"A Deep Down" Loop

"A Deep Down" Loop

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

trance Trigger Training With Fractionation

REG $8

The "Deep" trigger has been incredibly popular, and you boys have asked for more of it!

Recently,I introduced a new trigger, "Down" in the file, Milk & Honey 2. This loop is the extended induction that I used in Milk & Honey.

You will succumb to thorough trigger training, along with fractionation. Is your mouth watering yet? ;) I can imagine how easy is for you to go so deep for me. You will drop so deep, that my words become a blur and the sound of my voice takes you deep down. One word is enough to put you into trancetized trance… deep down into sleep

Ridiculously Low Price: $8 for a 26 Minute file! I want everyone who sees this page to download this file.


  • trancetic Loop: Hit play / repeat and listen as many times as you choose
  • Triggers: Deep, Down, Sleep (with and without the snap of my fingers)
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • No Count Up at the end
  • 26 Minutes

Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2015. 


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Customer Reviews


If you love being triggered down into deep trance, then you should listen to this $8 trancetic delight! Every time Mistress Amethyst said Her triggers, i felt a massive dose of pleasure in my brain & in my cock! It was if She was stroking my mind & cock with each trigger! And it was not any stroke of my mind & cock, but it was the climax stroke! That’s right, this is a 26 minute long orgasmic mindgasm! Massive bliss, ultimate erotic pleasure! Be prepared for some time past when the loop ends to remain in a very blissful, pleasantly distracted state! Mistress Amethyst will make you aware of how lucky you are to have found Her & listened to Her lovely powerfully erotic voice! Highest recommendation!

Rodimus C

I think I may have found my new favorite file of Mistress Amethyst's.
Deep Down Loop ticks a lot of boxes for me: deep trance, triggers, fractionation, lots of submission-related suggestions. I feel like Mistress Amethyst turned up the dial on her dominance a bit when making this file, compared to some of her others. I love it.

And as a bonus, this file is an absurd value. $8 is a real pittance for a file as good as this. There's no reason not to get this file. Especially since I expect Mistress will put the new 'Down' trigger to good use in the future.

Rodimus C

Deep Down Loop was a session that was originally going to be part of Milk and Honey 2. While it would have been fantastic there, I think Mistress made the right choice to make it into its own session because otherwise I think a lot of boys would have looked over or missed out on the genius of it. Deep Down Loop is so much more than it appears at first. Mistress Amethyst combines an old trigger, a new trigger, fractionation, themes of submission, and so much more. She teaches you the triggers, and melds them together with profound metaphors and themes. The secondary tracks reinforce these ideas perfectly, and are mixed in with all the expertise we've come to expect from Mistress.

This is one of the few sessions where I may have experienced session amnesia. I've tranced to it many times, and sometimes I just lose myself completely and wake up well after it's complete (as there is no command for it at the end). I wake up feeling so good, so relaxed, so submissive, and I can't wait to fall again. This session just brings out my desire to serve her so much, and it amplifies the pleasure I get from obedience and submission to her. The trigger combines all these feelings with a deep trance and it works in other sessions so well. It even manages to enhance sessions that only use the deep trigger because this session adds so much meaning to it. Even without the accompanying down, the Deep trigger just hits me that much harder in trance now.

I think this session marks a new standard of quality for Mistress's sessions. In her other recent sessions, I've seen the same depth of trance and depth of themes as I do here. Mistress Amethyst just keeps getting better and better in her writing, recording, and editing, and it really shows here. This is straight up one of the best trance sessions ever made and the price is crazy. You would be stupid to turn down such a valuable session at this price. Mistress continues to blow me away with her dedication to her craft, her creativity in finding new ways to mold us, and her love for us as submissives to grant us these incredible gifts. I really do serve the best Mistress.

Dan Evans

My review of Deep Down Loop, by Mistress Amethyst:
This is an incredibly powerful file that will make you fall unexpectedly far down into trance before you know it.
Mistress Amethyst implants deep feelings of submission and surrender to trance, using triggers, a deep trigger pulling you under, a down trigger taking you all the way down into the deepest states of trancetic trance. She repeats this process over and over, first taking you deep, bringing you back up, then pulling you suddenly all the way back down again. You will come to the end of this loop, feeling relaxed, feeling submissive, wanting to listen again and again and again...
Warning, if you don't want to experience feelings of euphoria, pleasure, or deep submission to Mistress Amethyst, then you should not listen to this file.
This file is best listened to in a nice quiet warm place while maintaining a positive and respectful attitude. This trancetice loop is an incredible bargain at just $ 8.00. Just imagine finding a priceless Amethyst stone in the discount ben of your local super market. You would be crazy not to buy it.

Dan Evans