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Ebony Mistress

Ebony Mistress

Hi im miss ebony, Ive been an online domme for over 10 years and I have started exploring hypnosis because its such a wonderful tool to control a slave.

I have always been told that i am mysteriously addictive and alluring and that my voice is alluring and captivating and tastefully moreish.

My soft but demanding voice will quickly relax you and lead you deep down into a nice deep trance

Most of the subs who have listened to my files are deeply affected, others have just been deeply relaxed. It needs some practice to achieve a very deep trance.

I recommend you listen whilst you are alone, dont be disturbed and listen with headphones, try to find out whether my voice is more effective with your eyes closed or if it works more with you looking at one of my pictures whilst listening.

And remember everyone falls differently, you may need to listen over and over again before it may take effect on you.

I am open to new suggestions and also looking for new online subs so if you would like you can email me on

ebonyroseann@gmail.com. happy listening and thank you to all the good boys or good girls who have chosen to listen to me.

Induction Seduction

(Audio Books)

About this item:

Induction Seduction: Listen for FREE

come and listen to my soft yet demanding voice, let it sooth you
let it rock you into a deep deep peaceful sleep
let me take you deeper into trance
there i will meet your sub councious and twist it around my little finger.



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be my atm
my hypnosis recording for financial subs, come and spoil me, come and tribute me like you know you want too, relax to my voice and become my good boy.
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be my lil sissy
be a lil sissy girl for mistress ebony.
ill dress you in girly clothes and you will look so pretty.

and domination

just my voice and background music
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cum for me
let miss ebony control your orgasm
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my most recent recording that i think will relax you deeply , so deep that you will allow me into your sub councious mind.
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little cock
a little fantasy audio of meeting me and me taking the piss out of your little cock. some relaxing background music

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my good girl
for those of you who like to ge girly
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learn to love miss ebony's panties and cum when your told.
hear me masturbate for real but no cumming til the end of this recording.
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pink brain wash
when you listen to pink brain wash you will let me deep deep into your sub councious mind and you may become my pink loving sissy boy.
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tell miss ebony everything
come here, lay down on my couch and tell miss ebony all about those secrets you have hidden deep deep inside.
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your everything
listen to my voice now as i take you into a deep trance
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