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Entranced: Amnesia

Entranced: Amnesia

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Entranced : Amnesia

Blank.... forget.... forgetfulness....

Remembering to forget...... forgetting to remember.

I have created this recording with a very special desire in My mind.... to have your mind melt into that deliciously blank state of … amnesia....

Brainwashing you.... as I blanket your mind with My silence.

When you wake up, feeling so very.... very aroused.

Unable to remember anything that has occurred during this hypnotic session today.
Lost in space and time as I take control of your mind and body.... mmm.... controlling your memory.

No Induction : as this is a Loop recording you will need to listen to the FREE Foundation file Surrender- Loop mp3.



If you have difficulty in experiencing trance, I recommend you use My deep hypnotic trance file Deepening Hypnosis mp3


This file will train your mind to deeply absorb My hypnotic programming and can be used to deepen your trance and longing for submission.


Amnesia, Mindless Obedience, blankness, thought erasure, mental looping, subconscious conditioning, Countdown 10 to 1, ASMR Erotic Whispers, L & R tracks, arousal programming.

Length : 32 mins

The Entranced Series : elegant sophisticated “Mix & Match” trance & inductions files.

Entranced : Amnesia is the first in this new series.


Available for Personalisation.

Erotic Whispers ASMR $100.00




An exclusive track where I whisper…. seductively whisper your name and entice you with My silken whispers. This will be a short sentence of two….
And …. I  then walk through the pathways of your mind… seductively whisper your name and enticing you with My silken whispers.

As I weave My whispers through the recording, your subconscious mind becomes Entranced…. as I whisper some Enticing phrases …. moments…from the hypnosis script in the recording.

Then – some deliciousness at the end…. to finish you off! Whispered commands as I end the Exclusive Erotic Whispered track.

Add an Erotic Whisper ASMR track.


How to order Erotic Whispers ASMR Exclusively yours….

Purchase the file you want.

Email mistress.commands@yahoo.com with details of the file you have purchased, together with the name you want Lady surrender to include on the file.

I will then arrange to contact you with any extra details I require.

your name will be used on a separate Erotic Whisper ASMR track.... capturing your mind and body... Darkly Addictive Erotic Whispers.

your Exclusive Erotic Whispered ASMR track will be ready in apporximately 4 weeks.

Copyright: Lady Surrender 2017

Copyright :  http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright :    http://sissysurrender.com




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  • Author: submissive m

    Lady Surrender,
    Ok, so this is a bit embarrassing to say. I was hoping that I would actually be able to tell you my feelings about it. I mean, at least something. I don't... ok I'll just lay out what I do remember maybe this will make more sense to you.

    I listened to the file the first night you sent it over. I have a cellphone I use that is connected to dropbox... so I just stream the file from my phone with headphones on. I remember it was around 4 in the morning. I started the file on my phone... at least I think I did. This is where it's a little weird. I listened to the file, but when I woke up.. I woke up to the Surrender : mindless file playing. I stopped the file as it was ending, wondering what happened. I looked up at the phone and I was convinced I hit the wrong file, but my phone said I played the Surrender Amnesia file once. All the way through.

    I looked at the phone and was kind of... i'm not sure how the express that feeling, lol. It didn't feel like I forgot some memory, i could not recall even starting the file. I was arguing to myself in my head did I actually hit the wrong file, or did I even listen to Surrender: Amnesia. How can I not remember even a line or a phrase... lol. I think some part of me wanted to explain this logically... but i knew in my heart the file worked and worked brilliantly. It's the only explanation I have.

    The second time I listened, i choose the daytime when I knew fatigue would not be a factor at all. This time I thought to maybe write down if I remembered anything, just so I could relay to you how I felt about the file. So again I play the file, middle of the day. This time I wake up shortly after the file is ending. I looked at the phone for a while. I was thinking about something... I don't remember but I do remember just staring for a while. Then I thought maybe it would be better to try listening to the file again... see if maybe I can remember something next time, lol.

    In the past I may forget parts of a session but I would remember something. This felt very different, especially the first time listening I never forgot so thoroughly I started questioning if I even listened at all. I have never done that before lol

    oh I think You did this beautifully. I remember in a past live session where you played with my memory as well. I wondered how it would be different than the live session but I still don't remember enough to know lol. I do see how a live session could be really playful too. I really never thought this level of amnesia could be done on a session like this, wow

    I had no control and this left me intensely aroused.. having your words leave me in this state of helplessness... felt like helpless prey and my mind was being thoroughly and pleasurably mind fucked ... so erotically stimulating the way your words take over every thought and forgetting all...

    It's really tricky to convey how the file was .... to be honest... I know I get very wrapped up into what is said, and I know it felt wonderful... Your hypnosis may be a bit too effective wow, lol... i know the point of this session is to forget and ...

    i am in awe..
    and I mean too effective in the most beautiful way, no complaining from here what so ever.

    Loved how this file just... it's indescribable...
    submissive m
  • Author: mike
    Lady Surrender,
    i purchased and listened to Amnesia last night. i wish to write a review. But it is virtually impossible when i do not recall any of the session. I only know that i came out of trance very aroused and hard. i can say that i received exactly what was offered. No memory of how i woke with a wicked hard on.
  • Author: Thomas
    With this session, Lady Surrender led me into a trance unlike any I had ever experienced before. More amazing is the fact that, each time I have surrendered to this amazing session, I have had the same blissful experience.

    I will not even try to describe the substance of this session as I cannot remember enough of it to make any sense. What I can tell you is that the experience of knowing nothing but the pleasure of Lady Surrender's beautiful voice is the most erotic and pleasurable trance I have ever known. The trance is so amazingly deep, that it is as if time has been replaced by pure emotion...my love and craving for Lady Surrender become everything. No thoughts, only sensations, and only Her words. No conscious thought is possible...It is like two waves synchronizing and becoming one; becoming Lady Surrender.

    Awaking from this trance I feel alive, energized, and aroused from head to toes. Most of all I feel safe, loved, and wanted. All I can think of is needing to surrender to it again and again.

    This trance is submissive perfection, and I am addicted to it's sensations. Get This file and give in to the joy of serving Lady Surrender.