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2/5/21  THE TRANCETHERAPIST - Satin Awareness  10/23/20  DRIVE with Esmeralda and her Friend  8/14/20  FATHOM  6/18/20  THE SUBMISSIVE LAMENT  5/13/20  SCARED STRAIGHT  3/22/20  ENCHANTED POPPY  1/5/20  THE TRANCETHERAPIST - The Satin Librarian  11/23/19  TRANCE ACADEMY PT 4  11/6/19  CUMNESIA ReMastered  10/14/19  TRANCE ACADEMY PT 3 
Enchantress Esmeralda is an Erotic Fem/Domme Certified Hypnotist specializing in Mind Control, Submission and Fantasies. Her trademark recordings are surrounded by erotic, mind controlling whispers that will seep deeply into your subconscious mind, wrapping you up irresistibly into her hypnotic spell and web of seduction.  Warning:  I WILL hypnotize you.

Enchantress Esmeralda.  Hypnotic.  Erotic.  Mind Control.  Whispers.  I will make you My Bitch.  I will make you weak in the knees, begging for more, on your knees before me, eyes downcast, hands clasped behind you, naked, vulnerable, humiliated, and exposed. I now am who I have spent a lifetime becoming … your Domme.  I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve been the sub.  I know what you are capable of and I know how to push you further to become even more submissive.  I will earn your trust and you will give me your unwavering submission, loyalty and devotion. I will come to you in your dreams.  I can be your most erotic fantasy .. or your worst nightmare.  I will come to you in the form most suited for you .. whether that be a Siren, calling your name and enchanting you for my perverse pleasure, or a towering, muscular, wicked Amazonian Warrior .. or something else completely as I shape shift into the perfect Domme, just for you.  I can be sweet, sensual, erotically enticing .. or I can be demanding, and perversely wicked.  Which side of Me will you bring out, My sleepy, hypnotized pet?  Either way, you will forever be Bound To Me Now .. and you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?   


Erotic audio books

The trancetherapist - EXTREME MEASURES

The naughty/bad/wicked trancetherapist .. it's all been done before, right? I, personally, cannot say yes or no for sure .. but .. I thought I would put in my own twist to everyone's favorite bedtime story! First and foremost, I am a Certified trancetherapist, so you are always going to get something therapeutic from me, I just can't seem to help myself .. but .. add to that mix a sensual, strong Dominant woman where control just comes natural with a wicked imagination .. and we are bound to discover exactly how far we can go together, little by little .. This recording differs a bit from my previous works in that it is a 'stand-alone', no need to listen to previous recordings to obtain full benefit and pleasure, plus .. absolutely .. NO feminization! ... but of course, LOTS of control! Oh, and for those who love breasts .. a nice relaxation induction as you rest your weary head on pillowy softness .. along with pussy worship .. so .. just Relax Bitch, and enjoy!

Aaron S. says: "... very sexy file! ... made me very hard ... your words managed to find a good home in my subconscious."

Contains : Fem/Domme, Mind Control, Cunnilingus, Whispers, Background Music, FingerSnaps

Length : 57 minutes

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HOOKED by Esmeralda

What happens to weak, submissive males when they are completely out of their element? Does the fear of the unknown excite you, My pet? Dive into this fantasy as Enchantress Esmeralda, the Siren, continues to mold your mind, paralyze your body, feminize and humiliate you into submission. This is Enchantress Esmeralda’s playground, where I do what I please. You, My pet, are my helpless prey .. my plaything … whom I can summon whenever I choose. I shall come to you in your thoughts. I shall come to you in your dreams. I shall control your body. I shall control your mind .. and you are helpless, and you are powerless, and you are paralyzed to do anything about it .. as you continue to fall deeply … for Enchantress Esmeralda.

Contains: Fem/Domme, BDSM, Mind Control, Feminization, Humiliation,Cum Command, Whispers, Background Music, FingerSnaps

Length: 44 minutes

This is the 4th recording from Enchantress Esmeralda. To obtain full pleasure from My triggers, I suggest that you listen to: Bound To Me Now, Breathe Me In, and Beguiled By Eseralda

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Bound To Me Now

 This is where it all begins. This is where Enchantress Esmeralda emerges from the depths of your subconscious mind. Have you summoned her .. or has she summoned you? Either way, she is here to stay .. as you learn more about yourself as Enchantress Esmeralda begins to mold your mind and control your thoughts in the first of three submissive training recordings where you will find yourself on your knees, naked, vulnerable, and exposed. You will fall deeper and deeper into my spell, unable to move and unable to resist my trancetic control, conditioning your very arousal.

Edenjon says: "Bound To Me Now : Is a trancetically compelling audio that takes you increasingly deeper into a journey of submission and obedience. Irresistibly erotic and sensual, the Enchantresses voice I found to be totally alluring ..leaving your mind echoing to her words ... words you will want to follow again and again!"

Length: 32 Minutes

Contains:  Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Background Music, Whispers, Fingersnaps, Triggers

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Breathe Me In

Breathe Me In is the second session of the 3 session training series that includes Bound To Me Now, Breathe Me In, and Beguiled by Esmeralda. You will find my whispered words intoxicatingly powerful on a deep subconscious level as I continue to brainwash and control your weak willed mind to make you my own property. And you will discover that whenever i say to you the words 'breathe me in'... you will believe on a deep subconscious level that you are inhaling the exquisitely arousing scent of my sex... absorbing my sexual pheromones into your bloodstream... you will find yourself vividly recalling the intoxicatingly musky, arousing smell of a womans pussy... and you will associate this delicious aroma with surrendering your will to your Enchantress.... Inhale deeper, My pet, breathe me in ...

Length: 34 Minutes

Contains:  Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Background Music, Whispers, Fingersnaps

          • femdom hypnosis
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Beguiled by Esmeralda

 A trancetic Siren like me can do some amazing things to a man like you ... In Beguiled by Esmeralda, you find yourself in the watery depths of your imagination where Enchantress Esmeralda lulls you into a deep slumber with her tales of Siren seduction. You complete your training program with carry over trigger commands from Bound To Me Now and Breathe Me In and your training is wrapped up with light feminization and cum command, because you WILL cum for your Enchantress!

Length: 52 minutes

Contains:  Mind Control, Fem/Domme,  Whispers, Background music, Fingersnaps

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I'm Forcing You by Enchantress Esmeralda

Classic Version with Enhanced I'm Taking Control loop!  Simply put .. this is a cum file! I will make you masturbate. Resistance will only cause you to become more aroused, more submissive .. to Enchantress Esmeralda .. and I am sure, you will try to resist, but in the end, resistance is futile .. because it just feels too good! A cautionary note .. this is a highly trancetic file, as I had trouble putting it together as I kept going into trance myself! Trancing and cumming and control .. need I say more?


I'm Forcing You - Mike

When i listened to the sample and grew hard...i knew that i was in serious trouble. So what did i do...i purchased "I'm Forcing You..."

Somehow this recording must touch a number of weaknesses of mine ... and add Your trancetic voice and words ... and i am now somehow addicted! i go deeper under each time i listen. and each forced orgasm is stronger than the prior. if an orgasm could be painful...it may be approaching that.

i don't understand but luv what this recording does to me. of course i am growing stiff as i type this to You. 

Thank You for putting together such as incredible recording. It is both fun and ever so powerful!!!! 
i left a 5 star rating on www.sensualmistress.com!

John says:  You are an amazing trancetist and should be classified as a secret weapon. You are dangerously delicious, and I love it. Please, please, please, do anything to me that you wish. Thank you for your wonderful, beautiful trance. Listening to you, is so very easy, and each word you speak melts into my head, so naturally. I love "Bound to Me Now", "I'm Forcing You". Each word sinks into my mind, and the next thing I know, I'm automatically and so easily, agreeing with, and desiring everything you say. I'm so deeply relaxed, my mind is so blank, my body is so totally paralyzed, and the pleasure you give me, is indescribable. Your voice is so wonderfully enticing, I can't resist, anything you say. I always thought a trancetized subject, retains some will power with the trancetist. But I literally lost ALL will power with you, as my mind went totally TOTALLY blank---and it was wonderful. I couldn't think, and I literally was paralyzed.

Length: 31 minutes

Contains : Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Whispers, Background Music, Cum Command

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Esmeralda's Bitch

In this fantasy, Enchantress Esmeralda chooses ‘you’ to play with tonight .. and she’s in no mood to be toyed with! What Enchantress wants, Enchantress gets and she is in no mood for your pathetic weakness. You will be smothered into a trancetic state, queened, feminized, bitch slapped, spanked, squeezed, humiliated, verbally and physically abused, tossed like a rag doll, and ultimately taken for her wicked pleasure and turned into her personal, submissive bitch .. and be warned, Enchantress Esmeralda never shares her toys!

Aaron S says : Enchantress Esmeralda turns up the intensity in this devious file designed to degrade and humiliate the listener. Her normally soft and seductive manner turns to a crude taunting tone, intended to put you in your place and deeply under her control. Esmeralda dominates you mentally, physically and emotionally with powerful Amazonian Warrior imagery, such as her powerful legs wrapped around your head, squeezing you to submission, as she ultimately violates your innocence. This file is a wonderful combination of trance and arousal for anyone seeking to be fully dominated, abused, feminized and humiliated by a superior tranceDomme!

Contains : Fantasy, Fem/Domme, Mind Control, Humiliation, Feminization, Spanking, Anal Penetration, Whispers, Physical and Emotional abuse,  Binaural beats

Length: 57 minutes

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The Bitch Maker

Get ready .. for the ride of your life! Enchantress Esmeralda has a new way of making you her little bitch! Enchantress Esmeralda is the keeper of your dreams. In your dream time tonight, she introduces you to … The Bitch Maker!

It’s a rainy night … and you find yourself on a street, standing in the pouring rain, with a crumpled piece of paper in your hand … trying in vain to remember .. who gave you this paper and what does it mean to you .. from there, things get a bit wild .. as you begin to unravel this mystery. Was it a dream … or did you really ride The Bitch Maker .. for Enchantress Esmeralda’s amusement? You try in vain to remember, as you recall the dream from your memory …

Dominated13 says:  Very powerful feminization story!  

Get ready to experience some heavy mind control as the powerful Enchantress Esmeralda forces you to experience the Bitch Maker! The story builds momentum and never lets up. I felt such domination that I never wanted it to end.

Length: 66 minutes

Contains: Fantasy, Fem/Domme, Mind Control, Humiliation, Feminization, Anal Penetration, Cunnilingus, Finger snaps, Whispers, Background music w rain

This recording is dedicated to .. Esmeralda's Bitch.

          • femdom hypnosis
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