release

Sissy training 25: strap on play


3  options  available for your Exclusive Erotic Whispered ASMR track.

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As I weave My whispers through the recording, your subconscious mind becomes Entranced…. as I whisper some Enticing phrases …. moments…from the hypnosis script in the recording.

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How to order Erotic Whispers ASMR Exclusively yours….

Purchase the file you want.

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your Exclusive Erotic Whispered ASMR track will be ready in apporximately 4 weeks.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright  Lady Surrender 2015.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: mike from inraptured.net
    Lady S,
    The second visit...the second night for me, Your Helpless Prey was more controlled, more aroused, more numb than the first! i felt every touch, every caress, each stroke...down and up... Your kisses sent shivers down my spine! Oh i was in that devilish heaven Only You can take me to.

    i don't like to give anything away and i don't want to sound like a marketing record...

    i loved this recording! Thank You for creating and i am sure many others will enjoy. There is no way not to.

  • Author: thomas from inraptured.net
    M'Lady Surrender,
    "Helpless prey"
    It is just over this past week that that I have come to realize exactly how accurately those words describe the position I find myself in M'Lady. Your beautiful, irresistible voice and words are the sole catalyst for the nexus of physical and emotional overload at which I find myself. I ache to serve You, to please You, to be everything that You desire in Your perfect slave. There is an unbearable desperation to the now constant arousal and lust that consumes me. All I can think of is You M'Lady...You...You...You… I am frightened by the inescapable control You have exerted upon my soul M’Lady...at how helpless I feel to resist You. Far from resisting, I have a desperate desire to be lost to Your delicious control for all eternity. Several day ago I asked for Your permission to come for Your and my Wife’s pleasure. As You know I have experienced difficulties orgasming without Your permission and I was very excited to find out what would happen with Your permission granted. Your message of approval also included Your desire for me to listen to “Helpless Prey, 2nd Night”. That same morning, I did as You requested, and fell deep, deep, deep down Your rabbit hole M’Lady. It is as if You are reading my mind and my fantasies with these sessions. The nylon seduction of the 2nd night led me up to the most explosive orgasm of my life...the orgasm You granted...the orgasm I surrendered back to You M’Lady...not my Wife...as I surrendered to the words of Your story I began to mentally beg You to allow me to give my granted orgasm to You...to beg You to take me and my lust as Yours and only Yours. When I finally came at Your command, it was with the full understanding that I was sealing myself ever closer to Your irresistable control. I love You my beautiful and amazing Lady Surrender. I beg You to take me to the next level...to seal me to You completely...to guide my mind and my soul into total surrender to Your control. Please make me Yours...take me as Yours...free me from the confusion and fear I lust for… Thank You M’Lady for opening my mind to the inconceivable joy of surrendering to You. With deepest love and devotion,
    Your mindlessly addicted and devoted slave..
  • Author: submissive m
    Lady Surrender,
    thank You so much for allowing me to listen to “Helpless prey 2″.
    At minute 14:00 of the recording, … the sounds… it’s so good it scares me… I don’t know how else I describe it … headphones feel fused to my ears…
    I felt so helpless and the cravings to feel even more helpless… is overwhelming …
    I felt like I did not exist anymore… as if Your whispers has possessed me completely. I was unable to move.
    I actually became so frightened I wanted to remove the headphones… I somehow felt so out of control of my body I was losing myself …
    I’ve been listening to this file every other day… but interruptions keep preventing me from hearing fully. However I kept trying…. and I love how this feels..
    I love how helpless I feel so much I am afraid …. Your whispers there is something different… there is a hunger that is insatiable … something under the surface …
    I finally just finished the session fully and my hands are shaking…. I didn’t want it to stop and I did and now I am longing to feel that again.
    You were so gracious to allow me to listen and this file it… there is something I cannot really describe fully.
    When I was stroking… I did not feel like I was stroking. yes I listened to files that have perhaps said something along the lines of “your hands are mine, stroke”. but here.. I don’t know how or why or can even make sense I felt possessed … out of body, no control, as if You had truly taken over… Goodnight, thank You so much for allowing me to listen.
    .. it scares me how badly i’d rather listen to this again than go to bed.
    – submissive m.