Down the Rabbit Hole with Esmeralda

Down the Rabbit Hole with Esmeralda

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

I use Sleight of Hand Confusion Technique in this file for a complete Mind Fuck experience, as I trip you up and ensnare you within the web of My words, and then, I present you with a choice, which path will you choose, I wonder?

Over the years, I have taken many things from you. Removed your sight, bombarded your senses, teased and denied, bound and restrained, forced into submission, transformed you with My feminization, fucked with your mind, now I want to give something back, for all the pleasure you have given me over the years. Today, I will instill confidence, loyalty, and devotion within your hollowed out mind, as I begin to rebuild you, into my perfect submissive slave. Follow Me, Down the Rabbit Hole, where once you resurface, you will be a changed forever .. ready to serve, Enchantress Esmeralda. After all, the choice is yours, isn’t it?

So, make yourself comfortable, slip on your headphones, and I will wrap my words around your hungry, suggestible mind, and thoroughly mindfuck you.

Length: 28 Minutes

Contains: Induction, Deepener, Mind Control, Sleight of Hand Confusion Technique, Whispers, Background music. No count up, it is perfect for looping.

TESTIMONIAL: It is perfectly done. Very smooth. The first part is all from other files such as Breathe Me in , familiar induction lines and very relaxing and trancetic. Then it takes on a different tone and gets very creative. It is also confusing to Your poor sub. It is like I am free, not caged, and I can leave Your control only to choose more of Your control. Well that is fine with me, The more Esmeraldized I am the better. I think this works for new subs and old subs like me too. It seems to have elements of that idea of the good domme, bad domme. Good writing. Perfect sound. I like the Rabbit Hole image.

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Brilliant trance in a world turned upside down