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"Deepening Hypnosis"

"Deepening Hypnosis"
erotic hypnosis

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Entranced…Enticed into deepening hypnosis …this hypnosis journey programmes your

mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting…floating into My hypnotic control….

Knowing that you want this…as much as I want this…..

you want to feel My control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body…..

The deepening hypnosis trigger phrase INTENSIVELY conditions and programmes your

mind &body to accept all My hypnotic suggestions on deeper and deeper levels. 

I have been described as using repetition in such a way that resembles Brainwashing.

The “deepening hypnosis” mp3 is the foundation file for a series of upcoming loop

recordings. The "deepening hypnosis" recording conditions your mind and body to accept

My hypnotic suggestions contained in the Loop recordings.




The "deepening hypnosis" mp3 is also a "stand alone file" that deepens hypnotic trance,

deepens your desire to accept the suggestions contained in this hypnotic recording, and

deepens your desire for submission.

Includes : Intensive Conditioning & Programming, Erotic Whispered Introduction & Erotic Whispered Ending that captures your mind & body (ASMR), Hypnotic Trigger Phrases, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Theta Brain Waves, Long relaxing Induction, 10 to 1 countdown deepener, Echo sound effects.

50 mins


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Copyright : Lady Surrender 2015 

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: mike from inraptured.net
    Lady Surrender,

    i don’t want this to come out like a bunch of marketing hype. i have listened to Your recordings for some time now. So i expect my reactions may be stronger as my mind is conditioned to some extent. That all said…Deepening Hypnosis is incredibly powerful and knocked me out.

    For anyone i would recommend nice head phones or ear-buds to listen as Lady S makes great use of right & left tracks and whispers. you really want to hear everything clearly…no distractions…no interruptions…and then “nite – nite”

    The recording starts with kind of a sexy teaser…not the typical induction that by itself sets you in the right frame of mind. Lady S whispering in your ears, captures your attention and captures your mind. This does start to lead you down into trance.

    She then begins to progressively take you down further. With triggers, Her voice, Her whispers. They will all combine to lead you to never-never-land. When i go deep into trance/hypnosis i lose any sense of my body and am lost in my mind. in this case i lost my body quite early and then just kept going further and further into my mind. i think my mind got lost as well and was replaced by the thoughts and words of Lady S.

    you really need to listen to this. Relax, listen and take a wonderful trip! i can’t believe you won’t have fun…this is a very special recording.


    and thank You Lady S for creating this. i will listen to this often…to remove the stresses of the day…and hear Your whispers in my mind.

    member inraptured.net
  • Author: alan

    i have had this file for a couple weeks or more. On the 4th or 5th listen something beautiful happened and i fell deeply "inside" Your words if that makes any sense. I am completely wanting to go deeper and surrender more to have the feelings again. I am ready to move deeper into my service, which seems odd to say, but comes from me nonetheless. Is there a "next" file for me You suggest. I have no reservations. I want to go forward please. Thank You.

  • Author: lepidoptera from inraptured.net
    For me the file opened a new world of emotions that were something I was unaware of before. i didn't know that it is possible to fall in love with a female voice so totally and not just fall in love but get so addicted that the voice is simply a must.

    The file is full of sexy ASMR whispers that are bombarding subject's conscious mind and subconscious as well. There are no direct sexual suggestions but what could be more erotic than Lady Surrender telling to subject She is taking control of one's mind and body. This file is about 51 min and i have listened to it many times having a full erection all the time.

    More than just erotic this hypnosis file is also very relaxing and it has constantly given me almost an euphoric state of mind. A guided relaxation will lead the listener into deep peace.

    After relaxation is accomplished Lady Surrender installs a 'deepening hypnosis' trigger phrase that will be a foundation trigger for Her loop recording series.

    I have listened the file while writing this review and i'm constantly feeling the trance engulfing me. Her voice commands me and i just know i must go the whole journey with Her. i even feel powerful myself when listening like my submission to Her is giving me extra strength and self confidence.

    This file is simply amazing!
    Very sensual female voice
    Deeply erotic
    Guided relaxation
    Trigger 'Deepening Hypnosis'
    Mind conditioning
    Mind programming
  • Author: boden girl
    My Lady,

    I am so glad to write to you about the Deepening Hypnosis file I experienced for the first time, if I may I will provide updates as I continue with the journey you are helping me through.

    I have been listening to hypnosis MP3's and watching YouTube videos for many years and have to say that today was the very first time I can honestly say I was deeply in trance. In fact as I write this I still feel a sense of blissful calm and foggy abandon that I haven't ever felt before.

    I am not sure I am overly analytical but my conscious mind usually gets in the way of any trance experience I try, with this file though I found the net result was that my subconscious mind was in control (In turn controlled by Lady Surrender's words) of my body and it didn't matter what my conscious mind wanted to do.

    The file itself is well created with audio separation that is cleverly done and clearly works well, the most impressive aspect for me is that I knew the file had ended but could not move, did not want to move and did not move for quite a time. I was so in trance that I believe I had internalised the words and feelings of the recording.

    This file is so good that I will be listening again and again.

    Many thanks