Eat Your Own Cum

During this trance you will not just learn how to clean up your own cum, you will learn to love it! It's time to gobble up that mess you are always making. No worries, during this trance I will help you become addicted to eating your own sperm, like a good little sub for Me. I know it might seem yucky now but in the end you are going to find it so yummy you will be jerking off just to get a snack! In this mind blowing deep trance, I brainwash you into the depths of submission. I use classic trance techniques, wicked brainwashing methods, built in brain wave technology, sublminals, trigger implantation, and many other intense training methods to get you just where I want you, desperate to eat your own cum all the time.

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie
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