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Entranced : Broken for your Goddess.

Entranced : Broken for your Goddess.

A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Entranced : Broken for your Goddess.

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Broken body as your arms, legs float … drift free.

Broken thoughts ... looping between the conscious mind and your subconscious mind

Entranced, entrapped in waves of erotic mindlessness.

Dropping into the most aroused state of trance with every number I count down.

your mind breaking free. Utterly mindless.

Broken for your Goddess

Deliciously long sexy "Stand Alone" fractionation mp3 which may also be used as a Fractionation Induction.

Highly effective trance for subjects who have difficulty experiencing trance.

Use as an Induction for the Entranced series or other mp3s.


Fractionation, Mindless obedience, blankness, thought erasure, mental looping, subconscious conditioning, whisper effects (ASMR), euphoria, amnesia, Goddess worship, Countdown 10 to 1, arousal programming.

Loop recording, No awakener.

The Entranced Series : elegant sophisticated “Mix & Match” trance & inductions files.

Length : 26 mins

Copyright: Lady Surrender 2018.

Copyright : http://www.hypnosurrender.com

Copyright : http://www.sissysurrender.com

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  • Author: D.P.
    A disclaimer: I’m easy – especially regarding Lady Surrender. I am “gone” with the first few words, and it just gets better from there.

    Fractionation is a time-honored hypnotic technique. Many years (100?) ago, hypnotists noticed that when a subject was repeatedly hypnotized and emerged, the trance became deeper with each iteration of the cycle. Somewhat later (don’t ask me for dates!), it was realized that you didn’t even need to fully emerge the subject – it was enough to lighten their state, have them open their eyes, and then closing the eyes they would go deeper into trance each time.

    With this recording, Lady Surrender has taken fractionation to a new level. The countdown is very slow, giving you time to really savor what is happening to you. I was going deeper and becoming more aroused with every eye opening and every closing, to the point that I was almost not aware, after a few times, of whether my eyes were open or closed. I was in a place where it did not matter (and my eyelids were fluttering so much that there was not much difference). LS was totally in charge. My body felt disconnected, thoughts were crumbled or absent, and the physical and mental arousal more and more intense. I was affected for some time after the voice ended.

    “Broken” is a new departure from a great artist, very different from her previous recordings. You may not want to listen every day – it’s that intense. On the other hand, you may not be able to stop yourself.