Deep Trance Now 3 -  Cumslut Training

This is part 3 in your Deep Trance Now training.

The most important rule in our relationship is, your dick is mine and your cum belongs to me.

And because its mine, I can do whatever I want with it. And I want you to swallow every single drop. Whenever you cum, every single drop will go down you throat. That right. Its my cum, and I can do what I want with it. And I want you to swallow.

You will stroke your dick for me, thinking of me while you do it. And you will cum for me in this file.

And as a good boy you will follow my commands and accept that I am the owner of your cum. And so you will swallow every singlle drop before I wake you up again.


File length: 42 min

Brainwaves, and soft background music.

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Poison Ivy
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