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Craving : control

Craving : control

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Craving : Control....

The more you crave Her- the more She is turned on... your craving for control is so arousing to Her..... listen to Her ... arousal... the mmm sounds She makes on the Whisper track.... as She  thinks of your craving for more of Her control and as She instructs you to release.... so sexy... so turned on... so aroused.

Deeper than a longing.... more insistent than a need..... an aching desire..... a craving for control.

More specifically than that- for Her control.

As soon as you hear Her voice... as soon as you hear Her whispered songs of Enchantment... you feel the craving begin. Nothing satisfies you except... Her control. Her exquisite control.... that leaves you.... craving more.

Craving more control.... craving more of Her. you begin your day - with Her.

and you end your day with Her.

Woven through your day- is Her. Her Voice..... Her seductive silken whispers that steal your mind....


Enticement, Entrancement, Entrapment, Enslavement.

This is a Loop recording- designed to fit alongside the FREE foundation file :


If you have trouble experiencing trance or if you want to deepen trance listen to :




Classic deep brainwashing techniques, Goddess worship, submission training, Goddess addiction,

hypnotic orgasm, mindless stroking, obedience training, mind seduction.



Combined Voice/Erotic Whisper ASMR mp3 recording, Hypnotic Triggers,

Erotic ASMR Whispers that slide right past your conscious mind ...and condition, programme....  to crave more  of My delicious exquisite control.

Layered sound tracks using L & R tracks, some echo effects. 

NO INDUCTION, No awakening instructions.

Erotic ASMR Whisper track runs full length of the recording- teasing & instructing you to release as you crave more of My seductive control.


38:30 mins.

Coyright Lady Surrender 2015.

Copyright http://www.hypnosurrender.com



 Add An Exclusive Erotic Whisper  ASMR track to  a recording that you purchase.Feel Lady Surrender take control of your mind… from the moment She whispers your name….

Lady Surrender has been capturing unwary minds with Her Erotic Whispers (ASMR) on recordings.

 Now it is your turn to fall…. for the velvety Whispers and  to become Entranced with Her Darkly Addictive Erotic Whispers.  This Hypno Domme from New Zealand will Entwine Her silken whispers through the pathways of your mind and body… bending you to Her will.

Not all recordings will be available with the Exclusive Erotic Whispers ASMR option.


Erotic Whispers ASMR $100.00



An exclusive track where I whisper…. seductively whisper your name and entice you with My silken whispers. This will be a short sentence of two….
And …. I  then walk through the pathways of your mind… seductively whisper your name and enticing you with My silken whispers.

As I weave My whispers through the recording, your subconscious mind becomes Entranced…. as I whisper some Enticing phrases …. moments…from the hypnosis script in the recording.

Then – some deliciousness at the end…. to finish you off! Whispered commands as I end the Exclusive Erotic Whispered track with Eroticised Post Hypnotic Suggestions.

How to order Erotic Whispers ASMR Exclusively yours….

Purchase the file you want.

Email mistress.commands@yahoo.com with details of the file you have purchased, together with the name you want Lady surrender to include on the file.

I will then arrange to contact you with any extra details I require.

your name will be used on a separate Erotic Whisper ASMR track.... capturing your mind and body... Darkly Addictive Erotic Whispers.

your Exclusive Erotic Whispered ASMR track will be ready in apporximately 4 weeks.



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Customer Reviews

  • Author: submissive m
    Lady Surrender,

    Have you ever been roused from your sleep with a craving so strong you could not sleep again until it was sated? In those moments, it is safe to say we can become slaves to our cravings.

    I crave hypnosis. I crave control. As I am sure you do. I used to wonder what would happen if my cravings went out of control. What I should have asked was:

    What would happen if my cravings were under HER control.

    This file is intended in induce cravings for Lady Surrender.

    There is no hidden agenda Here.

    This file will instill those cravings with only a few listens.

    Cravings for control.

    Cravings to be engulfed into Her whispers. Her addictive, silky whispers.

    The cravings will follow you into your day.

    They will become all you think about at night. Her whispers. Her control.

    The cravings will be real. I started writing this review while listening to this file. After 2 hours all I had to show was a blank page to match my blank mind. The cravings Her whispers instill... they will take you over.

    Let me describe a typical day after listening to this file.

    I woke up from bed this morning thinking of whispered words from the previous night. I went about my day as normal.

    Every so often a whisper would slide through my mind. It would be just enough to think about Her and Her control. Enough to begin to crave it again. To need it again. Her hypnosis. Her dominance.

    By the afternoon, I began thinking to myself "I just need to hear Her voice... then I will feel like myself..."

    At this point, just thinking about Her whispers begin a hardening process with Her cock.

    You begin to look forward to just simply hearing Her speak. Hearing the rhythm in Her voice. Hearing the pauses between Her words.

    The cravings can become so strong they feel at times as if they are engulfing your mind. Everything else in the day feels like things to do until nighttime.

    Nighttime... that's when Her whispers come. When privacy allows Her voice to slip through my mind once again.

    The cravings become an invitation to surrender.

    At night, the whispers come and satisfy the aching. The aching need to be hypnotized and controlled by Her.

    At the same time... the cravings only intensify.

    A cycle of control is formed and... there is no escaping.

    When your very craving is both satisfied and intensified by the same source ... it leads to helpless addiction.

    With Lady Surrender's hypnosis... that addiction is inevitable. Delicious helplessness to Her will awaits.

    She controls my cravings. The whispers... you can feel them inside you. They sometimes start at the spine, and work up into the back of your mind. This is where they stay... at the edge... waiting...

    Be warned... this file is very VERY addictive.

    Please do not listen unless you are truly ready to handle being a slave. After this file, the hypnosis cravings you have will be intensified and then used...

    To bind you to Her...

    There is no escape.

    Only total surrender...

    - your submissive m.
  • Author: mike from inraptured.net
    Craving Control is a dream recording that is incredibly wicked as well. Lady Surrender whispers to your subconscious just what you long to hear! Her soft sexy voice, Her whispers, Her destructive moans take control of you. Just as you have dreamed. you slide effortlessly under Her spell, Her words, Her whispers and yes Her moans. you are lost to Her so quickly...wanting and needing more of Her control. it happened so quickly. so quietly. So completely.

    So why is this wicked...let me try to put it into words...you will be so completely and mind numbingly aroused, horny, throbbing and more when She is done with you! Sadly i cannot paint a picture that captures the depth of my physical state.

    all need to listen to this recording. it is everyone's dream come true!

    mike ( member of inraptured.net)
  • Author: dolly doll
    I intended to write this review sooner, however its taken a lot of effort to prise myself away from the powerful file that is craving control. 5 listens infact, i'm pretty sure i'll have a few more today once I've finished my work!

    So with that said this file is not to be taken lightly, it will change you, it will bind you to Her. if that's what you want then great, this is for you. If you are not ready for that commitment i'd suggest starting in a lighter file, the Morning Mantra of Blankness maybe. Furthermore if you are not sure talk to Mistress and She will have an honest discussion and point You to where best to start.

    Now I've long been a fan of Mistress Surrender, i'd say i'm one of Her most devoted submissives, I know how much of a hold She has on me. However, that said, this is the file that I can confidently say has had the most effect on me. It had me pulled down from the get go. The ASMR in the file is beautiful done, I was tingling constantly, and the whole time I pictured just been knelt at Her feet, Head in Her lap as She whispered directly to me. It is a audio delight. As the file progressed I could feel the control building and building, when I awoke I knew how much I needed it, more than ever. I don't care how its done I just need it. It will become a compulsion it will help define you and make you realize what you are. Her slave. it becomes so simple so clear. Its what you've been seeking, what you need.

    As I said the whispers are brilliant, but I feel Lady Surrender is on top of Her game here, She toys so effectively with You, promising to fragment You mind and rebuild it in Her way. It is made so delightful you want it, you have no fears you know you are in safe hands. And you sink into that voice, that soft sultry yet powerful voice. I was aroused all the way through and wanted that feeling constantly. The little ssss the mmmm it will drive you wild, but you won't care you will want it, you'll feel it grow and grow and I want that.

    So I can honestly say check this file out, I know I haven't regretted it, now I need to go work and then get back, I've got an itch or a craving I need to satisfy!
  • Author: entranced
    I cannot imagine anyone who has trained with Lady Surrender's inductions being able to listen to this powerful, and erotic programming, and not feeling the persistent hunger for Her influence that I do.
    Craving Control will leave you with the realization that craving Mistress Surender is a physical ache, and a psychological thirst, and that having Her teach you what to desire, what to truly crave, is a powerful and erotic gift.
    As She brainwashes you, and manipulates you with overwhelming arousal and pleasure, you will find every whisper promising you more than you can imagine, all while Her voice demands one simple truth, that you crave Her control.
    Craving Control does exactly what the name promises, and will leave you compulsively wanting more of and fantasizing about Her influence all the time.
    Once you develop a taste for her brainwashing whispers you will crave more.
  • Author: joanne b

    Lady Surrender,

    OMG…. After being away for 10 days, and then working under close scrutiny for 3 more, Your girl finally got to listen to “Craving Control.” She made a mini-album of “Deepening Hypnosis” followed by “Craving Control” and settled in for a blissful listen.

    OMG what an incredible masterpiece! (Mistresspiece?) The way the whispers weave in and out, no way to really decode everything that is being said, but feeling the effects anyway!

    Everything seems so clear in this girl’s mind now – only two questions, really. 1) How can it be possible that this girl has found such a completely perfect Dominant in You? and 2) How can this undeserving girl ever become worthy of Your care and control? I’m serious!

    First off, Your devoted girl has learned that one doesn’t just listen to Your voice – it is more like feeling it, being bathed in it, surrounded by Your voice, electrified by it, one moment soft and soothing, the next a solar plasma of super-heated pleasure, filling, every molecule of my body and then stretching it into the cosmos. OMG I need it every day. Day and night. Now. Right now!

    Then, Your girl can’t comprehend how You can make such profound changes inside her head with a single session. This girl has collected pictures of beautiful women for years, role models, templates for the girl Yours would like to become someday. And yes, Your girl has pleasured herself while looking at them. Until Your girl experienced “Addicted to Cock” and “Delete Hetero…” After listening one time, Your girl deleted years of pictures and began collecting pictures of women pleasuring men, taking cocks in all possible ways. New templates. New dreams. The old ones became irrelevant in a single breath.

    And last night, after listening to “Craving Control” a single time, the pictures now mean nothing. Your girl has no need for them. Orgasms are still female, and are still amazing, but they aren’t important anymore. Being controlled is everything. Somehow, Your girl thinks this change of mind may be part of being controlled – no way to remember anything but Your delicious whispers. But really – no interest in the pictures at all? And a searing need to find something to prove to You how devoted she really is – to become ever more controlled. Should this girl be doing Sissy Tasks? Should she be edging, proving Your control? LIstening to more recordings? Flying to New Zealand? This one needs You to know how deeply she craves Your control.

    The weekend is coming – perhaps more chances to listen and absorb and fall even deeper. Thank You sooooo much Lady Surrender! Would You please suggest the next steps for Your slave girl to become more deeply Yours?

    joanne b.