The trancetherapist - DEEP SATIN SLEEP

The trancetherapist - DEEP SATIN SLEEP

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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 NEW Enhanced Version!  Addiction.  Addiction and trance.  trance has been used for many types of addiction with enough positive outcomes that it is considered a viable form of therapy.  Of course, your rapport and connection with your trancetherapist is vitally important for success.  A bond of trust must be developed in order for the trance to be effective.  What if, you put your trust in the wrong therapist?  What if you are so beguiled by her beauty and skill that you become blindsided and are taken advantage of?  Oh, you poor thing!  You see the thing is, Enchantress Esmeralda knows what you really want .. not what you try to convince the outside world you want, and she has every intention of fulfilling your deepest desires!  This is the second of my The trancetherapist series.  You first came to me in Extreme Measures, now you have come to me with an addiction to Satin.  You just cannot seem to break your addiction to this shiny, soft, alluring fabric no matter how hard you try, but Enchantress Esmeralda knows .. your true desires and has a wicked agenda of her own!  You will fall into my Deep Satin Sleep, and by the time I am through with you, you will think you have cured your addiction, only to have gone down a slippery, spiral slope of hidden dirty little secrets and forgetfulness.  It feels so good to be addicted to satin, and under my control, that you will wonder if you ever truly wish to be free as I encourage you to cum all over your pretty, pretty satin and then lick up the evidence .. and then forget …. Forget … and never remember that you do it again, and again.  If you already have a satin fetish, you just may become addicted.  If you do not have a satin fetish or addiction, yet .. you just may be surprised at what a turn on satin will become for you!  Oh, Enchantress Esmeralda is so wicked as she taunts, teases, and humiliates you into submission … and you love it, don’t you, My pet? 

Step into my office and .. relax .. Deep Satin Sleep for you now!  You want satin, you need satin, satin of any kind .. this does not necessarily mean feminization … this is a satin fixation .. satin of any kind … even though I do call upon your inner girl in order to get you to submit to what I want.  This is a long hour and a half session, so slip into something silky and sexy .. and just relax …. And let go … and submit, because it feels so good … you WILL be satisfied .. and craving more of Enchantress Esmeralda’s voice and twisted form of therapy!

Length:    89 minutes

Contains:  Binaural Beats, Whispers, Humiliation, Trigger, Cum Command, Brain Washing, Mind Control, Fem/Domme, 


Aaron S. says:

When one thinks of satin, one imagines a soft weave with a glossy surface. But there is a hidden power in this material which Enchantress Esmeralda releases in her newest recording "Deep Satin Sleep". The glossy surface of the material is only what meets the eye, and her control takes full hold of you as you unravel deeper into the recording. Esmeralda paints a fantastic image of arousal and desire in your minds eye, which revolves around this seemingly innocent fabric. A full hour and a half of the Enchantress' voice awaits in this scintillating recording which is sure to satisfy your craving for being controlled by the silky sounds of Enchantress Esmeralda.


V.B. says:

Deep Satin Sleep is a masterpiece in slippery seduction.  If you are already addicted to the feel of satin, this extra long recording is for you.  If you are not addicted to satin, you will be.  This recording is generously  long and very effective. For the price, it's well worth the limitless satin enticements you will experience dressed as the satin slut you know you are.  Esmeralda is relentless and her trancetic command and control are amazing.  In only a few minutes you are brought down by her excellent trance technique only to be turned into a satin loving slave.  The recording goes on and on, insuring you're a goner into...deep satin sleep!  Highly recommended for extremely sensual and tactile experience in your favorite dress.   


DRESSED FOR ADDICTION:  Someone must have made the Enchantress very angry. This is a nonstop, no-holds-barred attack on your will. I think I have all her recordings and this is the most intensely arousing, the most cruelly controlling and the most maddening . 
Forget Esmeralda the gentle seductress. This is a a smirking, leering, taunting Esmeralda, twisting you sexually into a squirming silky shell of yourself. From now on your orgasms will be wrapped in satin. She loves doing it to you and you will love being done. Very deep trance and very addictive.
The trancediva's sultry commanding voice is accompanied by her trademark silky whispers for 90 minutes and this time they have a steel edge.
Multiple orgasms

DEEP SATIN ADDICTION: I have walked in Esmeralda’s shadow for some time. I have carried her sweet tantalizing voice in my head and felt her spiked heels dancing on the last remnants of my will. But now comes Deep Satin Sleep.. And now my body is just a shell. She walks in my body. She speaks from my lips. I am her zombie. Her girly-girl satin slave. 

Even if you never had a thought about satin you will soon be a Satin Sleep addict. And the addiction is real. This is 90 minutes of pure cum file. It is the most intense and most humiliating file the Enchantress has ever done. This is fetishism with no mercy and no way out. I can’t listen to anything else.
Follow-up to the excellent "Extreme Measures" is a quantum leap in nasty erotic intensity
Silky whisper track is as hard on your cock as the main track

Deep Satin Sleep: i began listening to DSS as soon as i downloaded. a very long file and that is good since i can be slow going under. i found the way you set up the scenario to be perfect. i fantasize about such things myself a lot. you use your voice very well as you slowly begin talking about my reasons for the appointment and slowly begin telling me about why i love satin and why i have become addicted to the way it feels. your background vocal begins running and i soon find myself trying to listen to it but not quite being able to hear all of it. i soon realize that i am sitting motionless just staring at my computer screen transfixed by your voice as i listen to your voice telling me how wonderful satin feels. you know more about satin than i do. you certainly know as a devious trancetherapist how to take my addiction and use it against me to entrap me in my addiction. i can hear you beginning to weave humiliation into the discussion but i don't care. i am so trancetized by your voice and the images of satin that i cannot avoid the humiliation. i just sit and listen. i soon find the humiliation to become sexually exciting in a way itself. the file length really begins working against me as i slowly fall deeper and deeper into deep satin sleep. it is a very effective trigger. the sexual excitement i feel from your induction begins to grow and your use of a cum countdown was irresistible for me. i didn't have satin with me in fact i don't own any just my wife's satin slips which i very carefully avoid cumming on them. oops gave away a secret. will you use it against me? so i realized when i cam i was stroking and rubbing my cock as if i had satin in my hand. my god you are good. this was a very deep trance experience for me even though i didn't really lose track of time i was nevertheless completely captured and enthralled by you voice and the induction. it was a most enjoyable experience. i would make an appointment with you again. i seem more addicted to satin than i was before but i am not worried about it now for some reason. i know you have my best interests at heart. ;)


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Heiris Marolf

If you like satin or not yet, this file is a must!

Heiris Marolf