Discipline of the Chalice Bitch

Discipline of the Chalice Bitch

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

My chalice bitch .. I had really hoped you had learned your place, after My last visit to you in Esmeralda’s Chalice Bitch, but you have not, and you now need to be disciplined! Oh, I know you have been physically obedient to me. Your body learned to respond to My control, as I tied you to your bed with your own ties. Your cock stood at attention, at My command, and your arms and legs moved like a marionette with every nuance of my controlling voice.

But .. you have committed transgressions, haven’t you, My pet? … In.your.mind. You have committed transgressions in your mind. Haven’t I told you, all along, that I could read your thoughts? Yes! I know that you have had erotic thoughts about other women, and .. I will not allow it! And since I can see into your mind, I also know all your secret desires, your fantasies, and your fetishes. And I am going to use them all against you, My little submissive bitch! Yes, I know how sensitive your nipples are, and they just love to be touched and pinched. They need attention… as do my feet and toes. Your punishment will be a sweet mix of your pain and My pleasure.

Soon I will control your thoughts just as I control your body and you will be totally mine. The commingled scent of My perfume and My pussy will take the place of your fantasies about other women. You will follow at my heels like a dog, collared and leashed, and then I will take you to the brink of public humiliation. And by the time you cum for me, and you WILL cum for me, you will be totally, inescapably .. Mine ….forever.

If you have been training properly to my free Youtube training videos, then this session should be a breeze for you. I tie in previous ‘Bitch’ recordings along with a refresher on your Stay and Heel affirmations.

Contains: Mind Control, Affirmations, Fem/Domme, JOI, Discipline, Punishment, Humiliation, Pussy Worship, Foot Worship, Nipple Play, Multi Layered Voice, Whispers

Does NOT contain: Induction and Count Up. If you need an induction there is a full induction on Youtube you may use, Esmeralda’s Playground. If you require a download, contact me privately at HypKnowSuccess@aol.com

Length: 60 minutes

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Enchantress Esmeralda, You are now doing all the things to me that I feared You would do and I realize this is what I really hoped You would do. Thank You for forcing me to realize the truth in a sea of erotic pleasure.