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12/21/2017:  Im Forcing You reMASTERed  11/27/2017:  Mistress Mommy - THE RELEASE  11/20/2017:  Mistress Mommy - THE DENIAL  10/26/2017:  CONFESSION REGRESSION  10/19/2017:  AMNESIA MINDTRAP  9/27/2017:  ESMERALDA'S WICKED HUMILIATIONS  8/25/2017:  WALK OF SHAME  8/10/2017:  MISTRESS MOMMY  7/25/2017:  CLICK and Obey 
Enchantress Esmeralda is an Erotic Fem/Domme Certified Hypnotist specializing in Mind Control, Submission and Fantasies. Her trademark recordings are surrounded by erotic, mind controlling whispers that will seep deeply into your subconscious mind, wrapping you up irresistibly into her hypnotic spell and web of seduction.  Warning:  I WILL hypnotize you.
  • TESTIMONIAL:    Enchantress Esmeralda is the mistress of humiliation. She understands that you don't have to turn a man into a sissy in order to humiliate him by making him wear feminine attire. If he is still a man the humiliation comes because he dare not refuse to wear it under her watch.  I bought the file mainly to experience the spanking that was promised. I feel deeply in need of that kind of punishment when I do something stupid in life. Most Dommes will ask you to lie across their lap and swat you a few times. Not Esmeralda. She grabs you, throws you over her knees, forcibly pulls down your underwear and administers a severe spanking while you try in vain to escape. I now know where to go when I crave that special punishment to make up for some stupid decision I made at home or at work. And I know I will be better able to deal with my issue because I will have been chastised good and hard and therefore paid for my mistake.  TY enchantress for the warm tush and the wonderful adventure.  
  • Enchantress Esmeralda.  Hypnotic.  Erotic.  Mind Control.  Whispers.  I will make you My Bitch.  I will make you weak in the knees, begging for more, on your knees before me, eyes downcast, hands clasped behind you, naked, vulnerable, humiliated, and exposed. I now am who I have spent a lifetime becoming … your Domme.  I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve been the sub.  I know what you are capable of and I know how to push you further to become even more submissive.  I will earn your trust and you will give me your unwavering submission, loyalty and devotion. I will come to you in your dreams.  I can be your most erotic fantasy .. or your worst nightmare.  I will come to you in the form most suited for you .. whether that be a Siren, calling your name and enchanting you for my perverse pleasure, or a towering, muscular, wicked Amazonian Warrior .. or something else completely as I shape shift into the perfect Domme, just for you.  I can be sweet, sensual, erotically enticing .. or I can be demanding, and perversely wicked.  Which side of Me will you bring out, My sleepy, hypnotized pet?  Either way, you will forever be Bound To Me Now .. and you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?   
  •                                                       Check out my Videos on MY YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPmlz3eHTbLRsGoIgAhaWg
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Bound to Me Now

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Bound to me: Listen for FREE

This is where it all begins. This is where Enchantress Esmeralda emerges from the depths of your subconscious mind. Have you summoned her .. or has she summoned you? Either way, she is here to stay .. as you learn more about yourself as Enchantress Esmeralda begins to mold your mind and control your thoughts in the first of three submissive training recordings where you will find yourself on your knees, naked, vulnerable, and exposed. You will fall deeper and deeper into my spell, unable to move and unable to resist my hypnotic control, conditioning your very arousal.

Edenjon says: "Bound To Me Now : Is a hypnotically compelling audio that takes you increasingly deeper into a journey of submission and obedience. Irresistibly erotic and sensual, the Enchantresses voice I found to be totally alluring ..leaving your mind echoing to her words ... words you will want to follow again and again!"

Length: 32 Minutes/Background Music/Whispers/Fingersnaps/Triggers


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Amnesia MindTrap

ON Sale 25% OFF **  My words fall down on you, like rain, soaking deeply into your subconscious mind, as I am scratching on your brain with My finger nails, turning the screws of your submission, tighter to My will, leaving you, under My powerful, hypnotic, erotic control.

I first lull you into a sleepy, dreamy hypnotic state, and then I drop you even deeper with a finger snap and a trigger. I bombard you from all sides, brainwashing you to be my mindless slut puppet. I will have you so hot and horny you will positively be writhing under my powerful control, with just the snap of My finger … but, will you even remember what I have done to you? You may feel the compulsive need to listen again, and again, in the hope of discovering where these euphoric feelings originated. That’s it, dive into My pool of forgetfulness, and I will wring you out, again and again. Listen, forget, repeat. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Length: 30 Minutes

CONTAINS: Brain Washing, Mind Control, Light Humiliation, Amnesia, HFO, Induction, Deepener, Awakener, Hypnotic Triggers, Finger Snaps, Multi-Layered Voice and Whispers, Background Music. NO Feminization.

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Beguiled by Esmeralda

 A Hypnotic Siren like me can do some amazing things to a man like you ... Beguiled by Esmeralda is the third session of a 3 session series where you find yourself in the watery depths of your imagination where Enchantress Esmeralda lulls you into a deep slumber with her tales of Siren seduction.   

Length:  52 minutes  

Contains:  Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Whispers, Background music, Fingersnaps

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Bound To Me Now

 This is where it all begins.  This is where Enchantress Esmeralda emerges from the depths of your subconscious mind.  Have you summoned her .. or has she summoned you?  Either way, she is here to stay .. as her whispers weave their spell around your weak, submissive mind.  

Length: 32 Minutes


Contains:  Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Background Music, Whispers, Fingersnaps, Triggers

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Breathe Me In

  Breathe Me In is the second session of the 3 session training series that includes Bound To Me Now, Breathe Me In, and Beguiled by Esmeralda.  You will find my whispered words intoxicatingly powerful on a deep subconscious level as I continue to brainwash and control your weak willed mind to make you my own property.  

 Length: 34 Minutes

Contains:  Mind Control, Fem/Domme, Background Music, Whispers, Fingersnaps

          • femdom hypnosis
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CLICK and Obey

 I give you a hypnotically suggestive word at the beginning of your journey, which you promptly forget, as you are much too distracted by what I am doing to you, to be bothered with remembering silly words, and such. While I have you floating, in subspace, and bound tightly, I then embark upon my devious plan of .. taking.your.mind, one click at a time, by scratching your brain with my exquisite fingernails nails, and turning the screws of your submission, until I have you right where I want you. I then expertly lead you using My powerful tools of hypnotic control, such as finger snaps, whispered deepeners, humiliation, count downs, hypnotic triggers, cum command, and post hypnotic suggestions. All the while, you will notice how everything, just seems to .. click .. into place, for My benefit, and your submissive delight.

CONTAINS: Multi-layered tracks, finger snaps, induction, deepener, awakening, hypnotic trigger, post hypnotic triggers, mind control, bondage, restraints, light feminization, humiliation, cum command, JOI, background music, background sounds

LENGTH: 41 Minutes

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  Cumnesia. Cum. And. Forget. Cumnesia is a softer side of Enchantress Esmeralda, no whips, no strap ons, no feminization, just you, Me, and my silky suggestions slipping through your open, suggestible mind, while I strip you bare and allow you to cum ... with a twist ..

Length: 50 minutes

Contains: Whispers, background music, fingersnaps, hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions, mind control, brain washing, cum command, jerk off instructions, joi,

          • femdom hypnosis
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Discipline of the Chalice Bitch

   Soon I will control your thoughts just as I control your body and you will be totally mine.  The commingled scent of My perfume and My pussy will take the place of your fantasies about other women. You will follow at my heels like a dog, collared and leashed, and then I will take you to the brink of public humiliation. And by the time you cum for me, and you WILL cum for me, you will be totally, inescapably .. Mine ….forever.

Contains: Mind Control, Affirmations, Fem/Domme, JOI, Discipline, Punishment, Humiliation, Pussy Worship, Foot Worship, Nipple Play, Multi Layered Voice, Whispers

Does NOT contain: Induction and Count Up. If you need an induction there is a full induction on Youtube you may use, Esmeralda’s Playground. If you require a download, contact me privately at HypKnowSuccess@aol.com

Length: 60 minutes

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Down the Rabbit Hole with Esmeralda

  I use Sleight of Hand Confusion Technique in this file for a complete Mind Fuck experience, as I trip you up and ensnare you within the web of My words, and then, I present you with a choice, which path will you choose, I wonder?

Length: 28 Minutes Contains:

Induction, Deepener, Mind Control, Sleight of Hand Confusion Technique, Whispers, Background music. No count up, it is perfect for looping. 

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Esmeralda's Bitch

  Enchantress Esmeralda turns up the intensity in this devious file designed to degrade and humiliate the listener. Her normally soft and seductive manner turns to a crude taunting tone, intended to put you in your place and deeply under her control.

   Contains : Fantasy, Fem/Domme, Mind Control, Humiliation, Feminization, Spanking, Anal Penetration, Whispers, Physical and Emotional abuse,  Binaural beats

Length: 57 minutes

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Esmeralda's Chalice Bitch

 I trust you have been a good boy, repeating your affirmations for Kneel and Stay every day as I commanded you to do, My pet, because the more trained you are, the more pleasure you will derive from Esmeralda's Chalice Bitch. 

Length: 66 minutes

Note: This file does not have my usual standard induction nor a wake up/count up, but if you are used to my style you won’t have any trouble falling into a deep, hypnotic trance for Me, but you will awaken with deep feelings of submissiveness!

Contains: Mind control, Brain washing, Erotic hypnosis, Fem/Domme, Submissiveness, Fantasy, Pussy worship, Cunnilingus, Cum Command, Bondage, Affirmations, Floating Whispers, Finger snaps, Background music

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Esmeralda's Forever Bitch

  If you loved Esmeralda’s Bitch, you are really going to enjoy Esmeralda’s Forever Bitch! This fantasy is a continuation of Hooked By Esmeralda, Esmeralda’s Bitch, Your Dirty Little Secret, and now, Esmeralda’s Forever Bitch! Enchantress Esmeralda appears at your gym, clad in red catsuit, ready for a workout suited to her perverse tastes!  

Length: 92 minutes

Contains: Fantasy, Erotic, Humiliation, Feminization, Muscle Worship, Cum suggestions, Hypnotic Trigger, Fingersnaps, Background music, Whispers

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Esmeralda's HYPNO-ASS

   How long has it been .. Days? Weeks? Months? .. since you have been kneeling there, blindfolded, waiting obediently for your turn, you wonder. Suddenly, you hear a sound. Footsteps. Yes, certainly, footsteps, her boots, coming closer to you, from behind. You notice your cock begin to twitch in anticipation, and in time, with the gait of those heels, as if, it has been trained to respond this way. The footsteps finally stop, and you can feel, Her presence, and then, the long awaited whisper, informing you, today is the day, you will be used for her perverse pleasure, and her pleasure today, is one of your favorite fetishes, AssWorship! She reaches down, and deftly snaps your leash onto your collar. What happens next, you wonder? Listen and find out!

CONTAINS: Mind Control, Hypnotic deepener suggestion, Finger snaps, Multi-layered voice, Cunnilingus, Hands Free Orgasm, Cum Eating, Anal licking, Humiliation, Background Music Does not contain count up.

LENGTH: 53 minutes

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