Erotic Play

Erotic Play

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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke
Allows Me to turn your arousal on and off as easily as a light switch; to make you feel physical pleasure without even a touch; and to make it impossible for you to have an orgasm in Our sessions together until I release you with my trigger phrase, no matter how strongly your sensations build. It embeds quick trancing which are convenient for trancing and waking you any time I like!
This is a very good starting point to begin your journey with Me, as I do not focus heavily on enslavement in this file, but it's still very erotic and I'm going to tease that cock of yours.

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This was my very first trance with Lady Penelope. I was intrigued with her ethical approach to the entire D/s dynamic which led me to try this mp3 and it knocked me straight out. Her playful but whicked style to play with your pleasure really sent me into pure bliss. I can highly recommend this recording if you love to have you pleasure and orgasm controlled by a skillful trancetist or even get your kicks out of chasity (there is also a different version specifically for that).

Within this session Lady Penelope plants several triggers for her to use lateron. Your could regard this as your starting point, but make no mistake, she knows what she is doing. She will wrap you around your finger, use your need for more pleasure and lust against you and seduce you into servitute with her other recordings... I never encountered another trancedomme who was so good at that.

Simply fantastic!


This masterpiece was the first recording I ever heard of Lady Penelope. It's an excellent starting point for any sub! Once you heard her voice for the very first time, there will be no turning back... Her voice is simply PERFECT, so sexy, relaxing and addictive... But it's not only her voice or her incredibly beauty (as you can appreciate in the pictures) what makes her UNIQUE. Her skills as a trancetist are by far the best I have ever seen... She is simply far superior to anything you may experienced before, I swear. She will use her technique and talent to seduce You and take you incredibly deep, more than ever before in your life. Then She will implant a serie of powerful triggers on your mind. I never reacted to any trigger in the same way I do with her... When I awoke for the first time after listening to this file, I knew that I had finally found my Mistress. If you want to experience things that you never experienced before, from the hand of the most beautiful and talented woman in the world, do yourself a favor and please buy this file ASAP! :) You will not regret it! It will be the best investment of your life! Lady Penelope is an ethical and AMAZING trance-Domme, like no other! She knows EXACTLY what She does! It's just something you have to try for yourself!